Armored Warfare || New Tier 10 Changes and Centauro 155 RETURNS!!

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Very cool changes!

-News Article: https://./gb/news/general/balance-20-additional-vehicle-changes


  1. Game balance > everything else

  2. Headdie on Youtube

    the cal of the gun is just window dressing, end of the day the rebalance
    means that even if the 152 had remained it it wouldn’t be the big stick it
    is now anyway

  3. I actually liked the 140 mm gun on my LeoA7. However, I’m having high hopes
    for the 130 mm.

  4. yo dev
    i am having a hard time deciding if to wipe my progress or not
    so i came to ask in which cases would you do it and in which ones you
    wouldn’t ?

  5. Benjamin Le Boutillier

    look at that ping!!

  6. Finally, my Merkava might be good!

  7. Sveslav Ukic (sven)

    thay destroy game with meny changes, balanc 2,0 will finish game.
    players will play 20-30 days after that, amen! plp go back to wot

  8. cent 155 is back my life is complete

  9. No 152 mm gun on Armata=No Armata in my garage. I guess I’ll switch to the
    LEO2A7 (130?) with the reset option. I’m gonna enjoy it while I can ;)

  10. I’m glad they’re doing away with the 140s on the current NATO tier 10s.
    However I would like to see them return in the their historically accurate
    forms of the Leo 2 140 and CATTB. I’m not sure if there was a project for
    the Chally 2 with a 140, but I know there was one for a Chally 2 with the
    Rheinmetall 120mm L/55, so hopefully we see that in the game.

  11. i’m glad that fucking 152mm OP cannon is out of the way. the same goes for
    the OP russian glass cannon tanks….doing 1000 damage with ATGM was
    totally broke.

  12. Warning: wall-o’-text incoming!

    140mm DID exist in experimental form; the Swiss, Germans and Americans all
    test-fired their own version but eventually dropped the upgrade idea due to
    physical limitations and the fact that, back in 1991 when the Iron Curtain
    fell, the 120mm was still good enough for the job, and the rumored 152mm
    Soviet tanks had not made their appearance (*yet*, as the Russians were
    working on Object 477A Molot until 1992/3 and Object 195 until 2010, both
    of which were designed to house a 152mm gun). The ATACS gun (the one found
    on the XM1A3) was still developed and tested after the Cold War, even as
    recently as 2002 (it was eventually linked to the electrothermal/chemic gun
    research, along with the XM360) as some TARDEC files attest to, though to
    be fair it was most likely in its 120mm configuration rather than the 140mm.

    In other news, the XM1A3->M1A1 CATTB conversion is back on the table;
    Silentstalker has suggested (in the dedicated forum thread) this
    change would be slated for 0.20. It’d therefore become the only tank to
    have an actual 140mm gun (since it did have a 140mm in real life) after
    Balance 2.0.

    The Chally 2 ATDU was suggested by Nakoomba (AKA Felix Kupis, a lead
    developer) on one of Cris’ recent streams to lose its 140mm for a 120mm,
    though with much faster HESH rounds. I don’t think they’ll switch the name
    to Challenger 2 “Megatron” (the nickname of the C2 testbed used by the ATDU
    team at Bovington) since there’d be obvious copyright issues. XD

    Despite the desire to better conform to reality, the Leopard 2-X with 130mm
    would STILL be a paper, fantasy tank: the Rheinmetall 130mm was designed as
    a prerequisite for the future French-German MGCS main battle
    tank (tentative rollout date: 2030); the current Leo 2 turret is
    incompatible with the Rh130 and the latter is built to work in tandem with
    an autoloader anyway (the 130mm rounds are rather long and heavy for a
    human loader). And the “Leopard 3” name you can see on the Rheinmetall
    brochures is just another name for the MGCS; the 3D model used for the
    illustrations was that of the Leopard 2 Revolution (not to be mistaken with
    the 2A4 Evolution, BTW). No one knows what the MGCS will look like, so OE
    can’t introduce that tank in the game.

    I doubt they’ll switch the nomenclature to Leopard 2A8, since it’s not even
    built yet and, even then, it is supposed to receive a more powerful 120mm
    gun (20% more powerful than the current Rh120), not a 130mm.

    The only Leos 2s to have had a 140mm gun, BTW, are the Swiss Pz 87-140 (two
    prototypes were built, with one having extra armor on the turret) and the
    German KWS III (which was a semi-failure due to the gun+round handling
    issues). Maybe those will be introduced one day, who knows. One thing is
    certain: prototypes were built and test-fired, so we’re not talking paper
    tanks here.

    As for the loss of the 152mm, I’d say it’s a step closer to reality. We’re
    not even sure the Russians have started developing/testing the 152mm
    turret, so until an actual working prototype makes its appearance, we’re
    still wading in make-believe territory.

    Also, I believe the Abbot and some other SPGs already have limited turret
    traverse on the PTS: they can’t traverse 180°, only up to 90° IIRC.

  13. Well, I’m interested in what they’re gonna do, but having only just
    unlocked and purchased the Armata, Leo, and a few other tier 10’s I feel a
    bit put out that they’re gonna be changed just after I got them!

  14. according to one of the blog’s linked in the community contributions news
    article, the Leo 2A7-140 will be called the Leo 2-X

  15. Grass. Just grass.

    Seeing as the t-14 is the only tier ten I have I’m pretty pissed

  16. The 125 gun for the Armata is much better balanced and more accurate.Good
    choice …. and the 130 mm for the Leo2A7 also good choice because in real
    life the 2A7 could never fit a 140 mm breachlock in the turret.. lol

  17. 400 ping wtf lol

  18. I know you & some of your viewers are big fans of balance-tinkering. For
    me, the way WG ( for example) has constantly buffed and nerfed vehicles is
    a bug, not a feature– especially when players have invested big €€, $$,
    ££, and ¥¥ — plus a lot of time– in certain lines, tanks or other
    vehicles. With WoT, I just gave up after a while.. it’s as if, mid-game,
    the soccer or football ref just up and changed the rules, the players
    abilities, and the team-roster. In real life, some tanks were ‘OP’; others
    were super-dependable; battles depend on luck, skill, mastering your
    vehicle (strength, weakness, unique qualities). Futzing about– and it will
    never stop– makes many of these games seem utterly arbitrary.

  19. The new atgm wiesel has also limited turret traverse on the pts

  20. Rebalance of the T-14? Interesting. Currently it’s my only tier 10. Time
    will tell if it makes that much of a diff besides making me smile with
    those 1k+ damage hits.


  21. Hiya Dude.

    Just 2 questions about some tanks that are being moved around.

    1. The LAV-600 is being moved down to tier 6 & replaced with the Centauro
    105 at tier 7. Will I automatically get the tier 7 Centauro 105 if I
    already have the LAV-600?

    2. The Centauro 120 is being moved to tier 9 from tier 7. Will I
    automatically get the tier 9 Centauro 120? Or will I be compensated with
    it’s tier 7 purchase price in credits?



  22. Bad idea for changing T-14 152 gun ! If A.W keeps this up they will kill
    N/A server not many players some days.

  23. Bloody furious that my pretty new Armata is going to loose it’s gun!! The
    stock gun is crap….

  24. Muhd Nasruddin Bin Muhd Zahidi


  25. Макс Велькер

    Вот ты рак,аха )))

  26. spg on B2.0 are going to be a TD with track and big gun that use HE right?
    meaning they are going to lose bird view and have the same sniper mode like
    other tanks

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