Armored Warfare: NEW BIG UPDATE

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  1. Very good How are you? It’s the first time I’ve been on your channel, and really the quality of the videos is very good. I liked the content of it and that’s why you won a sub.
    Now, if you allow me to comment on the video game, personally, the new battle interface seems HORRIBLE and UNFORGETTABLE to the eye, obstructing a cleaner visual of the tank, something that seems fundamentally in this game for me; to enjoy the modeling of the vehicles to the fullest. With this change much of the interface is superimposed on the tank, and with that you earn a point very much against my personal opinion. Thanks in advance for the video and Greetings.

  2. nice pve player ))) pish on stingray work but not spaced armor dude ))

  3. Plane Crazy Builder

    U almost have 1000 subs i subbed tho cool vids man

  4. Why am I your friend in tankery my name is mychickenisdieing

  5. Hey, man can you tell Greg to make the damage on M4A3 105 HVVS since it had a howitzer gun in tankery?

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