Armored Warfare Now On Xbox One – First Hour Of Gameplay (Free To Play Game)

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Source: Westcliffe Gaming

Armored Warfare is now on Xbox One, it’s also a Free game. 🙂

This is the first hour of RAW gameplay, there’s no PVP till you reach a tank.


  1. Bye bye world of tanks

  2. Ṩᾧὄʀḋ ዐቻ ℓïɠɧŧ

    its pretty fun in those scouts with atgms

  3. the vaping haggis

    You know you can zoom in by pressing the thumb stick

  4. No one should be complaining about needing a tier 5 for PvP when no one plays PvP as much as PvE…

  5. Played it for 45 mins and was really disappointed in the graphics while playing on my Xbox one X looked more like Xbox 360 graphics,WOT has not got to worry about this game but I started playing war thunder the other week and damn that’s got some nice graphics plus I’ve got into warships now don’t understand the one shot tank mechanic they have in the game so I’ll play tanks on WOT still a good game played it for over 4 years,funny story I only wanted to download armoured warfare to look at the armour on the challenger 2 because I’m building a 1/16 model ?

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