Armored Warfare || New Global Server!! But will it Save the Game?

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Source: Devient Kage

Yes… It very well could save the game


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  1. I’m ahppy that the queue time will be reduced although coordination might be an issue for a while, I’d like them to address the core elements of the problems the game faces (beside super AI and player base numbers) but rather the feel of the matches and the progression system to receive more depth or even more paths, hope they’ll figure it out sooner than when the “late” moment hits.

  2. It’s been said on Gamestone that the servers will stand in Amsterdam

  3. This game needs to be advertised more so more can know about this game.

  4. منير الجزائر


  5. It is tho mentioned about where will the server be, kinda….
    “The Global Server will feature a large-scale network infrastructure, a part of which will be located in Amsterdam, Moscow and San Francisco.”

  6. Fuck no. They are too greedy

  7. I d play again w this

  8. Global Server YAYYY !!!

  9. I’ve officially had it with mycom at this point. I did consider reinstalling to have a look and see if anything got better in the last 6 months, and the client download set of my antivirus, apparently there’s a bad dll file in there.

  10. will we all then have a 300MS ping? currently mine is under 50MS.

  11. Martijn Dingenouts

    I dont play AW anymore , it takes like 20 minutes to find an match

  12. I’ve been waiting for global server , gotta be a lot of fun

  13. Looking forward to it. Already downloaded the Public Server.

  14. KB000m - casual gaming

    2:43 from what i know the servers will remain located in USA (for NA), Germany (for EU) and Russia (for Russia). The change consist in making these servers comunicate between them so players across globe can play together without needing to use one single server. Using one common server (for all regions) will only increase ping for those areas that are far away from the place where server is located. From my knowledge (and i might be wrong), there will be one central server and regional servers for NA, EU and RU. To put it simple: players log in on their regional server, regional server transmit data to central server wich makes calculation and than send results back to regional servers. Of course this will increase the ping a little but hopefully will increase game population as well.
    PS: i think War Thunder did the same..

  15. IT will not save the game if they not use the chance to heavy Advetise the game . For this is the last chance for the game.
    It will not help mutch for glops players….because Russians are not playing mutch glops 🙂

  16. when will it be? hopefully we would play pvp actually!

  17. Привет народ) мы ждем вас)))

  18. My concern is can they move my account without loosing my vehicles most importantly my premium vehicles and all the progression vehicles. My premium vehicles I either got through events, gifts by the devs or bought with free gold from weekly login and events. I put allot of time into the game and loosing it probably would be the last straw for me.

  19. I am in a unique position living in Vermont in the United States is that I can play on either the NA or EU servers with no more lag in one than the other. Maybe its because I am the same distance from both I don’t know?

  20. I see a problem with a language barrier I wonder if they could ever make it that any chat messages will translate to your preferred language?

  21. Even with this new Global Sever, if there isn’t any new people coming to play the game, it still die out in matter of time.

  22. This will be a resurection,i play in RU server except from EU and there the battles PVP are always 15vs15 anytier anytime with waiting time maximum 30 seconds!i was playing a IOS game in 2011 named Tank Domination with one global server and was fine,big competition of clans and players from all world,Global server will be located in Netherlands as i read somewere probably NA players to have same ping as they have now cos many play in EU and the RU and EU players to have much better!

  23. Quite Exciting news

  24. Great opportunity to compare player’s skills. Wanna take part in a battle with russians.

  25. Closed beta tester here. Played on all current servers, including the Russian one, so I welcome this. The Russians on AW are not like those of WoT.

  26. this was my main problem with the game, the que time, which is sad because I really like the game itself.
    you might not really believe me, but you have some good dev’s who are really trying to keep the game alive, they always try to fix things, unlike wg who even if they try to fix something, create another problem

  27. This game is still a round wow and dont bother playing it on xbox dos it work at all

  28. ping 340 ))))))))))))))))))) How can I play with such a big ping?

  29. Gave up after they told me they’re not working on Japanese or Korean vehicles

  30. even more lag and even less players, lel
    How to ruin your own game 101

  31. This change will encourage perennial players with easy access to different modes. That helps My.Com to keep the game warm for new players who are kind of frozen out at times. I have been playing since March ’15 and this is the best news I’ve had from AW since I started.

