Armored Warfare – New Battle UI Preview

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One of the items coming in the Spirithaven season the new Battle UI.

In this short video, you can see what what and what the new icons represent.

What Armored Warfare?

We are proud to present Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game that puts you in of modern tanks, armored vehicles and more! Armored Warfare stunning visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience!


  1. much better than the old UI

    • New Sight UI now is too big ….. All other modern games goes
      minimalistic and AW going the opposite direction.
      They are even not giving players the option to choose which to use.
      They could let players have both of UI as a option.

  2. Armored warfare Assault Update?

  3. I really like the new UI, except that the HP bar is not visible enough, It shouldn’t be this color I think. Look at 0:54 till the end, the bar blend in with the envrionment and the tanks themselves sometimes.



    new update released??

  6. most players didn’t want the new UI but the devs did what they wanted any way.why ask what the players want when you will do what you want.

    • Most who bothered with the PTS did like it, most players never said anything, some did the survey but that was just a bit of the selection

    • @chaz8758 Nope I bothered with the PTS & cannot see any need to change 98% of what they changed for less visual functionality. It appears they went for more distracting flashy bits (Smoke Cannisters/Aps Charges etc). I mean who’s idea was it that we really needed 4 reload Timers on the screen with 3 in your face.
      Sure you can modify settings drop / change stuff but this was never tested in the PTS.
      If you mod settings to get rid of the Smoke Cannisters/APS then you also lose the Reload Timers for the APS/Smoke why? Couldn’t they drop the icons & allow the reload bar to appear like the speedo that only shows when you move & then disappears when you stop?

    • @AusTankie Gaming Most of the UI changes I could not care less about as I can easily ignore what I do not need (in match I don’t even notice the smoke and APS charges or reload timers.

      I see the view, minimap, main weapon reload timer, selected munition. The only thing I don’t like is the health bar.

      I have been through several UI changes and everytime there is uproar wanting the last one back, people adapt its what humans do.

      I have not looked on the Russian forum to judge their thoughts but on Discored, unofficial AW forum and in game chat it is the same pretty few complaining. The vast majority are silent as always,

  7. Great job developers. Lovely new UI. Keep up the good work.

  8. You ruined the game fu!

  9. Amazing job guys! I am having an issue though. Where did Global Chat go?

  10. My only issue is that the healthbar isn’t as noticeable, before it was in my reticle so I knew when to pop my rebuild kit immediately once i got in the red but this time it’s kind of harder to notice. Other than that the UI is fine

  11. its waste of time and most people don`t like it , the old one was very good and it look like wot most popular mods

    • Do you know most people playing the game? Most people on the PTS liked it, most people in global chat like it – a few whine and claim most don’t like it in global but it is the minority, just constantly

  12. why not roll back the update and fix the most broken tanks in the game mt-lp s8 , leclerc t40 and kornet em instead of that shit ???

  13. looks great:)

  14. god is this ui awfull not only does it clutter center screen it also put this giant ass hp bar right in the way of me looking at my tank which makes it not only hard to see but also moves it away from the reticle where it used to be making me take my eyes of of what i am doing just to see if i have to use my repair kit or not

    • Only thing I don’t like is the new health bar, too easy to ignore or not notice, the rest I like or makes no difference to me

  15. I like the aesthetic that they devs were going for and I like some of the features that were added (the camo meter is a great addition imo), but the new UI has some serious flaws when it comes to actual functionality and usability. To name a few:

    – The health bar blends in to the background and is in an unintuitive position, allowing players to pass over it far too easily
    – There is virtually no feedback when taking damage, which is compounded by how easy it is to ignore the heath bar
    – The details on the paper doll for the vehicle are washed out, making it hard to determine what modules are damaged at a glance
    – There are several completely unnecessary UI elements that cannot be disabled and clutter up the screen (I find the auto-aim marker to be particularly bad for this)
    – The damage counter that pops up below the reticle is very distracting when using autocannons (it pulses like it’s trying to be a strobe light) and only serves to distract the player from what they are doing
    – The default UI colours are unreadable in snowy environments, requiring players to waste time trying to find a colour scheme that works
    – There is no UI preview window in the settings, meaning players will need to waste even more time opening and closing their settings to get the UI to a semi-usable state

    These are just the issues that I have identified so far, and I will probably find a few things to add to this list when I have the time to play a few more matches. As much as I like some of the changes that were made with the new UI, I value functionality over aesthetic and naturally prefer the old UI over the current state of the new UI.

    Edit: watching through the video again, it seems that some of the problems I listed (namely the hit feedback and paper doll) might be the result of the graphics setting I am using (I don’t have a high-end setup that can run the game on some of the higher settings). If this is the case, the game is now significantly harder to play on lower graphics settings than it was with the old UI.

    • Mate I have a High End System & you aren’t wrong the “Paper Doll” Vehicle image in the Vehicle Status is far to bright & appears washed out compared to the previous one in the OLD UI where it was crisp lines & easy to identify Damage/broken components.

  16. Better bring back the previous interface!

  17. It looks good. But i want hit point indicator at left down corner as before

  18. NEW UI look Shitt… sorry the game is destroyed long time a go with the add of all the ATGM spammers

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