Armored Warfare – Operation: Ghost Hunter

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Operation: Ghost Hunter – The PVE Map in Armored Warfare responsible for more broken keyboards than all the others combined. Strap in while we explore its dirty little secrets.

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  1. Im early it seems :3

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  3. I was waiting for this :DDDD

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  6. Hahaha 10th like!! Lol

  7. Closest to 1 ive ever done

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  9. I like you :)

  10. perfect Timing

  11. Thanks jingles. You make my day, everyday. I wish you never stop uploading
    and nothing bad ever happens to you. Live long you amazing man.

  12. Who ever dislikes this video shall go to the Salt Mines!

  13. the best spot for a lightly armored AFV/TD is on the entrance of the town
    at D2/D3 you both get the arty positions (who usually wreck the heavier
    tanks on your team) and you get a perfect shot in the valley of the enemy
    spawns and possibly without getting spotted. whilst maintaining a deadly
    barrage of fire against the enemy team ( works best with fast reloading
    tanks). if you get the enemy tanks down to one shot kill for your team
    before they reach the hill, they will take minimal damage as long as the
    arty is dead, and i happen to like ghost hunter actually, its challanging,
    which PvE should be. and makes a better playerbase. PLUS IN PATCH 0.12 THE

  14. Jayce Castial Lauper

    2 am in aus and i stayed awake justr hoping for a jingles video

    btw jingles what exactly is it that makes u so mighty? is it the beard, the
    voice, the sence of humor? id like to actually know lol

  15. It’s that bloody modern tank game again.

  16. yay! under 500 club!!!

  17. dislike bots are back D:

  18. It’s been 8 minutes and already 450views.

  19. well Operation Ghost hunter’s biggest problem is that it requires a lot of
    skill and teamwork.

    Yes, they expect teamwork in an online game where you are paired with
    random people.

  20. Liam the dark angel.

    Jingles, I know that you’re a Britishmen as am I… I’m from Sheffield in
    Yorkshire and I usually listen to rock n roll and maybe some beetles but
    you puzzle me, I know you’re a northerner such as myself but… km
    befuddled on what music you listen to whilst playing games.

  21. LOL! Jingles, I get the distinct impression that you are quite tired of
    losing this mission due to folks derping around in their tanks aimlessly
    and are attempting to correct it. =)

  22. Ghost hunter on medium is as hard as any other map on hard

  23. Me: meh, nothing to watch, i guess i’m gonna go for a nap
    Jingles: Nope

  24. Why you dont have your damage panel ?
    Set it in UI option

  25. Need more like Ghost Hunter if this is the case; otherwise PVE becomes too
    predictable and boring

  26. This is a very misleading video that quite frankly reeks of AW flag waving.
    There IS a problem with the spawns in the Ghost Hunter mission and just
    because if everyone on the team coordinates and knows the spawns by heart
    they can overcome the bullshit, does not mean it isn’t broken. The problem
    is not where they spawn. It’s HOW MANY spawn all at once rather than
    trickle in like EVERY other wave in every other mission. The 3rd wave
    spawns all at once and rushes the cap. I have seen upwards of 8 enemy tanks
    rushing the cap all at once less than one minute after the 3rd capture
    point activates. They don’t care about living, they just pile on in an all
    out pig pile on the cap, their numbers guaranteeing you will not be able to
    even shoot some of them to reset the cap. And at that range you won’t last
    long against those Star De…. I mean enemies.

  27. Its that bloody tank game again……

  28. Nice to hear your voice again Jingles!

  29. Ritsu_Tainaka_Is_ A_Goddess

    Jingles, where is your hello kitty online content?

  30. I would looooooooooove to see people who complain about PvE in this game
    being imbalanced try and do a raid in World of Warcraft back in Wrath.
    “Ooooh but it’s not fair that the mechanics of this map make it difficult
    for my class of tank and I need to rely on other people!” Geez if you’re
    going to complain about needing a nice variety in a multiplayer game, go
    play a single player tank combat game.

  31. Yay tanks.

  32. Michael Stiles (Phantom13)

    Jingles you should start firing more HEAT ammo at paper tanks instead of
    APCR.Most tanks in PVE are paper tanks and even MBT’s can be penned by HEAT
    especially at lower tiers when you are driving TD’s with 180-200 Heat pen

  33. I am still not sold on this game vs wot but this mission is by far the most
    fun. Even though it is predictable it never seems to go down the same way.

  34. Ahhhh thats the way its goes, thanks jingles

  35. that T-64 is not AFK, he’s just disconnected from the game
    and from experience on this map – not doing the secondary will spawn more
    waves at the final defensive point

    and by far this is not the most difficult map, Stormy Winter is

  36. “You and your team have to work together” Welp there it is, problem found.
    In other news my favorite is when you’re just driving along minding your
    business then BAM-WAM-O! Surrounded by enemies on all sides and then in
    chat. “Get on the cap idiots!”

  37. Onyx is worse as you cannot get line of sight on the last capture point
    without being between the cap and the spawn

  38. I have not failed this mission ever I must have had a great team I’ve uses
    all my tanks

  39. How bout some multiplayer?

  40. They also spawn in the top right of the map where your secondary objective
    was Jingles I found that out by accident and I only just survived luckily I
    was in a T64 front forward when they spawned

  41. This helps :O I was always under the impression they just spawned IN the
    town xD

  42. Final Spawn is in A3 A4 area. Have been there as they spawned all by
    myself, fighting tanks and having more appear behind me when there were
    none there before. while others appeared in front of me. Wasn’t a good day.

  43. never found this map hard

  44. Ghost Hunter 2nd and 3rd Spawn locations are the 2 top corners and the same
    2 bottom corners that spawned the 1st wave. the 3rd wave spawns at the 2
    top corners first, then the bottom 2 corners spawn more vehicles when the
    last vehicle is either destroyed or the last vehicle is alive for a certain
    amount of time.
    Hope this helps as this is what is always happening on my Ghost Hunter maps
    that I jump on. – NA server

  45. Jingles, can you sing us a song?

  46. I love that map

  47. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  48. yeah Operation Ghost Hunter on Hard….in my Challenger 1…..yay….

  49. Jingles good video as always, for what i have experienced the final waves
    come usually from A1-2 or A4-5, what I didn’t know was the E line spawn.It
    seems that the best place to be for the final spawn would be somewhere
    around B1 or B5 maybe? Also there is a single arty spawn on most games on

  50. AW would be a fun little coop game but just memorizing enemy spawns is so

  51. Actually Jingles(always wanted to say that) that afk T64 is not actually
    afk, he disconnected. You can see the icon next to his name.
    Also if you sit at the south edge of town (D2 and D4) you can shoot the
    tanks coming in for the next cap zone plus it allows you to spot the tanks
    coming in from the other side and allows you to get into town much faster
    than sitting down by the highway.

  52. Brace yourselfs, “it´s that xxx game again” jokes incoming

  53. Just wanted to make a minor correction; that T-64 was actually disconnected
    and not AFK, most probably a crash since he still had full health and was
    top-tier. The little disconnected chain link (?) next to his name shows
    that, you can see it when other players are loading into the match as well
    if your PC and Internet connection can load fast enough.

  54. The real challenge is keeping your team alive past the 2 wave. For some
    reason everyone likes to die early…

  55. probably the most useful thing you have posted in 4 years.

  56. I Love Purple Hazmats

    I’ve never had issues with any team on this map.

