Armored Warfare: M2 Bradley PVP Guide / Gameplay

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Source: Taugrim

We review the M2 Bradley, a tier 6 AFV in Armored Warfare (), with gameplay of tier 6 Narrows and tier 8 Storm battles.

Stat line (Narrows): 3.7k damage, 2 kills
Stat line (Port Storm): 3k damage, 1.7 spotted damage, 2 kills

While some players try to build their M2 Bradley for offense due to its relatively low vision and camouflage for an AFV, I believe that the Bradley is still most effective with Sabrina and Augmented Optics because:
1. to the extent you can spot tanks, you’ll provide targets for your team to fire on
2. the further away you spot an enemy, the more likely you can fire on them and not get spotted
3. while you will get out-spotted by a few high vision control tanks such as the VBL, you will out-spot everything else

For up-to-date recommendations on commander, crew, and retrofits, see the guide on my blog:

Similar to my “Road to Unicum” video for World of Tanks (WoT), the objective of these AW videos is to meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

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  1. Can you elaborate more on why HE isn’t a good thing to fire in AFVs?
    I’m on the VBL and it doesn’t have missiles (If you have the gun) and
    that’s pretty much the only way to damage MBTs from the front and support
    your team.
    Been getting good, consistent damage on MBTs from range while spotting them
    for the team and not getting spotted back.

  2. I was ExNihilo in the first game on Narrows, I was wondering how you killed
    me since I thought you would’ve packed with the ERC – it was great playing
    against you and carry on with the amazing vids!

  3. Great guides – thanks for contributing to the community !

  4. God it’s sooooooo good! I loved the part about penning mbts in the side and
    can’t wait to try it myself later. I’m not entirely comfortable in port
    storm either so seeing how to play it as a low tier was pretty interesting.
    At least watching it four times interesting

  5. I’m thinking about downloading WOT I played it on Xbox got as far as tier 9
    then got PC what do you think ?

  6. Dude, reload perk.

  7. Hey Taugrim, when can we expect more wot? Had been fun for us that isn’t
    into aw?

  8. Taugim is alive! Yay!

  9. taugrim whats your favorite tank so far in aw?

  10. Did they finally upgrade the damage of the TOW missiles on the Bradley?
    They still do crap damage compared to the other ATGMs at their tier, but I
    recall them doing 375 apiece (instead of 450 or whatever it is now) a few
    months ago.

  11. for my crew I can only apply one perk, why ??

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