Armored Warfare – Moscow Calling Trailer

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MY.GAMES is happy to introduce the brand new Moscow Calling season.

This European-themed update is bringing new Special Operation missions, new PvP Moscow, new PvE War Games mode as well as a large number of improvements and rebalances.

What is Armored Warfare?

are proud to present Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military that puts you in control of modern tanks, armored vehicles and more! Armored Warfare features stunning next-gen visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience!


  1. Leevi Lukkarinen

    Cannot wait to get home and try out that new pve mode!

  2. Can’t wait to try it out..

  3. Abrams tanks in Moscow. Yeah!

  4. the roads look too good for moscow

  5. Ancient Camouflage

    I’m ready for this update!

  6. Lol, it’s not dead yet? Im sure that every (10) players are waiting for it!

    • Nope
      They merged both russian and eu+na server
      So the server isn’t dead
      And you dont have to wait like 30 mins just to get into the game anymore

      The negative impact is

      Russian player…

    • @Pablo Shut well, I’m from Czech Republic, a year ago it’s about 5min to get in to pvp at 4v4, 5v5, not a full game at all (or filled with bots) and it was on “global server”. My problem was that when the game start is run like shit so they downgrade the graphic and it’s still run like shit but… Yeah, looks like a potato. And by time you can tell that they was creating they own “game” but in some time some deepshit nibba decided that “ok, fak that, we need an exact copy of wot!” … is like Wargaming with they’re World of planes… Online around 200ppl but they refuse to accept the truth and they act like they have 50k online 🙂

    • @Pablo Shut also ping must be terrible

    • @ᅠᅠ pvp at what tier ?
      Im not defending this game
      This game still got some flaws everywhere like this damn new spec ops

      But people choose either pve or pvp to play depending on tier
      1-8 PVE
      5-8 PVP ( 5 and 6 would be faster, because apparently it’s all filled with sheridan and other huge HE cannon )
      8-10 PVP ( 10 would be even more faster, although sometimes you take like 2 mins extra, both random battle and glops, wanna prove ? I could leveled my T14 armata in just a month, note that im playing like once a week due to my job )

  7. Why are fan made trailers better than this bland CGI?

  8. pawel smolarkiewicz

    Chwalicie się aktualizacją a gdzie Francuskie drzewko?…….W dupie. Nie jesteście profesjonalni.

  9. I just played 2 battles, in PVE, won 1 and lost the other. This is a very good story line, so far, and i would probably say the best one they have done. I like the new waiting for battle policy they show you. If you have to wait more than 3 minutes, they will reward you for it in the next battle. If people would only get over what it used to be like and come back and try it. I play WOT for PVP and AW for PVE and love it. Great way to relax.

  10. Lol this game is still alive?

  11. we need to be able to unlock multiple vehicles in the progression tree once we reach tier 8 the token system of only being able to unlock one vehicle is not really helping considering how the earnings on PVE has reduced and the non existing PVP sometimes you are matched with players or bots who just wont play in PVE and you have to do all the carry and with no events or bonus all you get for a 30000 damage game is 4000XP and 100000 coins really frustrating  and this will lead to more people leaving the game. Have been with you guys for some time also have bought a founders pack.I don’t do videos like other players however I do play the game test features the environment has lot of bugs specially in maps with buildings and pipes things just randomly hang in the air and block you from moving or sometimes the vehicle just gets stuck in odd places and the whole match is a fail, Please fix these bugs.

  12. Why you didnt implement the french mbts?

  13. they buff income for premium account from 50% to 100%, but nerf income on standard accout, so we will make less money anyway. Really bad for this game, more people will leave.

    • they give you premium time and gold not like in WoT and you dont have premium ammo or other bad stuff as in WoT

    • Hello PRG! The economy “nerf” was caused by a bug and we are working on a fix. In fact, when it is working as intended, we will buff the economy significantly as per the announcement news. We apologize for the inconvenience – to remedy the issue, we’ve launched a 100 percent Credit income bonus that will last until the issue is resolved.

    • @Armored Warfare you are the best thank you guys

    • @Armored Warfare Everything seems to be fine now, thank you. On the other hand you are giving much more than world of tanks, which I quit plaing 2 years ago.

  14. I hope Alpha One and Fedor aren’t dead….

  15. t-14 armata in washington ?

  16. dead game … any playing ?

  17. I think it is excellent howI get loaded about 90 seconds late in to the battle. At that time, I get 4 or 5 fps, ping about 120. Nearly completely useless to the team. So even if they win, my exp, credits, progression, are all crap. I am thinking this is not a bug but a feature, to reward more favored players. Really, I get 28fps or so in a typical pve. Same number of players here, but a big screwjob. How many years has the game been running? Answer: long enough to solve problems, if they wanted to.

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