Armored Warfare: M1A2 Abrams MBT Review #m1a2 #abrams #armoredwarfare

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Source: Capt Canada

An average tank with gun depression but kinda middling elsewhere.

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  1. can you do the T 90A

  2. Dear Capt. Canuckistan.. your audio is SUPER quiet, and lots of mic percussions..

  3. Jack of all trades master of none abrams. Only gets interesting in this line on the XM1A3 when you can hit for over 1k with heat. These tanks also get their turret ring murdered in pve.

  4. The Abrams tanks could use a buff. The tier 6-8 ones could use a DPM buff. The tier 9 one in particular needs a penetration buff. Tier 10 one seems to be overall ok.

  5. I can reload the A2 in under 4 secs. 7 Secs is our slowest time we can load. Also the A2 fully loaded is 70 -72 tons

  6. Capt if you’re still in Ukraine and in kharkiv that part of Ukraine is now in a state of war watch the news 8f you don’t know what I’m talking about Russians shot at a ukranian ship in the kerch strait and rammed another one.

  7. Star Wars is not dead.

  8. Great review; quiet audio though.

    I play this on PS4 & there has NEVER been a PvP match! Only GLOPS & even then never a 15 v 15. Ever! I envy you guys with your invested time.

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