Armored Warfare || My Opinion on the Selling of Grind Tanks!

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  1. bad

  2. Video starts at 1:13 😛

  3. it is basically lazy campaign design and hidden agenda.
    Pathetic that SilentStalker keep defending it with excuses.

  4. more bs mail ru lol sad

  5. When you buy these tanks they are stock, you have to grind every upgrade.
    Besides that, I agree with you, it’s a dumb idea (at least for me, especially with this prices).

  6. I don’t think that selling In-Progression Vehicles is too wrong. But one thing you need to know-My.Com and developers DO NOT F***ING WORKING ON PRODUCING NEW AFVS!

    For example, they could made T-64BM Bulat, Magach 6B Gal Batash, T-72M2 Moderna (Mostly these vehicles modeling can be based on in-game vehicles.) and say “Hey guys! we’d like to introduce new MBTs will be on the upcoming new tech trees! wanna try it? Then, try to win 30 battles on PvP, PvE Hard Mode, and PvE Medium mode with on platoon! Also, we’ll give you Special T-62M MBT if you invite your friends to play the game!”

  7. F***ing lazy bastards. Waiting for bunches of grape to fall into their mouth.

  8. they r just trying to milk what they can out of a fully dead game

  9. stop playing this game and let it freaking die in peace.

  10. Why they pick Bradley as an grind tank to lure new players to buy it?

    Because the f*cking 3 TD stay in a damn AFV line
    How the f*ck i suppose to gain exp playing as an AFV in 3 f*cking TD?

    Why the fuck they do that?
    As if retarded tier 5 breaking PvE Hard is not enough?

    In a premium tank,the new player will get better (since it is a money,exp,crew train tank,they would play more)
    In a grind tank,why would i play it alot since i already can research another tank?
    So you gain no experience to get better

    In my opinion,grinding to high tier also help you to get better at the game, even a tier 8 premium tank

    But from tier 8 to tier 10 is a very short distance,you wont be able to learn much + it is very hard to learn from the beginning at tier 8

  11. TheHungarianNoble

    So glad I left this farce of a game after Obsidian left. Hopefully Obsidian can create a new type of AW and publish it in house.

  12. I don’t mind it trying to be WoT clone (with a few different of course,no 100% crew bullshit)

    But don’t turn into a greedy son of a bitch
    We all know what happen when a game company get greedy

    WarThunder : Summer Sales
    WoT : TheFoch tenk

    just changing things one at a time and make it good

  13. The real joke is that anyone still spends money on this game

  14. Good thing I uninstalled the game today, a free 40GB is nice.

  15. By comments in your last posts i understand you don”t more like AW. So, why didn’t you just uninstall and stop posting about it as Fiaura do ?

  16. You know as well as I do, that the “campaign” is SS writing some content, and that is it. That is ALL that there is to it. There is no one else involved in this, it’s just him, making up some fantasy stories, he likes writing stuff like this, and he does have a sort of a knack for it, but he could use some help with the story writing. That is why the entire campaign as an amateurish feel to it. It’s just him.

    There are no voice actors no marketing team, nothing, no web designers involved into making this a proper campaign that has a progression level, has a dedicated web page for you to track how you progressed in the story. My guess is that there are some guys at who give him a helping hand every now and then, like they did the page for the previous “events”. But their time and skill with this is limited, given that even the dedicated web page had a laughably amateurish feel to it. They did not even bother to balance the teams, so yeah, when it comes to the Western community, and events, campaigns and all of that, it’s basically SS and at times a minimal involvement from some interns at as could not really care less about the western community.

    About the rest, the buying ingame vehicles, I’m not even going to bother commenting on that, it’s just pathetic and insulting.

  17. I have more problem them creating a “Campaign” just to facilitate a cash grab than selling progression vehicles itself. That’s very disingenuous of them. I was going to give them just a little credit for at least putting up a video, however cheaply made it was.

