Armored Warfare – Patch 0.14

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Patch 0.14 for Armored Warfare introduces an integrated replay system, numerous…


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Patch 0.14:

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  1. SNiped! first comment :D

  2. First Comment!

  3. where am i?

  4. 1st comment below 20 views

  5. Favorite YouTuber Poll.

  6. An Iowa class Battleship

    Jingles released a video a minute ago… Third like!

  7. Too early to think of a good comment…
    The Tog should be added to AW!

  8. wow night time play! would really be disorienting to me.

  9. Well I’m early. I have no stupid joke or meme. Uh. Hi?

  10. Give me likes or nothing will happen.

  11. I cant run armored warfare on my pc :(

  12. Alexander Snowden

    Under 301 club, for my fav youtuber


  14. Thank you Jingles for making my day a little bit better. Your videos are
    always entertaining and distract me from my real-world problems. Also,
    happy Easter to all who celebrate it.

  15. Jingles you aren’t suppost to get sick.


    great video

  17. Pretty productive for an old man eh!

  18. The new Wolfpack vehicles look crap, like a smurf puked all over the
    The replay system is good, but PVE now is just a big steaming pile of

  19. yay bonus video

  20. Division AND armored warfare? Daddy help me

  21. Merkava!

  22. 9 minutes ago… my timing is never this good

  23. I’m a joke, better tell an early.

  24. yesss finaly Armored WARFARE 🙂 🙂 :)

  25. no guns over 105 mm eh? jingles, you should look at the M8 thunderbolt,
    abrams cannon (120mm) on a light tank it is the teir 9 light :P

  26. top 300!

  27. Why Aye Jingles

  28. Jingles what were you drinking before you made this video XD ty for the
    cool vid.

  29. Jingles! you sound either extremely tired or ill. whats wrong happened to
    you,lord ? :O

  30. TheOwlThatSaidWho

    Finally. a video for 0.14 that isn’t Russian

  31. I wish you a speedy recovery from the dreaded man-flu :-)

  32. Actually Jingles, M8 Light Tank(T9) have a 120mm gun(>105mm like the
    Sherry) and is the only T6+ LT that didn’t get its Pen buffed. XM8 got its
    AP and HEAT pen buffed across the board.

    and M1134 ATGM is already in game as a T7 Premium for 5500 gold, the T7
    prem that is still in development is the Merkava 2B

  33. We need modern Japan Main Battle Tank

  34. Jingles is high

  35. damn, no offense but you sound like you are a bit drunk. Maybe it’s just me

  36. When will you review new Russian crusers in World of Warships?

  37. did you see the new pve consumable for tier 5 and up ?

  38. Is that Armour-Piercing-Fin-Stabilized-Discarding-Sabot in your pocket or
    are you just happy to see me? :)

  39. Jingles can we play the division together sometime 😀 ??

  40. the new Highwall map is amazing, best to be fast on it though, lots of
    different elevation for varying play, and the M1134s ATGMs fly 100 meters
    per second faster then normal ones, doesnt have the camo or view range of
    the swingfire, it trades that for more damage and penetration,

  41. is it just me or the gold in aw off or what, can someone explain?

  42. Jingles should of asked WG at the conference to redesign the replay system

  43. M1134 is actually in the game now, anyone can buy one

  44. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Welcome to the party jingles, I’m making a video tomorrow to explain how to
    send replays to people.

  45. Lol, to me it sounded like you got the cold three minutes into the video

  46. Charles Dark (Awsomefastepickiller)

    Jingles, When will you play the Bloody Alien game again?

  47. the stryker ATGM seems to be already in the Wolfe tree. Oh- i’m a wheeled
    td user and i havent had major complaints with hte patch. in fact the new
    respawn consumable is very helpful for when i mess up and take two mbt
    shells to the face. xD

  48. Jingles, they nerfed the challenger, for the stock engine.

  49. Gus Davis (Major G)

    no lights with over a 105mm gun? what about the M8 Thunderbolt.

  50. Too bad the NA server is empty…

  51. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Armored Warfare. But, I do have one major
    gripe with the game. It’s getting to the point where there are more premium
    vehicles in the game than regular ones. Yes, yes. Premium tanks are all
    well and good, but finish the tech trees, please? (There’s actually several
    other gripes to be had, but this is wall of text enough as it is)

  52. Epic Fail plz

  53. newest dealer things I’ve seen are some renaming to Tier 10s a new Tier 10
    AFV and the ATGM Stryker, also the Merkava II might be next considering
    they released all those screenshots so ya

  54. 2 videos in ONE DAY? WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!?!?

  55. this game any good compared to WoT?