  57. Hi Jingles, there is a spot on the top of the hill just behind where you
    spawn behind a rock where you can sit out the first 2 waves and get ALL the
    dmg because you can fire on both the 1st and 2nd wave. Even the left side
    of the 3d wave is visible and shootable. Then you only have to deal with
    the 3d wave right side

  58. Once made 32 000 DMG and over 5K Exp. here with my T90MS :)

  59. Whats up with Your in game username Jingles?? Why is it not Jingles?

  60. Can we have some Hello Kitty online gameplay?

  61. you know that you can switch to your primary weapon while the atgm is
    reloading without interrupting the reload of the atgm?

  62. Wish you could do one of these for the one where the 3 rolling cap points
    are along the river. The second defense point can be a bugger if you don’t
    know where to be.

  63. At 30 seconds left on cap #2 someone needs to be heading to B3 in town.
    Otherwise you’re going to have the kind of final battle that you had in
    your first match 🙂 Still entirely too many people wait until the cap siren
    starts going off to head into the town center.

  64. Very helpful. Thanks!

  65. You’re gonna end up having to put an *OBSOLETE* tag in the title of this
    video soon, as they’re changing the way PvE spawning works in patch 0.12.
    They’re changing the algorithm to randomize enemy spawns and to keep things
    from spawning on top of people as well.

  66. Jingles play space games please

  67. Anyone else notice that one of the players name was “Aborted”?

  68. bendsomemetal is back not irish anymore

    Jingles!!!!!!!!! Say hi tooooooo meeeeeee plzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Stronk teamwork needed on a free to play on-line game? Oh dear!

  70. ive been watching your youtubes well over a year and this is in the top
    five of worst videos ever. it should be pretty obvious that pve favors
    people not camping, anyone doing even the casual amount of pve should know
    this. besides, the amount of bugs in this game is stupendous still. the MM
    is poor, the pve mission rotation is poor, the discounts/specials are poor
    (got shafted twice after buying something from the game).
    all this info was well-known for a long long time

  71. I get that knowing where the spawns of the AI is the clinching factor for
    winning these maps, but defending an objective 1 minute before it becomes
    the objective is more the a little bit bull. If players are playing the
    objective and defending the 2nd cap point they will miss the first spawn of
    the 3rd cap that happens DURING the defense period of the second cap. So it
    comes down to abandon the 2nd objective, putting it in danger, or put off
    defending the 3rd until it pops, and having one hell of a city fight.

  72. Another wave spawns in the top right corner.

  73. jingles, ATGM is for heavily armoured targets… you just don’t need it
    with those vehicles except maybe against the tier 5 MBT but for the rest,
    you have waaaaay higher DPM with your regular heat shells instead of
    waiting 20seconds to do the same dmg you HEAT does after only 5sec

  74. Players were actually complaining about a mission that required to play
    each afv in the role it was built for? In a game that is all about that
    very concept? Because it requires more from a player then hurrdurr kempbush
    click on the red marker? The internet is a magical place :D

  75. If most people play like the TD in this video then it’s no suprise people
    manage to lose this. Full yolo around in a tank with no armor…

    Edit: Ehm, just realized that it’s Jingles…

  76. The 3rd spawn for the town defense, is north of the town, in what would be
    the grid squares north of A2, A3 and A4. You pretty much end the battle
    just tot he immediate south of the spawn.

  77. That bloody modern tank game I have to wait for you to do that bloody talk
    show so I can ask you to please play a game from the wargame series (you’d
    have fun)

  78. Jingles, can I take Xmas off from the salt mines, my family misses me. I
    haven’t been home in years. Thank you.

  79. Funny, I don’t recall ever getting the Ghost Hunter mission. I usually get
    spammed with the same map 3 battles in a row playing on medium difficulty
    at T3-4.

  80. Sadly PvE do not give a good enough exp reward to be even worth playing it
    … not even for credits.

  81. what is your favorite sea shanty ? anyone who feels like answering.

  82. Uh it’s that bloody mad Englishman again! I don’t like this video becuase
    it’s not what what wanted. I don’t know what I want. Where the hell am I ?

  83. Nice. I really had wondered where those AI had been spawning because it’s
    just as you said in that as sooner as the second wave is done the town is
    already under threat and the mad dash begins.

  84. the other 2/ last spawn points are a-4 and a-6 ~~~~~~

  85. AI spawning on a lone afk T64 and the T64 takes not 1hp of damage….. hmmm

  86. Knowing is half the battle. GI JOE

  87. I´ve heard there is a new Unreal Tournament currently in Alpha

  88. Ok it´s henriksen :D

  89. They haven’t been sneaky with the spawns, the entire community has been
    complaining about the PVE spawns due to the fact that they used to have
    fixed spawn point, for example they use to be able to spawn the the area
    your tank was currently parked, instantly killing you from crushing damage.
    They brought this map in a few patches ago and changed up the spawns to be
    randomized off of number generation and player location, and have just
    brought this feature to the rest of maps too. Sorry to the guys who watch
    areas pre-aimed and fire as soon as tanks spawn, they are stopping all of
    that. :P

  90. There is actually an easier way to play ghost hunter. There are about 5
    satellite trucks spread across the map. Have a fast vehicle like a scout or
    afv take these trucks out first. This reduces the number of reinforcements
    the enemy tanks have to spawn. I’m surprised that this little detail went
    over your head Jingles.

  91. Say, Jingles. Some good advice in here, for one map in particular.. but I’d
    like to point out that rather than memorizing spawn locations, tracking
    timers and waiting for scripted events, it’s much more important that you
    just cover whatever objective is lit from a centralized location and move
    with a purpose when objectives change.

    With main battle tanks, keeping one down around the valley where you first
    moved on the second point, and the rest up on the south side of the town
    looking southeast towards it, when the other tanks spawn on the other side
    of the river, they simply turn and reengage. Then when the objective
    changes to the town center, they turn around and bam. Already there to

    Tank destroyers, light tanks, armored fighting vehicles yeah you don’t want
    to get shot. But as long as the meat is there to take the initial shots,
    the fast ones can watch for enemies reloading and take opportunistic shots
    at them while they reload to support.

    If my M109A6 Paladin (artillery), an AFK M1A2 Abrams, Two Leopard 2’s and a
    Warrior can clear it on hard mode, anyone can. It’s not so much about
    methodically breaking down the mission into 1’s and 0’s, ok these enemies
    start here, move here, etc. Just situational awareness, good aim, and *just*
    enough bravery.


  92. I figured this out the hard way while going after the satcom trucks, I was
    destroying the last one on the dirt road by the river just after the timer
    hit about 0:45 and suddenly I was surrounded by four or five enemy tanks,
    all of them loaded and with nothing else to shoot at. Now I go to somewhere
    around E2 and just sit hull down on the road and pick them off as they come
    across. Even tanks with almost no gun depression can do it, and you can
    spot their arty if they have it from there. If you were curious they also
    spawn in the field to the north of the city outside the map and around A5,
    down the hill and behind/around some of those buildings over there. But
    those ones aren’t much of a threat if you deal with the west spawns first
    because they’re really easy to flank.

  93. I make my way around the outside of the town in an anti-clockwise
    direction, the first and second spawns are to the west, the third and
    fourth are in the north and seems to be roughly in the same position. To
    keep up with them you have to finish each spawn off fairly quickly, if you
    are slow don’t get suckered into following the third spawn into the town,
    spawn four will be right behind you. I’ve a feeling the final spawns are to
    the west.

