Armored Warfare – Oooh, Shiny!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

’s latest patch is out. Buffs! Nerfs! ! But I don’t care about any of that because now I can make my tanks all pretty and sparkly!

Armored Warfare for :

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Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 , 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. great vid

  2. thanks for the vid, great info

  3. 2nd?

  4. Yay new vid ~

  5. Good morning Jingles, quite chilly in the salt mines. Think you can
    sacrifice some dissidents for fuel?

  6. It would make my day if you comment on this jingles

  7. Sorry sir but your comment is nonsense

    I was about to go to the doctor… apperantly he can wait

  8. cant think of anything so…..hi


  10. sleep. ehhhh its saturday, who cares.

  11. Yeah casually watching all videos suddely came to reload site new video :)

  12. Holy shit Jingles 12 am pacific time?!?!? Go home Jingles your drunk….

  13. Oooh, Shiny new video. More War Thunder P51.

  14. jingles did you get my email about the war story

  15. A nice cup of tea, a good breakfast and of course Jingles – can a day start
    any better?

  16. Yay a jingles video! ☺☺☺

  17. this is a late upload for me its 4 in the morning

  18. Gus Davis (Major G)

    so reload times increased?

  19. Fun fact ——-tanks can drive with out there tracks on

  20. Here’s a bet i am willing to take… I bet that jingles would never respond
    to this… if he does, I will play the m3 Lee for a week… stock… with
    50 percent crew.. .

  21. Love the video Jingles. 🙂 have a great day

  22. Not that plastic tank game again!

  23. The Coalition Singapore

    Jingles I’ve emailed you to your jingles business Email regarding a
    Giveaway for the Asia server , could you reply to that please :D

  24. Classic jingles rambling at the end. Don’t ever change

  25. 15th VIEW :D

  26. I’m glad I have you on my side when it comes to the Abrams vs challenger
    argument ;)

  27. Boo to a goose! Hehe, still waiting!

  28. armoured warfare, world of tank done right

  29. GODDAMNIT jingles I have to work in the morning >:(

  30. as an elite, privatized paramilitary organization I’m actually disappointed
    we can’t get weird with our camo colors. If I want gold tiger stripes on a
    crimson background why not? I’m not sporting any national colors or
    affiliated with any nations.

    Unless of course i’ve misinterpreted some of the story points here and we
    are actually part of some national group.

  31. Hello (AlpacaPooable)

    Ooh im early…… ITS 4:04 AM WHAT THE HELL JINGLES

  32. Jingles please don’t tell me this is a WoT clone but with modern tanks. But
    judging by the looks of it my guess is you need to buy premium time in
    order to progress in the game. What a shame too I really thought this was
    going to be different from world of tanks buy gold to get premium time to
    progress in the game system very saddening :(

  33. Meh, I’m still waiting for the 3rd dealer. Anyone know when that’s supposed
    to come out? Anyways, it’s still nice to see them fix stuff.

  34. Jingles take a look at game called Naval Action its on steam to.

  35. Have you ever said boo to a goose? You have to try it the results are side
    splitting funny :)

  36. Hearing Jingles talk about how sexy he can make the tanks look makes me
    sad, because with my graphics card they always look poopy to me :(

  37. Jingles what music do you use in your videos, for example when some silly
    chase goes down you play Yakety’s Sax in the back ground, what other stuff
    do you use? + have you noticed on operation wildfire, if you play arty on
    that map, you cant hit the enemy arty due to them being outside map
    boarder? Thanks for your videos they are a pleasure to watch, take care :)

  38. why doesen’t WOT do the same with the camo and emblems for the bonuses.

  39. Sleep? Sleep’s for mortals. Let’s do this, Jingles.

  40. Jingles you scrub, surely you will not read this commnet, again, but if you
    will, GIVE US MORE WARTHUNDER AIR BATTLES you cheeky gnome!

  41. Why do you hate me so much Jingles I love and watch every one of your
    videos and you go and tell me you hate The Abrams :’C I hope you won’t hate
    the M1A1 or A2 cause those are my favorite tanks

  42. Boo Goose! now wheres my videos

  43. the mighty jingles: easily distracted by shiny objects since… the dark

  44. Thank you sir

  45. Why don’t you like the Abrams? The stats on it look pretty good.

  46. Hello (AlpacaPooable)

    Boo! to a goose, wheres the video jingles?

  47. A very excellent patch and camo system. I strongly agree with jingles that
    you must look good kicking some scrap. I pray they continue to add more
    emblems and camo patterns/color not just basic.

  48. But can I make my tanks look like a Leman Russ or a Baneblade?

  49. What is the reason he has more money than God himself in this video?

  50. This kind of environment-based filtering is *desperately* what War
    Thunder’s tank skin system needs. It is so irritating when you forget to
    put your hard-earned snow camo on when you get onto a winter map… and
    likewise when you get out of a winter and into a desert or normal woodland
    environment for example.

  51. Yay commented! Keep up good work jingles:3

  52. I will pay -$20 if Jingles read and replies to this.

    I also will pay -$20 dollars if Jingles does not read and replies to this.

    Suck on that, Jingles.

  53. Do not understand the hate for the M1. If I put up less than 15k damage and
    take more than 1000k damage then something went horribly wrong. I routinely
    make Challenger drivers look bad.

  54. Israeli desert camouflage? YES PLEASE!!

    Great video Jingles, look forward to decking out my tanks next chance I
    get, which sadly isn’t for a few months…. And 40+ days of premium time
    also get to go down the drain….

