Armored Warfare || New Patch and Balance 3.0 in the future?

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Source: Devient Kage

god I hope notæ but the patch looks good!


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  1. HEY! That is me in the LAV-600! HAH!

  2. let’s hope that the merkava tanks are balanced

  3. TheHungarianNoble

    This game still even has players?

    • Yea players are still playing

    • Wow; I remember when I quite back in 2016 that the NA server queve was at around ten during peak hours. Has it gone up any, or is NA still practically dead.

    • Nah NA is still pretty much dead outside of PvE

    • max 3-4 digits concurrent.

    • Well Not Much in the way of PvP players most are PvE and a good percentage of those are really Bad Players I am totally amazed that they have been able to stay alive this long with almost no player base. Must be a lot of rich kids buying premium tanks or something. The Game is either Dead and doesn’t know it yet or is going to Die soon.

  4. fully agree with you dev i have been hoping for mail to stop doing these big hype patches that just disapoin,t as they bring in just as many bugs as they fix. i would like to see them split large updates up into smaller more consistant patches. for example a 4gb patch comes out around every 2-3 months while what i would like to see is a 500mb -1gb patch every 2 weeks o they can more easaly monitor the changes they have made and tackle the problems these changes give faster as there is less data to sift trough to find a specifik bug.

    • jeff 2146 —Agree. And I want all my old tanks back. They ripped me off in gold and all that effort gone. Hardly played since.

  5. I think the game will die before they even do anything with it with such update pacing and decisions, the game isn’t being rewarding anymore, the grind just appeared out of nowhere and it’s not seeming that there is something for people to do after reach a point where they have at least 1 T10 and nearly all vehicles from T1 to 4. Queue take longer and yeah the matching matching a tier 4 with tier 8 and expect a good result, still I see game where no MBTs are there and keep getting these contract that ask to make 20k damage out of friendlies by giving intel. They are fcking the game and sadly they need to enjoy the result (it’s not that I want to be like this but it’s sad when you are ruining it yourself and expect good results).

    • Yeah, I think I agree there. I played this game for about 2 years and I just got sick of the BS. I call it whack-a-mole balancing.

  6. Martijn Dingenouts

    I nearly have t-80 🙂 hope het next tank fast!


  8. Can we have balance 2.000001 patch?

  9. You hit on the overall problem – devs not listening to their players.

  10. I like armored warfare it come out on my xbox one and got my m1 abrams you get tanks quick i like it?

  11. well come back dev kage!

  12. if I remember correctly, then Balance 2.0 depopulated the Servers and made autocannon on most vehicles redundant (like Fox and warrior). I did Play on after 2.0 for a while but eventually left the game – other than daily log ins and a game About once a month.

  13. They ask me for feedback all the time and never listen to me so I gave up trying. I told them why would I tell friends to play when I know they will only be able to use Half of the known Commanders. They need to allow everyone the chance to get everything and not Lock up certain tanks and commanders. Why would anyone read half of a book and never have a chance to experience the other half of the book. Big Waste of time unless its a Fair playing field for all.

  14. I got sent a servay by them the other day. How many others got this servay? It’ll be interesting to see if they’re going to take on board how people replied in the servay.


  15. console kid coming in the games cool i haven’t put any money into this game yet should I stop playing and go back to WoT?

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