  94. Thanks for the video Jingles. Always a pleasure!

  95. Won’t Obsidian just change the spawn points after this video and other
    videos go up on the internet? I have to believe that future updates will
    use a system of dynamic relocation of spawn points and timing. Which would
    be a good thing as it would make the game more challenging.
    This PVE mode is Armored Warfare”s biggest contribution to game development
    and it puts them a step ahead of their competition.

  96. michael hoff (mik777)

    There is also an arty that spawns in j3/4/5 area

  97. the only thing i dont like on AW is that the standard tanks are to
    expensive to buy! A tier 5 tank for 2 million??? Come on!

  98. That’s why it’s called a ghost hunter, you’re attacked without knowing
    you’re being attacked.

  99. Last spawn is in A3 and A4. Just barely outside of the town on the north




  101. Jingles, I think there’s four spawns for the last point on Ghost Hunter.
    There’s the two you identified (which I hadn’t realised were two separate
    locations until now), but I’ve had Chieftains spawn in front of me in the
    little hollow in A3 (and completely nail me because I’m in an AFV with
    little to no hp left), and I’ve seen them spawn in the lowground in A6.

  102. I really enjoy the pve missions they are a nice break from pvp. Wish WoT
    offered the same.

  103. Why dont you use your main weapon while the atgm reloads?

  104. Jingles they spawn either on the other side of the river as you know and
    there are 2 spawn points in the north side of the map, one on the left
    north corner and one in the right north corner. Most of the time I myself
    drive off to meet them in the north right corner while the rest of my team
    deals with the other spawn locations.

  105. … Ghost Hunter is the most difficult map in the game? As someone who runs
    around in thin-skinned TDs all day, I’m actually surprised by that, given
    that it’s one of my personal favorite maps.

    Also, to the idiots who’re going to rag on PvE players; the bots on Hard
    are better than most human players, and if the matchmaker really hates you,
    the bot tanks are 4 tiers higher than you. Have fun eating non-stop snap
    shots from 120mm cannons in an ERC-90.

  106. This mission is so easy if you play it with your Clanmates – you just have
    to know, where is what going to happen and then bring the right tanks to
    the right position.
    But I get, why there were problems with this map.

  107. I did ghost hunter first time

  108. I’m guilty as charged on this one for sure. Thanks for the tip. Here is one
    in return. Vehicles that have a separate ATGM launcher can reload the ATGM
    while firing the main gun. So when you sat around waiting for the missile
    to reload you could have fired a couple shots with your main gun, before
    switching back, and thus maximizing your DPM.

  109. Jingles, In 7 days this video will be rendered obsolete.
    From the 0.12 patch notes:
    PvE overhaul (including randomized spawns and adjusted AI vehicle behavior
    to eliminate the split second AI snapshots)

  110. Sorry Jingles, I couldn’t understand you. I was still laughing out loud
    because of the new WOT “balancing”.

  111. LOL, Ghost hunter is not that problematic, try completing rolling thunder
    with window lickers… THAT is a difficult mission.Best paying missions are
    Rolling Thunder, Life Jacket and Perseus. My favorite is Perseus as it is
    the most forgiving of the defense missions with a very high reward for PvE.

  112. And who the heck is still playing this game. It gets boring after unlocking
    tier4 tank and seeing all the same PvE missions again, again and again. PvP
    is just unbalanced and poop

  113. Jingles, You seem to use BMD-1 missiles less than optimal. The cannon and
    missile load in parallel.
    So while you reload your missile, you can also do a shot with your normal
    And switch back to your missile, before it is reloaded. Or keep shooting
    with your cannon.

    I like the more challenging missions too. Those are the ones that I want to
    keep playing to find new strategies.

  114. Plz post more Armored Warfare

  115. Where is that bloody boat game?????

  116. Near the convergence of c/d-3/4 there is a wedge that overlooks the cap.
    You put a strong frontal armored MBT in that spot and job done. You poke
    out to get some of them who hide just out of sight at times, but that
    position owns the cap. Everyone else can support from wherever they need to
    be to be effective. You can squeeze a tank as large as the chieftain
    through there. You don’t even need to kill everything, one tank can keep

  117. If not knowing where enemies spawn is such a problem, then I can’t wait to
    see how randomized spawning effects the game.

  118. Jingles is that damage list right to the team list a mod or is there any
    way to activade it?

  119. Who has problems in PVE…? xD
    And who uses anything other than HEAT in PVE?

  120. …Aaaaand enters path 0.12 all spawns randomised :)

  121. Would love to see more World of warships content, but enjoy all of the
    games you demonstrate. Unfortunately, I value life too much to play more
    than one at any given time.

  122. I have found 4 spawn points.

  123. I love Ghost Hunter. It may be hard, but I love a good challenge

  124. I think WIldfire has made me more annoyed. Yeah… I can’t actually play
    that one mission.

  125. A1, A4, A6

  126. Mech m (Tankhunter)

    ive only failed this op twice, and have played it multiple times
    the enemies spawn in the north east and west corners, with more spawining
    in the south western edge.
    i mostly play MBTs, but i have won as a wheeled tank destroyer. then again,
    i havent been shit on so hard by the matchmaker to give me crap teammates.

  127. Failing Ghost Hunter must be an EU thing. I don’t say that to be anti EU,
    but because in my experience on the NA server, that failing this mission
    doesn’t happen all that often. Guess mileage may vary, yeah?

  128. Thor God of Thunder

    Jingles! When are you going to begin to do a intro that says Armored
    Warfare with The Mighty Jingles?

  129. you should read patch notes, as of next patch tanks will nolonger spawn in
    the same spots evvery time

  130. AI spawns are to become more dynamic in the next patch. They won’t be
    spawning from the same spots all the time any more.

  131. Oh, it is that bloody Henriksen again…

  132. I always thought Ghost Hunter was the best map. All the enemies spawn off
    the map and move up into it, instead of spawning on the map. I find it
    incredibly annoying when I just rolled trough, or am parked at, a position
    with no enemy vehicles in the middle of the map and suddenly the enemy
    spawns in when there is no way they could have gotten to that position
    unseen.Often frustrating, but imho the best designed PvE map.

  133. a little tipp for you jingles

    you can aim with rockes while in cannon mode …. so you can fire youre
    rocket and aim but change tio the gun and shoot with it …

  134. I had no idea people struggled with this map, I don’t think I have ever
    seen anyone fail this mission and we all know where the spawns are that is
    why Obsidian is going to make the spawns random because we keep farming
    them as they spawn in. The last two waves spawn outside the maps edge at
    the north, down in the fields and along the roads, so when the last cap
    still has 30 seconds left you can push in and set yourself up for farming.

  135. Isn’t today’s update supposed to add a greater randomization to enemy
    spawns on PvE maps?

  136. Has Jingles never played Rolling Thunder on Hard or…? I’ve had games with
    5 Tier 8-9 MBTs getting wrecked on that map whereas Ghost Hunter is easy
    from Tier 6 onwards once your team has played the map enough times to know
    what to do.

  137. And all this is going to change a bit next week when .12 comes out and they
    start adding more randomness to the spawns…..

  138. ohh Jingle you Noob, did you not notice the change in the 2 starting spawn
    points of both your games. Ghost Hunter was changed, along with many other
    missions and it is now much easier to complete than before.

    BTW there are two other spawns in the north east part for the second
    version of Ghost Hunter (the new one) you played. One is at Alpha 4 and the
    other is at Bravo 6 under the bridge.

