Armored Warfare || Need For Speed Ep1 ‘The Sphinx’ Tier 10 AFV

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Source: SirHavocTV GamingVideos

Armored Warfare offers a plethora of fast vehicles that offer High Octane Action that will make your heart race. This week we taking a look at the Tier 10 AFV ‘Sphinx’
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  1. What mod pack do you use?

  2. Ϩıⱡȝŋȶ ÐȝⱥȶH

    Dose is a Polish clan ain’t it most the names are Polish like Piaskowy
    (Sandy) or Zielony (Green)

  3. Love the Fox as well, might pick up AW again after my break

  4. Driving around in these AFV looks like so much fun. I might get into AW

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