  18. The game itself is easy to grind, its mostly a game for casual players anyway

  19. My question is, if I have all three of these tanks already fully unlocked, (100%) Is it worth / can I use the rewards to further the grind on other vehicles? (aka is it worth blowing the dust off the three tanks to earn each of the objective rewards or is my time better spend on just continuing to grind my current tanks)

  20. To be honest it’s not like you can’t grind up to tier 8 (or 10) by just playing PvE which will teach you exactly fuck all, so it’s already quite easy for hypothetical new players to experience their very first PvP battle in a tier 10. It’s simply amusing because’s greed makes WG look like saints and amateurs.

  21. I really don’t think there’s a problem with this. Since when are high tiers exclusive to some kind of elite that you have to be ‘deserving’ of joining? You buy some gaming content, you use it to have fun. End of story for me. People who want to ensure they’re only surrounded by players of a certain skill should play game modes (or games) that provide that. This argument is straight down the same path or ‘you’re not as good as me at this game, you shouldn’t be allowed to play it’ – which to me sounds like a massively puerile attitude toward what’s a fun and casual pastime.

    The pricing is a separate issue that’s down to what a high tier tank is worth to an individual.

  22. Yeah it’s retarded. Campaign mode is clearly just a ploy to make people BUY tanks that are freely available.

  23. I honestly don’t have a problem. it’s clear it’s just a money grab but fuck it. I like playing the game, I think it’s a hell of a lot easier to put shells into vehicles than in WoT, and is definently more dumbed down than wargaming. I like both a lot and have put a lot of time into both, I have the abrams, had the leo 2 (hated that line the 2AX is a piece of shit, reset and got the challenger series, no regrets) so I got them for the 12 hour xp boosts. I wouldn’t like them to do that again based on principle, its not like its hard to work out and play and i assume most people who get into AW and start fresh have experience with wot or war thunder. but if I wanted a tier 8 tank right now it would be 2 or 3 days. I’d still like to see this game take off and I get why they did it, and that they’re trying to get anyone to play at this point, but fuck it, if it doesn’t work out, my money, I ain’t gonna cry about it

  24. Besideds what you say (and I agree wth that), the Bradley has nerfed so terribly (just like most AFVs); it only has 20 ATGMs, its gun is hopeless, its armor is weak (whereas in patch 0.18 it was pretty good and the Bradley was still a tier 6) and you can only give smoke out every 60 seconds (and trust me, you need a lot more nowadays).
    All those poor bastards throwing everything they’ve got at this crap vehicle and then getting soooo disappointed.
    I did a reset by the way and I don’t need to pay for anything anymore for a very long time. A good thing, because most tanks I used to love are close to nothing now (the list goes on and on) and there are only a few decent tanks.
    All in all… I was pretty optimistic at first, but I have to say: every patch it starts to look a lot more like just another Russian ripoff game. And it’s just not as much fun to play anymore.

  25. Jeze, what difference does it make TO YOU. if noobs want to spend money to come in and be creamed, so what, they are paying money which keeps the game alive. no-one spends game dies.

  26. Makes the crimes of WG look relatively minor!

  27. I think that starting people off at higher tiers wouldn’t be a bad idea since no one really plays below tier 5-6. This makes it more difficult for new players to find games and consequently they don’t stick around. This is one way you get a population crisis. This approach has already been atempted on he NA server, where you start out at tier 3. The problem is that this wasn’t even the intention of selling these vehicles, where they should be free even if they were seeking to improve player retention! Having people pay to jump up tiers is not ok, and locking out a “campain” behind a paywall like this is defiantly not ok. This is completely tone deaf at best and malicious at worst. Which is basically how seems to want to handle things. They want to thread the line between feigning ignorance and trying to get money out of the game in any way possible with no regards to what the players want.

  28. I personally like the idea of putting new skins on regular tanks to make them into premium tanks, that way no one can buy an OP premium tanks the way you can in World of Tanks.

  29. You can´t compare this game as a “pay to progress” like WoT. I agree that WoT is a pay to progress, AW might be slow at the start but once you get a lot of vehicles(bonus xp multiplier), play the events, and do daily log ins you really have everything you need to bost your advance.
    I have not spent a single penny on premium time so far in AW, and I have 3 T10 and 6 T9 tanks, plus over 1M free xp to unlock atleast 2 other T10s. I almost got everything in the game. All this in about 4 monts playtime and only using event boosters and the FREE PREMIUM time I got.
    I WoT that I played for YEARS I only got 2 T10s and I spent money for premium account, I remember how bad it was and still is, 1000 xp for a good game… are you fucking kidding me? Don`t get me started on the cash income.