  32. im coming back!

  33. Thanks Dev for the update. This is great news and will hopefully generate more interest in players coming back to the game. Personally I love the PvE game and love the unique play style of arty, not that I play it much. I will certainly be continuing with the game as I am enjoying the Israeli line that was recently introduced…. certainly not too bad a grind. Thanks again for keeping the awareness up that this game is out there and offers a viable alternative to the ‘other’ tank games.

  34. So… for me it’s mean that the current population in each reagion is so in dire strait that grouping all player into one server is enough to manage. Doesn’t seems like a great news for me.

  35. Артемий Чеботарёв

    We are from Russia and we waiting you, guys! See you soon on the game.

  36. This sounds good! But the real question is when are they going to fix the problems they keep making? Right now the enter key does NOT work in the platoon chat and private chat windows. Then to make matters even worse there is a bug that is castrating the amount of a EXP earn in matches. In the last few days I have played about 50 games and have brought home less then 20K EXP combined. I have been grinding the crap out of my tier 6’s an 7’s in these matches just to get 1 upgrade for my tier 5 Leo 1A5!!!! ONE UPGRADE. THAT’S IT. I decided to track the progress and and found out that I was being ROBBED of EXP points. I did not use any consumables at all during the match and my tank surprisingly enough did not make it below half health, but that it added up in your net total at the end of the match. I had a base of 6,318 EXP I earned from previous matches and made 2,948 in one match. I added them up and got the total of 9,266. The problem is the score that was shown was not even close to that number. I made of so called profit of around 1000 EXP! Leaving me with with just 7318! What happened to the rest of the EXP??? Is there some kind of hidden tax I should be aware off now? Funny how this bug happened around the 3 year anniversary where there was suppose to be a 400% increase in credits and EXP. I’d like to submit a ticket for the issue but for Christ’s sake they have you jump though 15 to 16 EXTRA steps just to get an automated response! So I am kind of FORCED to stop playing. I refuse to play a game that cannot even get basic numbers right. If I bust my ass doing good in matches I want my FULL EXP not have hidden reductions to my earned points.

  37. The graphics are to simple

    • I’m not sure this is max setting – view distance is quite weird in this video. Game works on CryEngine 3, so it can’t be simple anyway 😀 What does “simple graphics” even mean? Fortnite..?

  38. Soviet Gaming/DecepticonBlackout

    @Deviant Kage Question are you BushkaonBlitz you sound like him

  39. Major Muckup Gaming

    Nice vid Dev. Bring on the global server 🙂

  40. Приветствую вас будущие коллеги

  41. Za Sensha Chi-Ha Tan No Ēsu

    So pretty much how War Thunder is but War Thunder is also cross platform.
    As a WT player this game doesn’t interest me since it looks like WoT with that HP bar, don’t know if gameplay is also the same but i deleted WoT after few times of playing.

  42. This’ll be interesting. Now which account do I play? Been playing my EU servers mainly for the last year or so, Got 1 tier 10 & numerous tier 9’s & lower. On my NA account that I haven’t played much over the last 12mths or so due the lack of players has 5 tier 10’s & numerous lower tiers. I have more gold on my EU account than on my NA account, But my NA account has more Prem tanks.
    My question is, Even though on my NA account I have a higher progression than my EU account, I’ve been playing my EU account more than my NA account by a fair margin over the last 12 or so months. So which account will become my primary account on the Global Server?


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  44. as a console player i really hope this game does well as it is in my opinion a fantastic game that doesn’t get enough players witch is the games developers vault for not advertising the game better

  45. they should do that 2 years ago… too late. ppl don’t go back.

  46. Will it save Aw? Lol prolly not. If they wanna save the population stop ruinng the game….
    It might help it for a bit but im sure others will still quit.

  47. Darren Rushworth-Moore

    I heard the server will be in Amsterdam since they are more or less in the centre and have a well established internet infrastructure.

  48. If they dont fix the pvp they wont have growth, PvP (you all liked or not) is the base of the game PvE is painfully borring and having a good PvP game helps the game

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