Armored Warfare: Merkava Mk.3 Baz Review #armoredwarfare #review #merkavamk3

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Source: Capt Canada

Merkava Mk.3 is a bit on the slow side especially in the acceleration dept, but it makes up for it in good top side armour and a dependable rdy rack style gun with a 4 rd clip. One of my top 3 VIII MBT’s.

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  1. *Insert Jewish jokes*

  2. Do you know when the BM Oplot will be added to the game.

  3. O Captain, my captain: your audio is about 30% + too low. You have the mike in spitting distance of your mouth/ breath/ p/b-hitter. Please fix. The mike can actually be 45% off your mouth to left or right, and 3-4 inches, without loss of voice, and with much less hard p and b’s hitting the sound. Or, up the volume, and put the mike 6-12 inches out in front. Please take these as considerate suggestions, eh?

    Love the vid, so glad AW is actually growing again, and that increasing people need your content on it. Keep on!

  4. Re: the Merkava 4 stats bug– many many AW tanks currently have that. Very irritating first-world problem, that.

  5. Do more Wot !!! 😀 we miss you !

  6. I can’t wait for the merkava 4 review

  7. So far this is sweetspot for me on Merkava line. The tier 9 isnt much of an upgrade. The gun is the same so its underwhelming. And it gets set on fire constantly.

  8. Capt I read about the new update on the official armored warfare page and at the top there’s a picture of the Oplot but no information that must confirm its coming Christmas eve or the 25th but it’s strange that they didn’t mention anything about the Oplot in the article.

  9. Capt There are already game play videos of the BM Oplot online

  10. And I just arrived in Ukraine I’m in my datcha 100 km from Kiev

  11. Best tier 8 MBT no question about that.

  12. Is the premium commander that costs gold a good pick for the markava line ?

  13. Shmevan Riceballz

    Your armored warfare vids sucks

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