Armored Warfare – New HE Shell Mechanism Trailer

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In a recent update, we’ve introduced new mechanisms for two HE shells.

When you fire the abovementioned rounds not directly at the target but slightly above it, they now explode automatically above the target’s roof as they pass it.

What Armored Warfare?

We are proud to present Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game that puts you in control of modern tanks, armored vehicles and more! Armored Warfare features stunning visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience!


  1. spirit haven 3rd mission on extreme is too hard with random people

    • Hello Zerind, Special Operations on the Extreme difficulty are meant to be played in platoons.

    • They made the 3rd mission easier. I had a really hard time with the 4th mission (before the nerf), but finally beat it.
      Edit: Sorry different campaign

    • @Armored Warfare You could make a “Random-Noobs”-Extreme mode 😀 Even if only forl like a april fools joke or shit like that XD

    • @Armored Warfare yea but that is tedious and boring playing everything a certain way.Super easy to do with a team that is not brain dead..

    • @Armored Warfare even in platoons chapter 4 spirit haven is too difficult, reason 1, you put magnus in a tier 8 tank, teir 8 has nothing to do with extreme, 2, there is a blanance issue with the types of vehicles, eg…the t15 is well suited, so everyone wants to play t15, 3, mbts are too slow ( most of them ) to avoid the ships targeting.
      chapters 1-3 are fine, dont know why anyone moans about them tbh.

  2. Better do something with servers’ crushes

    • yes…sadly ping spikes have been getting worse, but maybe ( paradoxically ) because of more players are playing the game.

    • Unfortunately, much of the issues experienced by some players can be attributed to the increased internet usage connected to the COVID quarantine. We apologize for the issues but there is very little we can do.

    • @Armored Warfare can you like increasing performance i really want to play the game but dont get good fps to play

  3. good idea to make he relevant, however all that will happen is noobs will start to cry & you will nerff or remove, as you always do….cough..cough.. arty in glops…cough cough

  4. “You can’t just miss the target and still hit it!”

    “Haha, HE shells go boom”

  5. looks like this shell is for pvp more than pve to me hmmmmm

  6. Most experienced players won’t waste reload time for partial damage, especially at tier 9, 10 where most run with ke ammo only.

    • I agree. If they apply bonus damage to engines or increased chance to set target on fire, it might be well worth it. Better check it on testing grounds to see if it works.


    So its just an airburst HE shell?

    • Yes. Isn’t that great? Personally, I want thermobaric shells or flamethrowers. Russians also developed Laser tanks (seriously). We can only wait for AW Devs to research on the matter.

  8. by such nonsense this game begins to fall other players go to competition. It’s already very hard to play, and where is it here?

  9. General MBT players in AW only use APFSDS. HE shells have really poor armor penetration and poor damage output. Programmable HE warheads is an interesting solution. I have to practice in the testing grounds.

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