  56. Is buying armored warfair worth it

  57. What? No crappy flippy tank physics?

  58. meanwhile the chieftain is in war thunder

  59. There are new models in patch dude you just didnt look 🙂 they added new
    t10 for preview!

  60. If you’re wondering where the 400% bonus went. AW screwed up multiple times
    in one day concerning the bonuses. First it stated 4 days of 400% bonus RP
    in-game. Then it disappeared. Then it changed the daily double to a
    quadruple and now it’s 5x. And if you already did your daily double you’re
    out luck. And now supposedly it’s been extended to the 29th.

  61. Jingles is high on cough medicine!!

  62. u sound nasal, u commin down w somethin?, cheers mate.

  63. …at least not without getting banned as a result.
    Got the jokes, ha-ha!
    A shame you don’t have elderberry syrup, in UK, Jingles. It’s great getting
    rid of colds. Boil the water, and then held some of the syrup to it.
    Drinkable, as both hot/warm and cooled down.
    -And Deco’s right.
    You’ve lived together with Rita for too long…..! ;-)

  64. 7:26 Er, Jingles, what about the M8 Thunderbolt?

  65. IngloriousMachines

    Jingles you old man, the Stryker with the ATGM’s was added in the patch! :/

  66. Where was this, when I fired at someone who was spotted for only a second
    across the map, going full speed, and my shot him through a gap the size of
    his tank.

  67. That tier 7 tank destroyer is already out on the NA server, and if I had
    the gold I would have it already. From reports it is a good machine and
    lots of fun.

  68. That wolf pack joke gave me cancer…

  69. Deeperswine Gaming


  70. 2 in 1? Where’s the real Jingles!?

  71. Jingles you sound baked

  72. Can you please point out the Mbt changes from patch 0.14? I dont understand
    how they nerfed them

  73. Well, the M1134 is already in game and can be bought as a premium from
    Wölfli for 5500 gold. The only upcoming (possibly) Tier 7 tank that has not
    been introduced into the game, but has been confirmed would be the Israeli
    Merkava IIB.

  74. Oh Jingles, take care of yourself. Do whatever is necessary to defeat the
    dreaded Man-Flu. We’re rooting for you. 🙂

    Also, the Russian cruisers are worth peeking at. The Bogatyr is basically a
    St Louis, except with 150mm guns.

    Yes. Seriously.

  75. you sound sick, lol, hope you get well

  76. the M8 has the gun

  77. the compression on this video does not do the game’s visuals justice. even
    in 1080@60fps

  78. Tanks for the 2fer. I do enjoy your vids.

  79. Will you now be accepting AW replays?

  80. So am I the only one hoping for a Modern Air combat MMO? I mean something
    like Warthunder meets Ace Combat with a bit of Armored warfare sprinkled
    in. We Haven’t had a real good modern air combat game in years.

  81. Cant wait for patch 4.20

  82. so jingles you do wid on 0.14 and you dont vid on war thudner 1.57 jingles
    why you do this

  83. Depression buff? That’s very interesting, not something I’d expect.

  84. That theraflu got you feelin all funny jingles? XD

  85. 9:43 When you stop giving a damn.

  86. Thanks for the review Jingles.

  87. TheRobertSchneider

    Is he drunk?

  88. i had met a pair of m1134 players already, in one pve ission, probably

  89. Also who wants to see the ADATS missile system in game?

  90. LegionaryCohort480

    Oh goody, two Jingles videos in one day?!
    Is it Christmas already? :3

  91. “No light tanks get guns above 105 mm.” Jingles, the M8 has a 120 mm.

  92. Whenever I watch You Tube videos on Armored Warfare the game looks amazing
    but when I play the game on my PC on max settings it looks far worse…

  93. did Jingles say: Patch naught.14?

  94. M1134 is already available.

  95. You said big one you silly goose.

  96. Shut up and get my attention

  97. so what about War Thunders update Jingles?

  98. Screw you with your challenger 1 lol :)

  99. Chris “Dudi4PoLFr” D

    Jingles, the M1134 is all ready in game in Wolfli tech tree for 5500 gold

  100. Is Jingles medicated?

  101. Jingles Status – Sick with the Man-Flu.. Uploads TWO videos in one day..
    Jingles y u troll us like dat?

  102. You know you can press H to turn on your headlights, right? If not H, check
    the controls.

  103. Jingles are you ill. Get well faster i need your videos :)

  104. the Wolf vehicles are broken OP because they nerf the regular vehicles in
    favor of Pay2win. and that’s bullshit.
    pay $100 to fuck everyone who grinded their shit to get the same tank, but
    way better with level 5 crew and special skins.

