Armored Warfare || New Autocannon Changes!

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Source: Kage

These will either be amazing or will suck so much ass…



  1. First!

  2. Always good info keep it up im always watching your vids

  3. Good job DK

  4. Ricardo Pereira (ShadowKing)

    I want to see is how this changes are going to effect vehicles like the
    Because afterall is the only weapon that he has is the AC (autocannon) .

  5. But what about Draco….that’s my only t9 and it doesn’t have ATGMs….

  6. Pekka Harjulahti (Frosty)

    great content as always!

  7. Ricardo Pereira (ShadowKing)

    One thing i can be sure is that this changes are going to have a good side
    and a bad side is always has been this way on Armored Warfare.
    Some will hate other’s will like i for me will wait until it comes out so i
    can judge it

  8. It would be nice to see more AFVs take up passive spotting positions, love
    my swingfire and always get in the top 3 in pvp just from spots and spot
    damage regardless if I do any damage or not, now it does depend on the team
    and the spread, if they have bad aim or no one is around to shoot, well
    going to be a crappy game.

  9. iGhost Armored Warfare

    Some good vehicles will fall, worse ones will rise! Hopefully we get a full
    balance at 0.19, so only good tanks will be

  10. Not sure if i like this idea. I like how currently, the AFV class is strong
    is the player knows how to use them. The autocannons have a hard time as it
    is penning mbts but they keep afvs, TDs, and Light tanks in check. If
    either of those classes become too aggressive, the AFV can come and gun
    them down and help secure the allied flanks. But, i can see how they have
    high skill cap currently, so adding an additional option of ATGMs for AFVs
    for the less skilled players or for players that just prefer that AFV
    play-style would be ideal. I’m just not sure if they should basically
    change the ideal AFV weapon to ATGMs. I would personally prefer a choice
    where either choice has its benefits and its downfalls. It would make AFVs
    more flexible

  11. I think Autocannons should still be able to pen enemy Scouts – in the
    battle for Vision. But they should not be able to pen light tanks, making
    LTs good AFV Killers on medium and Long ranges.

  12. Terrible, game braking changes are coming. Never ending smoke clouds,
    missile spams. I never thought that they will consider ruining game balance
    like that to begin with.

  13. I have no problem with them trying changes. It seems funny that they would
    put in massive changes and then leave beta. I feel they should take the
    time to analyse the changes and tweak them which should take several

  14. If they nerf autocannon penetration, then MBTs will all need their armor

  15. Let me get this right, they want to nerf autocannons to
    force AFVs to be more effective scouts. The point being not all AFVs are
    AFVs are divided into two branches, scouts and fire support vehicles. Scouts
    are supposed to scout and fire support vehicles are damage dealers. Not all
    fire support vehicles are equipped with ATGMs, so does that make them
    And that does not include the Swingfire which is not one or the other. To be
    honest I can see nothing but problems with this broad-brush approach.

  16. I downloaded eu pts how do I get in?it says authorization failed or
    something like that

  17. Truth here, in the outside world AC equipped vehicles DO NOT engage MBTs
    with their peashooters. It’s an excellent way to die. The ACs are there to
    kill other lightly armored or unarmored vehicles. They carry ATGMs to
    shoot at tanks.

  18. In a majority of PvE matches AFV create more dmg then MBTs of the same
    tier. Add spotting damage to this and it turns out that the AFVs are the
    fear of the enemy not MBT. So I understand that this role has to go back to
    “real” tanks.

  19. JA's Gaming Hangout

    From the dev blog: “…every AC shot will pen a lightly armored
    vehicle…”? Hmm… I have yet to experience that phenomenon.

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