Armored Warfare – New Beginnings

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Source: FlimsyLunchTray

Hey FLT here!

Here I give an analysis of the decisions I make and explain why I make them. As always I appreciate your as I seek to improve the channel and community here with you! Thanks

Intro Music: Epic Adventure by FlimsyLunchTray

Gaming Set Up
PC: Apex Platinum – i5-9600K / GTX 1660 Ti / 32GB DDR4-3200MHz
Monitor: ASUS VG248QE Gaming Monitor 24″
Microphone: HyperX Quadcast
Keyboard: Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming
Mouse: Razer Basilisk Ergonomic Gaming
Mouse Mat: Razer Gigantus V2 Gaming Soft – Medium
Headset: Razer Narai Wireless Gaming
Chair: Secret Lab Titan Black 2020


  1. Apologies for the audio balance being poor with my commentary being rather quiet/non-existent in some parts. I have adjusted the audio since and should be much more balanced as the game audio was much louder than I realized 🙈

    I will do a video next week on my reactions to the game thus far, but I am quite enjoying it thus far to be honest 😄

    Best Regards,

  2. Your voice is a lot lower than the game volume in this one. Can barely hear you when the tank’s moving.

    • Yeah I pinned a comment above, didn’t have the audio properly balanced, but from now on it should be correct o7

      Best Regards,

  3. I haven’t played this in a few years. I’ve been thinking about playing again! Great vid,Flimsy! My best to you and the Mrs.!!!!

    • Thanks Donald, it has been good playing as I have enjoyed it thus far. Appreciate it and take care o7

      Best Regards,

  4. FlimsyLunchTray, welcome to Armored Warfare! I am The_Rocketman and I play on PvE

  5. I love the details in this game, like the autoloader kicking the case head out the back of the turret

  6. The game glitched: the message says “T-64AV Hunter” but the tank is an M-50 Super Sherman…

    • pretty sure the wrong model was shown. i mean, the super sherman is definitely not a tier 5 MBT

    • @Vuk Psodorov Ikr? In fact it’s the only Tier 1 MBT

    • @DrRocketman 779 not to mention that it’s all fake anyway. i mean, the thing has hundreds of mm of armor thickness (or at least it did, last time i checked. i struggled to pen it with the IS-7, which apparently had around 400-500mm of pen in-game?).
      this game is… all kinds of fucked up ever since obsidian got dumped.

  7. I am a 3 year WoWs player actively looking for an alternative that does not have subs and CV’s and this might be it!

    • Nice! I will do a review video on the game beginning of next week to give more of my thoughts after getting some more time under my belt with the game. I think I have almost 10 hours at this point possibly 🤔 It honestly has been good break from WoWs 😂 Normally I play FS19 when I want a break from WoWs, lol

      Best Regards,

    • Be careful of the ATGM’s and Autocannon wielding APC’s lol😂

  8. I was a CBT for this game. I prefer it to WOT and WT any day.

  9. Try war thunder

  10. Wait no subs in this game?! Thanks for the video! Game looks really interesting

    • Right?! 😂 Maybe they will add Graboids 👀😂 #Tremors

      Welcome, have a new one up today with better audio 🙈

      Best Regards,

  11. This is the mid realistic side of the genre world of tanks is unrealistic and war thunder is as realistic as they can make it with out breaking laws

  12. I played this in beta

  13. that game is actually quiet good, better than WoT, played it years back, might play it again just to see if they improved on stuff, loved my M1A2 Abrams back then

    • my experience from a few months ago is that nah, there’s basically no improvement. not sure if there were any new tech tree tanks, but there were a bunch of reskin premiums. other than that, it felt like the game was exactly the same. hell, even some voice lines that didn’t match the subtitles still exist (and that’s even on some of the oldest PvE missions, too). the game’s basically been dead ever since obsidian entertainment got dumped. try it if you want, but expect to be disappointed.

    • @Vuk Psodorov thanks for the Info much appreciated

    • @Hoschi0913 you’re welcome

  14. Have not played this game for several years, but I like that it is a bit of blend between WoT and War Thunder since it has modern tanks but they have hit points.

    • I’ve been enjoying it thus far, just enjoying the game for what it is so far in PVE as I figure things out.

      Best Regards,

  15. Love this game, but sadly the Chinese company that bought the franchise has abandoned the game!

  16. When they added infantry and MG, the controls were all wonky and screwed up, playerbase went down the toilet, that was it for me.

    Did it get any better?

    • I have not tried the infantry vehicles yet, but I think when I get from the Tier 3 vehicle I am working on the next one in line I believe has the added infantry. My friend has used it and didn’t say anything about wonky controls. So guessing it must be better 🤔

      Best Regards,

  17. Man this game should be way good but they do ZERO marketing,. have almost Zero players on N/A, have bizarre time limits on the cool campaigns (you should be able to queue for whatever one you haven’t done), a very bizarre tech tree that makes no sense – the graphics are good to great, tanks feel great but i don’t want to queue for the same PVe maps over and over. I ended going back to War Thunder and i wished AW was much more populated and revamped the entire way they do things.

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