  139. About those ATGMs, it’d be a lot more effective for you if you fired one,
    then switch to the main gun to fire a shot or two while they’re reloading.
    They don’t have the same reload timer, there’s just a few second weapon
    switch timer if you switch from your gun to your missiles. My point being,
    in the video you’re just firing the missile and sitting there reloading it
    while you could be using your gun as you wait for it to get back up again.

    Awesome video regardless, haven’t played AW in a while.

  140. I can understand the reasoning behind obsidian entertainment to have fixed
    spawn locations, but honestly, its drive to a location, spot em, anticipate
    where they will spawn next, and spot em again. Personally, its a bit dull.
    Id much rather have em spawn all over, never knowing where they are gonna
    come from next. But perhaps that would require to much map skills… Yeah,
    better its easy for the current generation of gamers.

  141. For Ghost Hunter, I usually gun it for the town in my MBT when there’s 2
    minutes or so left on the 2nd objective. That way I can setup properly in a
    tight corner and hit the enemy tanks entering the cap.

  142. As always the AI IS not good enough for a tank game. case and point, at the
    end you poke out shoot roll back and as soon as you start rolling back the
    ai tank starts turning his turret away from you. Then you have the PVE only
    players trying out PVP in there fully upgraded tanks and have no clue how
    to use them and everyone diddles them. this is another example of a game
    putting hoard mode in that should not need it. but the bloggers and you
    tubers love it cos its the only way they can put out easy video’s with high
    kill counts to make themselves look good. this map and game mode is not
    hard its just the COD kids that play this game do not know how to work in a

  143. The last spawn is at A-B 1 i saw them spawn there once, really easy to kill
    after that.

  144. WTF these Tanks are healing them self ?!!!

  145. @The Mighty Jingles – No hard feeling but you just ruined my 20-kills
    25-30k damage by showing all these pubs where and what 🙁 Just don’t show
    which tank to use to get that amount, some people already know but don’t
    want to share their information :D

  146. You’re not having much luck with the missiles because you’re not using them
    right, missiles have slow reload, but higher average damage than your gun.
    Missile first -> switch to gun while it’s in flight -> continue destroying
    everything with your gun. Missiles are a first strike weapon, nothing more.
    Or they’re a long range sniping weapon.

  147. Just back from surgery to find a new video, jingles never fails me

  148. Never really had a problem with ghost hunter unless the top tier is a arty
    and the rest of the team is two tiers lower then it’s hard. And if you
    where in a BMD or other vehicle with SC/HE only impossible.

  149. jingles serious question. is there nothing you know about tanks and ships/
    aircraft for that matter?

  150. I always thought ghost hunter was pretty easy. But I can understand why
    others have issue.

  151. well if mbts move in town to fight spawn point 2. they are close to last
    one already when its time… but noobs just dont move from hill at south?

  152. Anyone know if Obsidian is going to put in a mechanic so that the players
    that are in the mission until a result of victory or defeat could skip the
    map cinematic to get into their next match faster?

  153. This mission is perfect, it really should be the model to go by for the

    There are actually 4 possible spawn locations: A0, A3, B6 and E0. So far in
    my own experience A3 happened only twice.

  154. you are wrong actually they spawn behind the cap in two locations

  155. Won’t they randomize the spawns sometime soon?

  156. AW looks good and it’s fun to watch somebody else play it. However when I
    play it myself I get bloody bored after one to six games. WoT is just so
    much intense.

  157. ISTR seeing tanks spawn at A6, but I’m pretty sure there’s at least one
    more spawn position further west on the A-line.

    Also, OE is currently working to make spawn locations less predictable :P

  158. the northern spawn is b5 or a5 ;)

  159. that bloody boat game again!

  160. Oh its that other bloody tank game again

  161. did you stop doing anything with warthunder????

  162. I played on this PvE map once and, by sheer coincidence, happened to be
    very close to the position where the AFK T-64 was in this game right as the
    enemy waved spawned. I had no idea they were going to be there. Needless to
    say, I was surprised, overrun, and utterly annihilated in short order.
    Thanks for the video, Jingles. They really help!

  163. +The Mighty Jingles – they are spawning right in front of where you’ve
    ended up this mission 😀 And…. i’ve never seen any massive problems to
    win on this particular map… Sometimes people are to inexpierienced ir
    just simply to dumb to destroy all of secondary objectives in time (there’s
    not so much of it), but actual main objective is (at least from my
    expierience) easy…

  164. Can you please play some armored warfare PVP? I never play PVE.

  165. Bloody modern tank game!

    I’m sorry Jingles, i just can’t help it x3

  166. Good hint, until next patch, 0.12. Obsidian will randomize bots spawns 😀
    Witch is good. It can cause some nasty surprises… Other thing. When
    driven with fast tank, like BDM it would be nice to see someone to get
    those secundary objects 😉 It gives good bonus. BTW. Have you tryed Banshee
    in hard?? IT IS HARD 😀 In last base, what your team supposed to capture,
    theres attleast 15 enemys shooting you. It needs good team work!

  167. Jingles, I am starting to think the location of the Sat trucks has a factor
    on the spawn points. I have “tried” to nuke the trucks and been surrounded
    and well paddled for it. I will check this out and see if it holds up
    now. Thanks for all you do!

  168. Good video, this mission for me is the hardest from all of them, for these
    reasons you just said.
    But i think i figured out with time where to stand and to look.

    Here some information from my experience:
    There are more than just three Spawnpoints for enemy vehicles like Jingles

    one (or two) at G0/F0,
    one somwhere at H7/I7
    one at B0/B1/C0/C1
    one above A2/A3
    one above A4/A5
    and the last one at A5

    These are the points where i saw enemy vehicles apering, i’m nit shure if
    these are all locations, but i think so.
    I hope i could help some of you to win this mission.
    Sorry if my english is not correct, but i hope you could understand me ;)

  169. Protip Jingles: Tanks with good viewrange, as the BMD you played in 2nd
    clip, can work wonderous most part of the mission from the road on E-line.
    Start at E2 for the first cap, then move over to ~E5 for 2nd cap, and then
    back to E2 and spot the tanks going into town for last cap.

  170. Jingles, for the first 2 defend points, sit in E2/E3. you get good
    overwatch for the both points.

  171. Peter Manks (Captain Scrubs)

    they spawn on that road you wre on at the game end.

  172. Jingles, for the first 2 defend points, sit in E2/E3. you get good
    overwatch for the both points.

  173. sounds like a great gamemode… spawntrap some bots, great fun

  174. That’s it! I’m downloading and installing Armored Warfare!

  175. The second video is the updated version, the first is un-updated. You can’t
    compare them.

  176. Jingles, just a tip, when playing in medium/easy co-op missions, there
    isn’t much point in using AP rounds. AI units don’t position their armor
    correctly, and you often go against tanks that have been nerfed a bit to
    make up for their superior numbers, as well as tanks that are made to rely
    on their ERA that just don’t have it. Fire SC ammo, or HE if you’re

  177. It’s kinda creepy how nobody knew where the tanks spawned from.

  178. Played Ghost Hunter many times and never had an issue.

  179. im looking forward to WOT having something like this, good competition
    breeds good games. also WOT could do with some fresh ideas. if ur a
    developer look me up 😛 (jk, but sort of)

  180. I think i have only lost on this map once. Haven’t had in a while though
    maybr 1 or 2 months ago.

  181. thx for up load :D

  182. craftfaster2 and CookieCracker

    I had the best team in that same gamemode! it was just wow! here’s how it
    it was the last place that we had to defend but 2 of our team mates had
    gone on with out us..and yes they died…but they only killed like 5 AI and
    there was like 10-12 AI’s in the cap we had 15 secs to reset it…so I
    think OK if some one does not do SOMETHING brave we will lose so I in my
    t-64 charged ahead I shot the 2 tank in front of me and here’s the amazing
    thing…my team was right behind me and helped me defend and they even
    watched my back…they where so good…they hey did not talk in chat so
    there was no way I knew what they would do…I just knew I would have to
    trust them….I love teams like that!

