Armored Warfare – MBT-70 Review

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Source: Stealth17 Gaming

In of some credits? The MBT-70 is what you need!

– Great gun
– Very heavily armored
– Surprisingly fast its type

– Not really beginner friendly
– Costs you
– Slowish reload

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  1. I love your AW videos do more☺

  2. You got one of the worst PVE maps in the game XP and credits wise…you get
    double the XP ammount on the good maps.

  3. Your AW videos are great!

  4. How about the T-72? I’m grinding the T-64 and am wondering how good it is
    🙂 Btw. from what I’ve read is that sidescraping/angling is not as
    effective in this game as in WOT, due to the high pen and low armour values
    of the side armor. It’s best to angle very little, to not expose your sides
    too much.

  5. Hey Terminator in PVE vas same guy that was in PVP in expeditenery tank:)
    love the video

  6. PVE is usually much better for XP. PVP is definitely way better for credits
    though, you can earn as much for a bad loss in PVP, as you’d get for a
    decent win in PVE

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