Armored Warfare || M1A1 Abrams – Tank Review

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Source: The Cynical Gamer

Armored || M1A1 Abrams –

►Developed by the United States, this main battle tank was created as an upgrade to the M1 Abrams, offering enhanced maneuverability protection. With approximately 6000 M1A1s produced between 1986 and 1992, it has proved to be a popular choice with operations all over the world. With an extensive service record, the vehicle has primarily faced combat in Western Asia.

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  1. Un comentariu foarte plin de umor. Bravo, mujex! 😀
    (BTW, vocea ta se aude foarte slab, mai ales la celelalte clipuri, aici ar
    trebui un pic umblat)

  2. “camouflage and viewrange… who gives a shit… its an MBT” :D

  3. AW tanks models a fantasy stuff optimized for game balance on a map that is
    to small for tankbattles anyway. So why care?

  4. comical and hilarious..I loved this review!

  5. Camouflage and view range: Who gives a shit! :D

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