  183. North spawn is on the roads, one on the A2/3 line, the other on the road at

  184. Jingles, this is one of my favorite maps. I have yet to lose on it. It
    takes effort to lose on this map. Even without any MBTs.

  185. jingels get your game updated and ghost hunter is easy if you have a
    competent team.

  186. Standard tactics on Ghost Hunter Hard… Get into the damn town when there
    is 30-45 sec remaining on the 2nd defend point.
    Hell, defend the 2nd point from the town. Then you can reach the 3rd point,
    before any enemy tanks even arrive.
    Rarely lost when everyone did that.
    Unless some numbskull in a AFV think he’s invincible and go dukes it out
    with 3 enemy tanks… Or a MBT is AFK/DC.

  187. people have problems winning games in pve ? lol even hard difficulty is
    easy :p 92% win rate so far

  188. and this game still doesn’t work for me lol

  189. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    This gives me an idea for other PvE videos, thanks Jingles….*goes to make
    stuff while running over your car at every intro*

  190. why u no PVP? coop is gay…………..although this looks fun,
    damnit…………. also, why do all the tanks look like they are being
    looked at through a fisheye lens?

  191. A5-A6 I found a solid wave of MBTs once.

  192. Jingles, out of curiosity, do you think that maybe changing the spawns each
    game could make things a bit more interesting? I feel like it’s just drive
    to cover, line up the gun, rinse and repeat when I’m playing most of the
    rolling cap maps. Think it might be a bit more fun if the attack vectors
    were unexpected.

  193. During all three objectives, enemy tanks spawn and come in from different

    Usually threre are a number of reasons why you team may get in trouble:

    * You loose tanks during objective 1 & 2 (usually through shots in the
    rear) or while they try to do the secondary objectives – there are solo
    tanks randomly out there too.

    * Your MBTs stay at objective 2 to finish off the last (late spawns – there
    are usually 2-3 tanks spawning just before the timer ends (and the first
    wave of objective 3 is already at the town borders ). MBTs – at least one
    of them – should disengage and head to town one minute before objective 2

    * they come in from three different directions (while you can stop and even
    clog bottleneck roads to the center square ofthe the scouts from the third
    spawn give you a nasty surprise firing through the pillars in the east of
    the center square in your unprotected rear.

    And yes, there are spawn points (at least two) in the north.
    And yes, you are not arty save in the little gap beneath the court house.
    There is often an AI arty spawning in the north where the road ends near
    objective 1 and the CAN hit yout here …

    Also, there are slight differences between middle and hard difficulty.

    In the end it depends mostly on the team.
    I had full wipes in MBT only teams and won with ease with groups with not a
    single MBT (or the one MBT dies first …).
    Even player arty can do well (although I myself wouldnt know where to
    position myself during each phase)

  194. Yeah, I beg to argue description: Rolling Thunder fills that hole for me. I
    can do Ghost Hunter. Rolling Thunder kills my group literally two minutes
    (if that) from the end. EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

  195. You are going to love this map in a challenger 1 where the biggest issue is
    getting bloody tracked all the time sitting on full HP :)

  196. The T-64 dropped connection as you can see by the symbol to the left of his

  197. What myself and a few others have found after playing and winning this map
    about 70% of the time is that if you hold the areas at B2, B4 and D3 you
    will have no problem in preventing the tanks from even approaching the
    town. I hope this little bit of knowledge can help :)

  198. roses are red
    violets are blue
    dont scroll down too much
    or youll do that shit too…..

  199. Did this mission before this video unknowing that it was “unbalanced”. One
    of our team was an arty too.

  200. Tsk tsk. Telling people to look at the minimap. You should know better,

  201. May i recommend a tip for game play on tanks with guided misses? If yes,
    then read on… if No, get over it and read on ;).. I learned to to get the
    most dps out of guided missile tanks by shooting the missile, switching
    over immediately to the main gun, use the main gun until the missile is a
    couple seconds from reloading, switch over… Rinse and repeat.. This took
    me awhile to get used to, but the DPS is noticeably better.

  202. on this map i take my tank no matter the class to the ridge south of the
    town, easy access to all waves works every time for me i never knew this
    map was a problem for so many people…

  203. I have no problem with this map

  204. The Northern Spawn Locations are A1 and A5 on Operation Ghost Hunter

  205. they spawn over by A0 btw…have seen them spawn in there. I ‘think’ there
    one north east of town also but not sure on that.

  206. Great video and I have found the same things to be true on this map. I
    noticed in the second play-through that your team did not kill all the
    SATCOM trucks. I have found on Ghost Hunter that it is very worthwhile to
    destroy all of them as this will cause fewer tanks to spawn during the
    final phase. If I am in recon or light armor I will normally skirt around
    the outside of the town to quickly pop them once we have them start
    spawning across the bridge during the first silo phase.

  207. The funny thing: in the next patch, the spawns will be random.

  208. I really appreciate this vid. It helps explain a lot.I wonder if you could
    do examinations of *Operation: Perseus* and *Operation: Onyx.*

  209. 17:15 I take it the Soviet IFV’s in the game aren’t amphibious like their
    RL counterparts?

  210. it really bothers me that he hasn’t talked about the M4 Improved in World
    of tanks.

  211. When I was knocking out the trucks I found a spawn at A5. They also then
    have to climb the hill to cap. Shooting Gallery.

  212. There are 4 spawn locations. 1 where that T-64 was AFK, one straight west
    of town, one north-northwest of town, and one northeast of town.

  213. I’m actually kind of surprised that people have had difficulty with this
    mission, for my teams and myself the spawns always seemed intuitive.

  214. plzz play more war thunder

  215. I find the best way to maximize your DPM in tanks armed with a secondary
    ATGM launcher is to first fire the launcher, then switch back to HEAT
    whilst it reloads. Repeating this process unless the situation gets so
    hairy that you can’t stop to launch the missiles anymore.

  216. I strongly suspect that AW is setup to reward teamwork and smart play, it
    punishes stupidity mercilessly.
    Currently there are swarms of players that think thick armor and a big gun
    are all that’s needed, and don’t they just die fast. AW is not WoT or WT,
    and just because they are “tanks” does not mean playstle is transferable.
    PvE mode is often about mobility and situational awareness rather than
    firepower. Some of the most dangerous tanks (below tier 7) are not in fact

    (Posted for those that have not played it rather than Jingles who probably
    already knows )

  217. The first part of the video is a old version of Ghost Hunter. They changed
    where your team starts now, which is shown in the second part. And the
    enemy is not instantly on the center town cap point anymore, making this a
    little easier than it once was. I enjoy this mission, I usually go to the
    town at the start around the corner of E2. You can shoot at the spawns for
    both cap points and be right at the town when the last one comes up.

  218. I found this to be one of the easiest PvE missions and unless something
    changed with todays update HEAT-FS are just as slow as HEAT, 750 m/s even
    if the description says it has a higher velocity, it might change the
    trajectory though, I can’t be arsed to science it.

