Armored Warfare: M60A2 Starship Guide, 4.9k Damage in Tier 4 Gameplay [“The Art of Warfare” Epi 3]

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Source: Taugrim

We review the M60A2 Starship, a tier 4 MBT in Armored Warfare (AW), with gameplay of tier 6 Roughneck and tier 4 Point battles.

Like the Sheridan, the Starship has a poor reputation among players and is often referred to as the “Starsh*t”, but in my opinion the tank is widely misused based on its mechanics. The Starship has good gun handling and a hard-hitting HEAT round; therefore, the Starship is best employed as a peekaboo brawler. A common mistake is to rely primarily on ATGM, which has about the same alpha (478) as the HEAT round but the reload is more than 4 sec longer, and more importantly targeting with ATGM requires the prolonged exposure, which is a no-no given the large cupola weak spot.

Stat line (Tier 4 River Point): 4.9k , 1.5k spotted, 5 kills, 2318 base xp
Stat line (Tier 6 Roughneck): 3.1k damage, 2 kills

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ superb gun depression (-10)
+ superb alpha damage (474)
+ excellent HEAT penetration (316)
+ good turret traverse for an MBT (34 degrees / sec)
+ good aim time (3.3 sec)
+ good accuracy (0.15)
+ has 1 smoke round for emergencies
– like most low-tier MBTs, the lower front glacis is weak
– the cupola on top of the turret is a prominent weak spot, so you have to play not only hull-down but turret-down whenever possible
– no AP round; hitting and penetrating targets with HEAT is less consistent compared to AP
– large profile

Other Notes
A. in the Roughneck battle I was using Commander Philip, as is the default MBT Commander, but it turns out his are awful. In the River Point battle I was using Commander Freja, and her bonuses to aim time and reload time are pretty noticeable

Similar to my “Road to Unicum” video for World of Tanks (WoT), the objective of these AW videos is to meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

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