Armored Warfare || New PTS Stats for Balance 2.0!!!

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  1. Intriguing…..

  2. I really hope they don’t remove armor modifiers, because composites have
    made increased strides in ballistic resistances. that’s one part of the
    realism they shouldn’t compromise on. I do like the standardized damage
    across all guns, HP not so much.

  3. 2.0 looks great and I so desperately hope it’ll bring back some players but
    there are some issues I can think of from what I’ve heard (I’ve not yet
    watched much PTS gameplay). The rather insignificant HP gains across the
    tiers worries me when it’s coupled that with the standardised damage based
    on gun calibre in a game where most tanks are using the same 105-125mm, I
    think it might result in people getting bored. Will have to wait and see I
    suppose, I have faith that OE will be able to make it work

    I’m not certain but I strongly suspect the “removal” of composite armour is
    just a PTS statcard bug, there’s always been issues with statcards (the old
    Chall. 1 applique pack^^). It’d be possibly the biggest single mistake they
    could make in 2.0 if they just gave every tank a flat 1.0 modifier, maybe
    I’m silly for having this much faith in the developers but I like to think
    they’re smart enough to realise that

    Anyway game stuff aside I wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas and a
    happy new year:D

  4. I’m a little worried that the accuracy and camo changes are going to make
    that aspect of AW too similar to WoT. I liked AW for the reason that RNG in
    terms of accuracy were kept minimal to award skillfully placed shells

  5. Deviant, I think you’re right they mixed up the Cheiftan Mark 2 stats with
    the Mark 5’s. The mark 2 shows 100, 80, 45. I think you might be mistaken
    on the different armor compositions though. Look at the M1 vs XM1. The word
    below the M1 Abram’s armor is the russian word for steel. The word below
    the XM1’s armor is the russian word for Composite. This is supported by the
    XM1’s graphic indicator showing a green line in comparison to the M1’s
    yellow line. That is of course unless everything’s screwed up. You can see
    some flaws such as the error messages on the MBT-70’s.

  6. WoT 2.0 here they come… high RNG, slow loading inaccurate guns and fixed
    alpha damage by caliber. God I hope Bal 2.0 don’t turn out as what is
    being seen right now and that it will be something that will be good for
    the game not just to satisfy the moaners in the forum about landslides and
    imbalanced tanks. The removal of armour mods will be bad. Composite armour
    by nature have diff prop vs different shell projectiles. OE/AW is making it
    too simple so some of the players who can not figure out what armour mods
    are is bad. The more I read about Bal 2.0 the more I am afraid that this
    will make it just a WoT clone so can make more money rather then
    giving us a game as was 1st introduced.

  7. Cris Racing and Gaming

    Everything got basically nerfed… smoke changes are nice, retros are
    fine..but accu nerf? aim time, mobility ? 🙁
    I DON’T WANT MORE RNG. Give us more acu !!! :(. Zhalo has to be in back ,
    td’s the same because they have no god damn armor…

  8. People need to understand that these changes are being done to try to save
    the game from going under. Being “different” didn’t work. Are there any
    numbers out there of what type of player spends the most on the game? (PvP,
    PvE or both)

    I look to both MWO making a Mechwarrior 5 and Star Citizen releasing
    Squadron 42, both being single player versions of there games. Maybe AW
    needs to follow their lead in that respect.

    The free to play model needs a good size population to be profitable.
    People are not going to spend money in a game that lacks that most basic of
    elements. Again, it sounds like many of the changes are to allow for the
    greatest range of tiers to interact in the same battle. Maybe the first
    mistake they really made, was going past the tier 8 limit. The other line
    of thinking may be to slow the overall pace of the game with less steel
    being on target. Games end up lasting longer and a larger spread of the
    population can be teamed up against each other. Leading to a percent of the
    player base spending money on the game to keep it profitable.

    • AW is a joke, a complete redo on WOT is all it is.
      Its made by the same company that gave you skyforg and other Fail games. just needs to stay with making games for Iphones in Russia.

  9. Darren Rushworth-Moore

    as a TD player i feel screwed terrible accuracy and harder to spot targets
    they already have zero armor wonder if they increased their pen? since they
    nuffed everything good about them

  10. Some people seem to be confused about the armour modifiers (probably didn’t
    explain it well) If you look at any stat in AW right now you see the Armour
    composition and modifier what I was saying is that the modifier number was
    missing and I had thought that they might have hidden those numbers not
    removed them.

  11. I don´t like the nerf in accuracy….and the slow reloads that is a bad
    idea, AW!!! They needed to fix the OP in the Alpha of several AFV and MBT
    but their are crapping out the game. If Balance 2.0 does not make the game
    better, AW is going down for good as a nice idea but poorly executed.

  12. More rng is very bad. I’m especially worried about how TDs play after these
    changes since it seems actual sniping is either completely ineffective or
    the very least very frustrating. I suspect only sniping that happens will
    be done with missiles (swingfire damage with no missile indicator ftw) from
    the next patch onwards. Also I dislike the retrofit system they are going
    with. I doubt that removing arty and modern tanks is enough to keep the
    game alive if everything else is a wot copy. :S

  13. how to repair tanks

  14. The not so Mighty FL_3

    I’ll wait until I play on the EU PTS before I make any judgements. I’d
    recommend that others do the same.

  15. 11s reload on MBTS? jesus fucking christ……..the more I hear about
    balance 2.0 the more I just write this game off entirely…..just omfg.

  16. sounds like it gonna be slow and yawn

  17. The lazer accuracy was mandatory for the pixel hunt. A 1.5 acc is not the
    end of the world. On its own it means almost nothing untill we see the
    actual spread values.

  18. I tried to tell AW that “nerfing” performance of tanks is not going to
    create “balance”. It NEVER worked for WOT, so why in the hell would it work
    for AW? All WOT has done is made a worse game year after year by doing
    it…. and “balance”, steamrolls etc. are worse. Devient…. the ONLY
    effective solution to keep people in longer, is increased HP. I had been
    telling WOT to do this also. “Nerfing” doesn’t work, all it does is make a
    crap game.

  19. There’s no way they’re removing composites, that’s gotta be a bug. They
    didn’t mention anything about it before.

  20. So how’s it going to work with the Chinese line? If you’ve only reached
    tier 7 does that mean you’ll have the balance 2.0 tier 7 unlocked when it
    happens or will you be downgraded to tier 6 and paid back the difference in
    vehicle cost and research points?

  21. Is the challenger line still worth going down after Tier 8?
    Contemplating whether to still get the Chally 2 and ATDU

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