  219. So, this entire video is essentially telling us that the way to win pve
    content in AW is to spawn camp.

    Sounds like a compelling game mechanic…(YES that was sarcasm)

  220. this map is only chalenging at hard difficulty….

  221. ok used to be the spawn points have changed – now it is easier – & I have
    only failed once on this map – Must be eu centric problem lol 🙂 – The
    railway tunnel is far harder

    Wow second part of the video is latest spawn points !
    Initial enemies spawn J1 & G0 – next G&H6 with some late from G0 and then
    Town attack comes from A3,4,5 and some D/E0
    Kill ARTY at G/F0 when they spawn – protect hit points lights get
    secondaries and position to cover as necessary – simple job done.

  222. While learning spawn points and camping them is currently valid that is
    likely to change soon with the next patch. The spawn points will get more
    variety and randomness. I would say it is of more interest for people to
    learn basic tactics. For Ghost Hunter you simply move beyond defence points
    two and you can fire at the enemies from town or next to town and you will
    have zero issues getting into town in time.

    Anyway thanks for the Armored Warfare video and keep more of those coming!

  223. This was a tough map the first few times and occasionally still poses a
    challenge with noob team members, but all you really need to know is to
    move up to the south side of the main village at the end of the first
    objective. This allows you to cover the second objective while being close
    to town to move in when the final invasion happens.

  224. The PVE missions recently have been rather frustrating to play in as a
    Recon vehicle like my Wiesel and Crab. Every single enemy tank in there
    will focus down recons once spotted with no exceptions, I have seen a
    player MBT get surrounded by 4 enemy npcs and the moment I went in there to
    help that MBT out ALL of those NPCs turned their guns towards me. I know I
    can use this tactic to save allies but with the EXP system now based on
    personal performance you actually get punished for doing such an act since
    by doing so you aren’t gonna do much damage (which is the majority of the
    exp in that mode). So yeah my Recons have now become passive scouts and
    long range support fire in PVE missions.

  225. a-3 and b-6 are the northern spawns

  226. Doesn’t the chieftain mk5 have composite armour on at least some of it’s
    frontal armour?

  227. Okay, I’m confused here. The Ghost Hunter Map for me is one of my favorite
    maps and honestly I’ve had all but one game on this map become a lost
    because team was caught out of position due to not really paying attention.
    I’m not saying I’m extremely good, I’m barely above average in my game play
    but losing PVE is the third rarest thing I know of. (First two is getting
    set on fire and getting ammo racked.)

    I seriously don’t know how not to come off sounding like an ass when I’m
    thoroughly confused on how people are consistantly losing on this map? I
    mean, if it makes any different I play over on the NA server, but then
    wouldn’t i see the same thing? I mean, Hell mate. Your in tier 4 tanks,
    which means you are on Medium PVE difficulty?

    I think I just like the understanding for this video. Sorry Comrades.

  228. I love this map. You win it every time when you’re in a platoon with 4
    other clan mates. The secret is to have maybe 3 tanks that can tank for you
    so the other two can provide support. My average dmg with my Chally 1 in
    this map is probably around 8k.

  229. Finally some more AW :D

  230. Hooray, Armored Warfare video, at long last!

  231. In GH, park your MBT at E4, snipe possibility on all tanks and near the
    town to reset cap and intercept tanks when the last spawn appears. Beware
    of the spawn next to you and the snipe shots you can get from I0. The
    corner at C2-C3 is your next pos in any tank, intercepting tanks and
    evading when you are in a not so armored tank. If you lose in a medium
    battle, you suck. In a hard battle, it’s not so tough when enough people
    look at the map.

  232. does anybody know how to stop enormous server lag in amored warfare?

  233. All you need is one person with a fast reload or an auto cannon, then shoot
    each enemy on the last cap once in a cyclic manner to reset the cap timer,
    your team will eventually realized ” OH, I’m supposed to be doing
    something” and then they’ll come help.

  234. Hi Jingles. Great video as always! I would love a video series about the
    tanks of Armoured Warfare in which you talk about their history like in
    your WoWS review series.
    Greetings from Germany!

  235. ghost hunter is one of the easiest missions to complete, even on hard. all
    it takes is an aggressive team and 90% of the time a win is assured.
    missions like Banshee and Rolling Thunder are by far harder due to the
    sheer quantity of enemies you fight on restricted firing lanes with rapid
    spawns… especially in upper tiers on hard.. on ghost hunter, all northern
    spawns are as such.. C0, B0, A3, A5. there is usually only 2 sets that will
    spawn from A5 and they usually coordinate with A3. C0/B0 can spawn up to 2
    more sets once the initial set that jingles found shows up. A3 usually
    spawns 2 sets that will offset with B0/C0 (in other words, they will
    alternate spawning). this is in hard mode.. in the lower modes it may be
    less. also be aware that while rare.. the artillery spawn from earlier in
    the map (F0) may spawn yet another piece of sky cancer (with 1 or 2
    light/afv escorts)with the 3rd cap point.

    I would love to let Jingles play with my Challenger or M1a1 in Banshee or
    Rolling thunder on hard mode, guaranteed any claims of Ghost Hunter being
    difficult after would almost assuredly die.

  236. Mr. Jingles, before you fire an ATGM, pre-select the main gun, so while the
    missile reloads you can fire a shell anyway. The only issue is that it
    might throw off your aim if the gun doesn’t have enough gun depression to
    point at your missile target.

  237. I wish they would always pick random spawn points on all maps

  238. There is a nice spot in echo 3 where you can sit and snipe on the enemies
    west of the bridge, driving into the first cap and spawning and driving
    into the 2nd cap. From there i usually move into the town at T minus 1 min
    to catch the enemy spawning NW and N of the town along the alpha 2-4 line.
    If push comes to shove and i have to defend the town cap i usually knock
    down some of the archways to the SE of the statue/cap and use that area to
    create a graveyard of enemies in the cap.

  239. jingles can you do a review of t72 i suck in it so maby you can help me do

  240. 18:45 The Northern force spawns just over that ridge (off the map for you)

  241. I never knew about that bridge spawn point at the one minute mark until

    Ironically I usually don’t have issues with Ghost Hunter. Onyx and Perseus
    on the other hand I’ve had grave issues with. Perseus, the one or two on
    the team YOLO’s out and gets slaughtered on two fronts because they didn’t
    stick together against the horde. Onyx, no one seems to have the gull to
    move up to get to that final cap in time. After this video I now suspect
    that Onyx does the same thing at the 2nd cap one minute mark. Hopefully
    it’s video’s like these that will (hopefully) help players make (more)
    intelligent decisions. …I’m asking for a lot, aren’t I?

    As always thanks Jingles, love your stuff.

  242. I’ve actually never lost a game of Operation: Ghost Hunter in any tier.

  243. in this mission, i find countless people who fail to get to and defend the
    last capture point in the city

  244. i like armored warfare i really like pve have lost and won on this map was
    the last tank fighting in the middle of the town the t84 is a great tank
    but a warning to anyone thinking about armored warfare the low tier tanks
    and afvs are not to badly priced but once you hit tier 6 and above tier 7
    you really start getting severe sticker shock and not just the 6 million
    credits for the tank try the 259 x and the other 6 million credits to
    upgrade said tank that’s just the challenger 1 take it from me there are
    not many people playing tier 8 tanks tieir 7 really gets hard due to the
    fact the bad guys turn up in tier eight tanks mostly un killable leopards

  245. Gotta say rolling thunder is tougher always thought ghost hunter is an easy
    one for farming damage and kills.

  246. Well, seeing as I have the life expectancy in AW akin to a Japanese person
    in Hiroshima on August 6th 1945, on Ghost Hunter I go of in my T-72 to town
    at start taking out secondary obj’s thus securing town and can start
    picking off enemy spawns while my team clear up behind me.

