Armored Warfare || M1 Abrams Underpowered… Really?

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  1. I wish I had a PC so i could play this game ive always loved MBTs

  2. my turet ring got damaged 3 times in a row on pve hard by 1 enemy
    stingray… lot more than leopard2a5…

  3. so you hated it when i made you take it
    and made them take it

  4. I love my Abrams! Idk why everybody hates it. I don’t know if it’s just
    America that the people hate but I found it enjoyable, I guess because I
    usually wiggled whenever I got it. Doing that made sense to me.

  5. I wonder how many bad matches are to go up against this good one

  6. Tier for tier i’d rather play the M1 Abrams instead of the C1 Ariete… i
    just hated the Ariete.

  7. Lot of the hate on M1 comes from the current really dumb way of driving
    MBTs and how challengers let people get away with it. Not moving, not using
    terrain just staying put or face hugging and trading.
    With my t7 MBT setups M1 has the fastest reaload(6,6sec), really good
    accuracy(0,05), ok aimtime (2,5 sec). It only loses in dpm to t-80 and type
    90-II, has really good gun depression and sweet HEAT rounds.
    I only had trouble with my M1 when had to 1 vs 1 with t9 MBTs.

  8. the Abrams is worthless in real life anyway

  9. People need to understand that like all NATO tanks, the Abrams is not
    designed to deflect / absorb anti tank fire at less than 1000 meters. (And
    why you see the TUSK armor package) As a retired Abrams tanker (1991-2013)
    players need to understand that the Abrams would avoid the engagement
    ranges as seen in AW. Using aluminum 120mm training round, it wasn’t
    difficult to engage tank size targets as 3000 meters. Using real world DU
    rounds extended the ranges much farther.

    The Abrams platform has always been a extreme range sniper, combined with
    equal shoot on the move capabilities as other NATO tanks. The secret sauce
    has always been the turbine engine. Not in top speed, but is its
    acceleration. (turbine) Supporting cavalry maneuver warfare. Again AW maps
    and time a match last voids its ability to conduct flanking or deep front
    line penetrations.

  10. were you playing on EU or NA?

  11. I sold mine, cant decide if I should buy it back?!

  12. My M1 was OK for what it brought to the table (not much) but I have had
    exceptional success with my XM1 FSED (blingy tank). It seems to outperform
    its unappreciated stablemate by a wide margin and is a steady earner for

  13. well the M1 Abrams is underpowered in a sense it’s over tiered it should be
    placed (soon) in tier 6 where it belongs

  14. I did ok in mine because I always played it hull down.

  15. how did you get matches that have people and what sever you play in

  16. Most of the times in PVE battles the M1 does suck, esp. if you are playing
    1 & 2 tiers above it’s own tier. In PVP (the few i’ve played in this tank),
    smart playing is a must & i still don’t do that well in it..

  17. I’ve done ok with the M1 Abrams and am now saving for the M1A1.

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