Armored Warfare – M41 Walker Bulldog and Base Mode

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Source: The Shermanator

Some M41 Walker Bulldog gameplay and a brief look at the “mode” in Armored Warfare!

Skip to action: 9:35

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  1. lol i was actualy first

  2. im first like aswell

  3. Dont hype

  4. play this tank in war thunder :P

  5. sherman what are u thinking on uploading next :’)

  6. m41 for the win

  7. Yo more mow pizzzzz
    This is okay though
    thanksfor the videos
    Keep it up

  8. hummm sim city 3000 inside AW ……….. mother of god !

  9. Firt coment or final coment, does tmatter, wat matters is your suport and
    love by Sherman and his videos


    I wantz to pley ze gaem nao!

    R.I.P. Social Life

  11. Hi Sherman! I have a question, do you still play WT or if you dont, will
    you play it again in the future? Great video love it, I saw the WG:RD
    video, but one at a time! I love having more then one video from you to
    watch ^.^

  12. I am up to Tier 4 now already, playing the T-64 and about halfway trough
    the grind for the T-72! 🙂 ^^

  13. Is it really just me that seems to have a problem with games like this
    using an HP system rather than say, War thunders system of having to hit
    certain points on your targets?

    My main problem is I’m not going to hit him in the track 10-15 times and
    he’s going to explode, but if i hit his engine I’m going to at least stop
    him from moving. I can understand HP systems for Infantry games, because…
    blood. But tanks, aircraft, any kind of vehicle, i just feel hp system
    don’t really work. And i’ll be honest i still get annoyed by being shot in
    the toe and you instantly die… impair my movement rather and let me bleed
    out, not just die instantly, heck even going unconscious would suit me

  14. “Don’t want to be a massive dick, but sometimes that’s hard”

  15. HAvok_ SH00TR_OPS

    I hope that the commerce isn’t like WOT

  16. Lol 8.10 is my birthday!

  17. Does anybody else have this issue with The Armored Warfare Download?
    Whenever I try to open the file after in downloads an error message comes
    up saying that the archive is either damaged or in an unknown format, im
    using WinRAR.

  18. gotta love when you only get half the advertised download speed from your
    internet service provider, have 30 Mb download, only getting 14 to 18

  19. the Sheridan actually replaced the Walker Bulldog

  20. it’ll probably have a tree added

  21. Hey Sherman, you do realise you can turn off the cinematic ‘screensaver’
    thing in the options, right?

  22. +The Shermanator can you play more Squad

  23. wait… at 2:49 the last tank in the line is that realy an AA vehicle??

  24. Sherman, how WoT picks the map is there are preset map rotations. For an
    hour there will be one of 4 maps picked at random. That will cycle every
    hour. I believe they mix up the groups of 4 every week or so. So if you
    play at the same time for an hour each day for a week, chances are you will
    play the same maps a lot.

    Does that make sense?

  25. garahe? wtf dude

  26. Nice to see that youtubers are finally picking up this game 😀
    Also you said you had problems with credits *continues to pick the most
    expensive consumables*

  27. @AwesineEstPxl I cant respond to you directly sadly, but I played this game
    like 4 months ago:P

  28. Is it possible for you to upload a Swingfire video? I’m kind of interested
    in what ATGM carrier gameplay looks like.

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