  247. I think that the mission Roling thunder is the most difficult

  248. +The Mighty Jingles – Almost every time I have played this mission there
    was a spawn at the very NE most corner on the line dividing A6/A7. I often
    try to position myself along the 6 line to catch this wave. I don’t see
    them actually spawn there due to the structures, but I end up lighting them
    up as soon as they begin their move west toward the northern end of the

    Often, I can’t convince anyone to support me there. In that scenario, I try
    to take out tracks and whittle as many down as I can. If I’m spotted, they
    may stop there on their own for a moment to take a shot at me. If I’m still
    not getting any help from my team, some are going to make it to the town.
    However, far less of them make it there and by that time my MBTs should
    have gotten to defensible positions in the streets. “Should…”

  249. yay an armored warfare video by jingles <3

  250. Players are having trouble with this mission? I don’t understand how teams
    can fail this one, other than going full yolo-retard. Ghost Hunter might be
    more challenging than the others but it is fair. We my not know the exact
    location of the bot spawns but you can often guess in a defense mission
    that they will be close to cap.

    Position and map awareness is key, find good cover and look for pips on the
    map. Funny trick players forget, it does not matter if there are enemies in
    the cap. It only matters on whether they have time to cap. I’ve won most of
    these missions on Hard by timing my cap resets and running the clock.

  251. I would say around D6, just over the ridge. However, AW has mentioned more
    random spawning, both in time and place.

  252. I find all of the PVE maps easy…and I don’t even play that much. I think
    the most fundamental aspect of survival is that of situational awareness,
    as Jingles stated, if it weren’t for his team mate going AFK and spotted
    the enemy, this would of been just another town brawl. Reconnaissance is
    the greatest support feature in these games, if you can maintain a body
    temperature of 98 degrees and have intelligence on where the enemy’s are,
    you can’t possibly lose.

  253. In any tank I play in PvE, appearntly the ai likes to change targets last
    minute to me

    Btw Jingles try shooting above the land while behind cover with ATGM and
    aim down to the target, it works

  254. hmmm more ship games thx…

  255. I usually don’t have a problem with this map. Can’t remember the two
    missions, but one is where just after you spawn, to your left is a big
    ditch and it’s a winter map, and the other is a forest mission that has fps
    drops every few seconds despite my beast rig. The former spawns so many
    tanks instantly that it’s nearly impossible to win on hard unless you have
    at least 3 MBTs.

  256. ferrinho pernambucano

    the key is to switch to the gun while your misiles are reloading, you get a
    free shot

  257. And today i thought he was going to upload that bloody ship game…. I’d
    rather want that over this anyway.

  258. Kind of useless to learn the spawnpoints actually since they are making
    them random in the next patch ^^

  259. This is all good until update 0.12 when they overhaul PVE and randomize the
    spawn locations.

  260. I’ve seen the enemy waves spawn down the 6 line before

  261. Jingles can you please tell me what your P.O. Box is I really want to send
    you some fan art

  262. Jingles, I seem to complete ghost hunter with no problems every single time

  263. I have found that no matter what tank you use, if you take up the position
    at E2 on the road you will be able to shoot almost all enemies for the
    first 2 positions and be ready to get to the 3rd in adequate time. It dose
    not seem to matter where the enemy tanks spawn from.

  264. except this entire video is a bit moot as on the 17th they’re changing the
    randomising all of the PVE spawns in the next patch, so you’ve got 1 week
    to use this :P

  265. Knawledge

  266. You could always drown the bloody horse Jingles.

  267. Anybody that’s curious: only armor piercing gets normalization (five
    degrees), shape charges i.e., HEAT and missiles, do not. AP has a
    ten-percent +/- RNG on its pen. SC’s get fifteen.

  268. Jingles, the two spawns north of the town are enter from the field, one
    from the east, and one from the west. I’ve seen them spawn before.

  269. Hi Jingles, thanks for video.. but I would say that there are much worse
    maps than this.. For example: Operation Rolling thunder.. defend last point
    (Museum) for about 4 minutes on hard difficulty is really hard.. Especially
    when at beginning somebody of your team dies.. and mostly they don’t know
    where to go and what to do.. because they always dies at first stages of
    match 🙂 Because of these peoples you should make more videos like this.

    BTW: there is one more map which makes me mad.. but for different reason.
    Operation Harbinger.. at very beginning I have terrible framedrops when I
    am in zoomed mode. And I’ve found that I am not only one.. framedrops from
    70fps to 4-5fps makes this map unplayable.. at beginning.. but that’s
    different story..

  270. Maybe the T64 knew, but wanted to be a dick about it :P

  271. “the last wave spawns in at one minute before the second wave is
    done”…how again is that not spawning to early?

  272. Jingles. I really hate to break this to you, but you’re wrong. Ghost Hunter
    is an easy win. Try Rolling Thunder if you want a hard win.
    There is a spot in D3/4 where MBTs go in the mid game that put them in a
    spot overlooking the southern half of the map. There, you can snipe all the
    remaining tanks and be in position to turn and enter the town when they

  273. this game looks so shit.

  274. If you guys want to improve your damage a bit with vehicles like the BMD-1
    with multi-weapon systems (artillery as well with smoke/illumination)
    remember you can swap between weapons (ex. cannon and ATGM launcher) while
    they reload! There’s a short wait time while switching, but its way faster
    than sitting there for 12+ seconds waiting for your missile to reload.
    Vehicles like Sherridan or Starship with cannon-fired missiles are out of
    luck though.

  275. MrImmortalityPrince

    I never lose in this map. On hard that is. Pubbies always rush like dummies
    in this map on easy and medium. Hard difficulty it’s like nothing. But
    don’t expect to get the secondary, unless you have a full coordinated
    platoon. Which i have seen and done unintentionally with 3 guys actually
    teamed up and just typed in chat their plans.

  276. anybody got any tips with new players dealing with 8fps?

  277. Wait, is Armored Warfare out or what?

  278. Jingles I just sit in D4/E4 or so, so I can snipe across to shoot the
    spawning tanks near the first defense position to the west, then I can
    shoot at east tanks spawning to take the second cap, then I’m almost in the
    town when the spawns happen near the city.

  279. This will obviously all change when the random spawn locations are
    introduced, assuming of course they work.

  280. thanks for this information^^

  281. I always play bad on this mission hoping that it will actually get
    interesting. If I play properly I would get a 99% win ratio and that is no

  282. Jingles! When your tank has a separate launcher for ATGMs and a main gun
    barrel (Like the BMP/BMD series), you should be switching between the 2
    when you are firing your gun. There’s a minimal “switching” time where you
    cannot fire, but you can otherwise almost double your RoF on some tanks. It
    saves waiting for the excruciating loading times for ATGMs.

  283. They spawn at A4 on the road. I got killed heading to the town when they
    spawned in.

  284. I think I see where one of the spawn points are for this map Jingles. At
    around 18:40 you arrived at around A3, and there were some flattened
    obstacles there which indicated that something had driven over them, and
    none of your team’s tanks had been in that spot during the match, so that
    means that one of the spawn points must be just north of A3 along that road.