  55. still no pink paint………. meh

  56. Who needs sleep right?

  57. Jingles, will you ever go back to your Airsoft vids? :)

  58. I should really get back into this game. Is AW processer intensive? Because
    all I have is an I3.

  59. Couldn’t find a goose :(

  60. jingles do a new type of game like xcom 2 or starcraft

  61. My fiancee drunk dialed me to tell me that she misses her ex. That was 5
    hours ago and i haven’t said or done anything since. I think I might end up
    hurting myself or someone. Please help me

  62. Dear Jingles, you either got paid really well or you like this game very
    Either way, best of luck for you.

  63. 91k gold…that’s a lot of camo you can buy :-D

  64. General Saufenberg

    sorry, i dont pay a crazy amount of credits, just for a bit paint. you pay
    the price of one battletank, just for the cammo. wtf is wrong with
    obsidian? did michelangelo do the painting job? and all that money for 3%
    cammo, which dosnt matter in pve mode in first place. i hope they lower the
    price. it is hard enough to earn some money in pve mode.

  65. Get shrekd WOT this is awsome

  66. Geese are vicious, so good luck scaring that one, it will chase you up a

  67. The Badass Bassist

    Shiny! I want Shiny! Shiniiieeesss!!!!!!

  68. I was hoping you’d show us the British Desert Camo. It looks like CHEESE

  69. That ending….

  70. Fiiiiiiiiinally they put in camouflage. Nice!

  71. Boo to a goose.

  72. Boo to a goose.see said it before your next upload Jingles

  73. Lately is really hard to win medium and hard missions . so many times i am
    last one alive with 2 to 3 times the damage of rest of team . what to do to
    win ?!

  74. Jingles, children are watching this! 😛 JK, the video runover with rambo
    was epic

  75. Christopher Walters

    I like the ability to overlay camo over a base-coat, so that way if I just
    want to make my MBT-70 not that baby vomit green but not want to splurge
    for a camo, I can do it.

  76. Because Geese are bastards

  77. Jingles please make a video on the wiesel!

  78. not this bloody tank game again

  79. Nothing like getting my Jingles fix at 4:40am in a record setting
    Nor’easter blizzard. Good thing I guess, since I’ll be shoveling out
    through about 30 inches (76 cm) of snow in about 20 hours or so.
    How about posting 3 or 4 more for me today Jingles!?

  80. +The Mighty Jingles That Camo System is a superb addition! Btw., did you
    eventually ask WG for something similiar at your Visit at WG HQ?
    Doing Historical “looking” Camo Patterns for any of their games would be a
    great improovement

  81. Miodrag Mijatović

    1:05 – not enuff dakka

  82. Wow. 90m and 90k gold pretty expensive!

  83. YAY! CAMOS!

    *starts playing AW again*

  84. cows and geese dont mix well

  85. Boo too a goose

  86. Far more pressing issues they should be dealing with in the game before
    spending time on pointless aesthetics imo.

  87. Mario van der Heijden

    Went outside, said boo to a goose…….still no new video. I’m so
    disapointed .Jingles lied :-)

  88. I made it into a jingles video! For like one second on the team list ?

  89. Hey jingles what is your battalion? Is it on the NA server? And can I join?

  90. Mr Jingles 😀 do you think that Obsidian will introduce missions to unlock
    camos for your tanks?

  91. Wow, Armored Warfare is really doing things in general, better than WoT.

  92. Yea, had a look at camo yesterday. If I want it to be permanent, on any
    vehicle, it’s criminally expensive. Millions if I want to pay in credits,
    millions I already don’t have. Also, you will blow through thousands of
    gold after just a couple vehicles, if you wish to take that route.

    So, long story short, nice feature but I wont be applying camo like 95% of
    the time.

  93. Honestly i’m missing the option to buy patterns permanently for all tanks

    I’d love to be able to do that, even if its only available for gold

  94. Seriously Jingles, who would even start a video of yours and then decide to
    leave the computer to go make coffee?

    This is the age of the (sp)iPhone. We can take your video to the microwave,
    coffee pot, or the shitter while at the same time, experience surprise butt

  95. At last camo a tankers best looks are here. Boo to a goose: An expression
    used for a very timid person.

  96. I said that weird phrase you mentioned out loud while refreshing my subs.
    Sure enough the new vid was there. Not even kidding. God damn it Jingles.

  97. Boo goose…. ahhh….. so emotional …. *Sighs*

  98. R Silver Sørensen

    +The Mighty Jingles find a goose and try it … you never understand before
    you tryed it … =P

  99. I would actualy like if you could personalice it even more by choosing your
    own colors for the paterns, not something extrem like purple or such but
    from a selection of colors to choose how what stripe looks like for example

  100. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Well, you say Boo to your dog, why shouldn’t you say Boo to a goose then?
    And if you are a ghost, you have even more reason to!


  101. If jingles replies I will play the object 704 with full crew skills and
    equipment for a week…

  102. CHRoOMAX - Random Videos!

    You have 93 000 000!? Hax

  103. “say boo to a goose”? ahhahaha rly?

  104. can you get a challenger 2 on this? or a Scimitar CVR(T)?

  105. Jingles is that a press account??? Two days ago (in your Chieftain Mk.6
    video) you had something like 3 million credits and now there are 93
    million :O… i don’t even want to think about the 88k + gold… THE
    …and 30 seconds rest in the salt mine… pretty please :)

  106. well you see jingles, to scare a goose would be good exercise. and some
    brits might find use for a good spot of exercise.

  107. Hold on a sec, getting some gold to decorate my Leo 1…

  108. Jingles do you like Thea with Milk ?????

  109. World of tanks, or armoured warfare?

  110. Stronger patterns are better, the weaker ones don’t show up in game.

  111. AW is great but don’t go near its forums, the moderators are all turds.

  112. Goose are evil creatures; they attack without justification.

  113. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  114. “Because with the new camouflage system you can…”
    *pauses video to start updating AW*

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