Armored Warfare: MBT-70 Review / Guide, 8-Kill Gameplay [“The Art of Warfare” Epi 8]

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Source: Taugrim

We review the MBT-70, a tier 6 premium MBT in Armored Warfare (AW), with gameplay of a tier 6 Storm match.

Stat line: 4.6k damage, 8 kills, 1.3k spotted

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ superb AP damage (478 base)
+ superb AP penetration (381), which allows you penetrate the front hull of the 2AV
+ excellent max speed
+ excellent agility
+ excellent cannon depression (-8)
+ strong upper front hull and a turret that bounces poorly aimed shots
– long reload time (12.7 sec base) and no Loader crew member to help bring it down
– poor accuracy (0.17 base)
– lower front plate is large and penetrable
– even when hull-down, the turret has 2 sizable weak spots

The “Merc” version of the MBT-70 comes with a maxed-out (level 5) crew, so you can select 2 skills per crew member immediately.

a. 3:25 – I stated that the max cannon depression is -10, but it is -8

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