    Either way, the easiest solution to the problems with people not
    understanding how to beat Ghost Hunter is rather simple: don’t play Ghost
    Hunter at all. Trust me, save yourself the headaches, it’s not worth your

  285. I have never ever had a problem with this map. I have a pretty good idea of
    all the spawn locations, and I can position my tank in the best spots to
    keep safe and relocate quickly. The trick with this map is to watch the
    timer and head out~30 seconds before it reaches 0, thus giving you plenty
    of time to get to the next zone.

  286. @6:58, that clock time tho

  287. Knowledge is power guard it well.

  288. i find the mission on the PvE exclusive port map the most difficult. I like
    light tanks and the cover in that map is tricky to use effectively.

  289. Blown up by a bot in PvE? Any normal person would quit to garage and
    consider un-installing the game. Not in AW, they stay in game to flame the
    noob team. Oh the irony……

  290. Jingles, you forgot the part where a bugged tank will sometimes cap without
    the players being able to kill it.

  291. Sorry jingles don’t watch u anymore still subbed tho

  292. I think one thing that the devs should fix is if they are going to put
    artillery in the hands of the AI is make it so that if they are using one
    of the single shot artilleries make it so that they only fire one shot not
    three like they always seem to do I believe the Palmaria is the only
    artillery armed with a autoloader so the others should only fire 1 round
    before having to reload but the AI always fires three shots regardless of
    the model of SPA this pisses me and I would be allot of others off.

  293. show ppl some pvp action,killin’ bots around isnt funny at all (for us who
    watch your videos.)
    btw u know u can shot guns when u wait reload time on your rockets ?

  294. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on a question. Where do
    phased out tanks go? I cant find anything Online about it. For example here
    in the UK, where are all the old challenger 1 tanks kept? all the
    Chieftains that used to be in service? Are they just kept in some secret
    underground storage? Are they ready to be reactivated in times of
    emergency? I know challenger 1 tanks at least cannot be bought privately
    and chieftains are rare so where are the hundreds that were active not long

  295. I don’t want to be a Debby downer, but does anyone else find that pve
    gameplay is extremely boring to play and even more boring to watch? Just
    giving my two cents because, well, that’s what the comment section is for.
    Before you say “don’t watch it if you don’t like it,” I don’t watch these.
    I just want to see what others think.

  296. I’ve gotten last-wave spawns almost always from either the A2 or A5
    sectors; once I saw the final wave actually split between both of those
    approaches. We had about a fairly even number of tanks coming down each
    column towards the town center, which caught our TDs off guard something

  297. You should probably post this to the Armored Warfare subreddit.

  298. I’ve never had a problem with this mission. If you are sensible, you should
    be fine if you just go to cover the objectives. You don’t have to spawn
    camp, although it does help. As an MBT, you can still play the final
    objective like any standard take objective mission. Get your armour round
    the bloody corner and just blast away for free damage.

  299. Jingles try the game Verdun, Its really fun and you dont have to have
    reflexes like a Cobra on crack!

  300. Can’t fix stupid jingles :(

  301. its actually called a bellyplate mate not a toe plate, the only reason you
    lose this map is morons on team, welcome to the EU server

  302. why do you use my last name?

  303. Maybe this map gives problems to the players on the EU server, but for NA
    the one map that always makes us fail if the one with the roadblock. (I
    forget its name.)

  304. I found most games with pve suck. I play p/c games for multiplayer and not
    to play against mindless bots.

  305. NW & NE of the town

  306. AnotherAccountToManage

    The northern spawn is off the minimap, just outside the border

  307. jingles! you got my email about adding damage done and recieved

    heres another hint, remember to buy the pve pack consumable, because it
    will give you more health.

  308. It seems that in the latest one or two patches, they added a significant
    delay to the spawns that come for the final point. Before, this was
    absolutely true, but now it seems reasonably balanced.

  309. Ghost Hunter is probably my favorite PVE mission for driving a Tank

  310. Im surprised no one or even jingles noticed the spawning yet.Some people
    have already known this,While a majority dont since people tend to scramble
    for that last two tanks.

  311. I remember my best battle in operation ghost hunter. It was a medium
    mission and i did 23 kills and 11,543dmg. The second best player did
    3000dmg. On the end there was only me in very low healt and our arty left
    and i managed to reset the cap with my last remaining round and we win 😀
    Did i carry the battle? maby a little bit 😉 the tank was Zhalo-S merc

  312. And the spawn for you jingles(And everyone else) is it’s to the
    north.Two,One slightly to the west,And one slightly to the east.They are
    spaced out just a bit and go different directions.Then there’s the few that
    spawn near that ridge on the west and they move down the lake towards the

  313. So got the Ferdinand and realized WG was pulling a prank on me. I got
    circled and killed by a TOG II

  314. Didn’t realize people actually had much of a problem with this map.

  315. Ahh yes, nothing makes a fun game mode like spawncamping.

  316. To be fair, the map has been rebalanced very recently mainly due to the
    difficulty for slow tanks to accually get to the third cap point before the
    rest of the team get slaughtered or fail the mission completely. Why the
    second replay was much smoother than the first is because the second is
    after rebalancing and first is before. Main tell for this difference is the
    initial spawn location which was changed, but also time between last wave
    of second cap and first wave of third cap was increased. These might seem
    like minor changes but have a huge impact in game play

  317. What does everyone think of the new game, “Steel Ocean”?

  318. this game just auto kicks me back to garage lol still waiting for that
    glitch to get fixed

  319. Rolling Thunder is the one that I dread with Anvil and Dire Wolf being the

  320. Huh? I’ve never had this issue on Ghost hunter even on harder difficulties.
    What generally happens is that as the time ticks down for the second
    capture point, everybody starts moving towards the town in advance, meaning
    the mbts are there in plenty of time to reset.

    I think the issue you are having is the difficulty of using lightly armored
    vehicles in PVE at all. PVE is generally best suited to teams that are
    mostly made up of MBTs.

  321. Hi jingles my name is bob i am greek and i blame you for introdusing me to
    armored warfare.Now icant seem to have time for anything else .!!!!!!!!!!

  322. video not playing on Mobile, keeps dropping server

  323. I can`t stand health bars. It makes these kind of games seem so not
    serious. That`s why I like War Thunder.

  324. I wish I could play this, butI have Ubuntu on my pc. ;-;

  325. Mark Sun (HighExplosives)

    The final wave of enemies spawn from north of the town, beyond the map

  326. The team list on the load screen didn’t match the team in the game…
    *confused*. Also, didn’t the spawn location get moved to the hills and the
    difficulty lowered a few weeks ago, making this fairly outdated footage?
    Sorry if I’m wrong!

  327. The 2 northern spawns that you are talking about spawn around A1 and A5/6
    with one or 2 tanks in A3

  328. problem is that on hard people often die way too early.countless time me
    and my friend are only ones alive even after first objective !

  329. “Catching guys as they spawn” is a commonly used tactic in real world
    conflicts, no surprise it works here as well.

  330. The map is actually the full map that appears in pvp from the perspective
    of the bots, only humans are restricted to that small portion of it. There
    are about 2 spawns to the north about where the north team cap is in pvp. I
    there is a farmhouse or a barn there, they spawn just south of it. Not
    worth spotting them as they all open fire on you within 5 or so seconds,
    and hit you with 6 or 7 guns at the same time, I was in a XM1 so I faired
    pretty well… An AFV would be minced meat.

  331. Whats the jingles rig?i want to know whats the gpu?

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