    As much you played this game Devient, don`t compared it to WoT grind because WoT is a whole other ball game.

  30. Alexandre angel

    100% with you….got all tanks and i didnt pay for them i play…have fun etc so buyings those kins of tank…..nope its worst that WOT

  31. Meine Ehre heißt Treue

    the game player base isn’t what it use to be so now they trying to make money from the few they still have or get new players to spend cash to get straight into a 8. NA server use to have people in it but then it dropped to hardly anyone playing. to me the game just went to crap and they screwed it up so much people stopped playing.

  32. Inverse Hierarchy

    I think the game is great – better than it was pre 0.19 and it’s better than wot imo just that there’s alot less players (on eu). Wot and others have the same if not worse monetization and also they are a company and therefore need to make money to pay their staff etc. If they didn’t we’d soon be looking for another game to play.

    And these tanks you can buy now – you can just grind them yourselves if you don’t wanna buy them. I can get pissed off by greed but this isn’t anything to get worked up over IMHO IMHO.

  33. Yep it shouldn’t happen if u can’t compete in the “Storyline Campaign” with a veh u own then tough!
    Hate the Patch for the UI it is half arsed

  34. Slowly becoming world of tanks like wanted to be.. ill still play the game cause i love tanks..the campaign needs to be an actual campaign where u can use whatever you want in it ..and maybe an actual story line.

  35. I don’t see what your problem is. One can buy premiums up tier 8 and use them to grind xp! Buy doing so one can skip all the low tiers. If one’s sole argument is based around skill level of players then one must agree, that there are a dame’d lot of skill-less moron’s already playing tier 8 to 10’s

  36. Honestly, I agree with Kosmik on this. It isnt as bad as people say, but I wish that they’d advertise more or open this game to steam. Also they need to consider just merging NA and EU

  37. TheParallellinial

    This is what you get when russian Developer/Publishers take over…

  38. Yes Divient, this hole game is a chambles and I do agree whit you, it is no fun to play anymore, we get murdered by AT M IN PVE, I AM IN NZ and most of the time there are no players in PVP.

  39. I actually installed the latest update yesterday after not playing for over a month, but after seeing the direction this game is going I don’t see myself actually playing anytime soon.

  40. Getting high up in progression if you purchase is a valid point that I actually didn’t think about.  But I think the larger issue is they knew most don’t have the vehicles and are trying to scam money for it.  You could already pay for progression before if you bought enough gold to make all the conversions.  I’m guessing at this point that they’re desperate for money because all the changes and the firing of Obsidian have alienated a large chunk of player base.

  41. Let me just put it shortly: people buying progression high tier vehicles affects you how? They may be complete noobs but the experience will come. Some people learn fast, others have played hundreds of games and are still crap, no matter through how many tiers they have gone up. It’s just another cash grab, a poorly designed one at that and with a poorly designed “campaign” but that’s all it is.

  42. its ‘Ground’ Past tense. not grinded 🙁

  43. It’s not okay, but is going to become increasingly more common. All three games in this genera have largely shared the same player base and all three have been experiencing a drop in players. AW has been struggled the most with player numbers and is being the most “innovative” when it comes to sales.

    It used to be general consensus that a premium vehical could never be as good as tech tree versions. AW was the first to openly break this agreement. The ICE edition were some of the most dangerous machines at their own tier, fully researched, with elite crews and all modals installed. The balance was that they cost one and a half times the price as normal premium machines in real money.

    The consensus used to be that you had to at-least play games to earn XP that could be unlocked with real money to progress. . . AW challenged that logic as well. AW have also been hesitant to draw a line they wont cross. They have justified these “sales” as not affecting the players out side of the purchaser, but have not promised that this is not a line they will one day cross. I am more afraid that these behaviors will justify their competitors taking the same actions. Since the players in AW also play WoT and WT and have normalized the behavior.

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