  105. America sucks ………….

  106. The Gaming Griffin

    There’s also a new update for wows,….you know, the Russian cruisers :P

  107. When will they sort the Graphics out for people with lower grade pc’s?

  108. R Silver Sørensen

    jingles making bad jokes …. the full of water and bubbles =P

  109. The M1134 is already out in Wolfi’s line, at least on the NA server. Not
    sure about it on the EU server

  110. You should stop drinking, man

  111. How do Premium Vehicels in AW work? Do you get increased income for every
    game you play? Or just for the first win of the game?

  112. Unidentified Frakin Object

    Any of you know if they made a 32bit support?

  113. So many things Wargaming could learn from this game (and I wish they
    would). Biggest thing is, of course, artillery, but that horse been beaten
    until it looks like ground beef, so what else can WG learn from Armored
    Warfare? For starters, the underside of a tank should not be capable of
    bouncing shells. I once bounced a shell from my Conway off the belly of a
    Tiger II, and it nearly cost my team the game. Something I wish WG would
    start doing is more XP events. Armored Warfare seems to have some sort of
    bonus XP event once or twice a month, and its almost always more than
    double XP. WoT, at least on Xbox, has a single double XP event for two,
    maybe three days every three or four months.

  114. @Jingles… you said, they are going to introduce the new M1134 ATGM pretty
    soon… Well, I saw on PvP on NA server… I had to stop look at it if it’s
    actually the M1134 ATGM…Well, it’s out unless the player is a tester…

  115. The Wolf Pack and the single vehicles are horribly overpriced.
    People have always praised Obsidian/My for keeping the prices low on their
    premiums compared to World Of Tanks, but it seems those days are over.
    20 000 Gold for the whole package or 7 000 for a single tank is just crazy.
    That’s about 30 Euros for a single tank and about 80 for the package, in a
    game where you still have to play and unlock the regular versions of those
    tanks to get the special stuff you can only unlock with them.

  116. why did he say “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” (in the description) for a free

  117. What AW need is the CV90120. Swedish reworked IFV with an 120mm cannon

  118. jingles the m1134 atgm is already available in wolfi tree

  119. Biggles the Desert Hippo

    Two videos in one day? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!!! Jingles, you’re so good to

  120. Happy this tank game still gets worked on… After EU on W.o.T is to busy
    contemplating how to scam people by overpriced products and only updating
    the console versions with real updates from now on…

  121. Lenin Cat's Emissary

    666th like. I admit i’m the devil, but i still bow to jingles

  122. Jesper O (RaDeus)

    Still no Stridsfordon 90 / Combat Vehicle 90 :'(

    I just want to tears things apart with 40 mm sabots, is that too much to
    ask for ?

  123. The M1134 is already in the game. it iz in the wolfi tech tree

  124. oh shit 2 videos in one day WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!

  125. You might want to check the tech tree Jingles. The M1134 ATGM is already
    out…. I own one in my garage

  126. @The Mighty Jingles
    You sick old man?
    You do not sound well in this O.o

  127. Still no contact armor in T-80…

  128. Creepy Productions

    These new premiums seem oddly expensive for what’s just reskins… If you
    get the 4 pack you have to buy $100 worth of gold. For red and black skins.
    WTF Obsidian, don’t go the way of Wargaming and Gaijin, YOU WERE THE CHOSEN

  129. Merkava 2 is coming!

  130. Maybe they should fix issues and add tanks everyone can play. there are
    already too many prems in this game

  131. WolfSpiderAirsoft

    that happy moment when you look through jingles’ videos and see it’s been 6
    days since he posted and xcom video…

  132. Jingles be praised WE GET TO GO OUT OF THE SALT MINES 2 TIMES….. now lets
    go back…

  133. Prevly should be a word, it’s short, and sounds good.

  134. A few old howlers dropped into the commentary there Jingles.

  135. i wonder if the Wolf – Pack thingie is approved by Jaime Wolf? ;)

  136. Vixez R. (VixezProductions)

    please leave jingles channel whatever hacker you are

  137. You okay Jingles? You’re sounding a bit rough.

  138. Chancellor “Tankoncow” King

    Boo get off the stage that wolf pack joke stunk… Love ya videos jingles

  139. Blow your dose, ji’gles

  140. Jingles, maybe go to the doctor or something… it could be the deadly man
    flu D:

  141. Dat camo on the Chally…

    damn… now i want one :(

  142. Are you sick man?

  143. 5:15 Jesus that joke was on the level of 13-year olds… Senility setting
    in? :D

  144. i think jingles is little bit drunk in this video

  145. The Pilot Penguin

    get well soon from the C.E.O of the salt mines =D

  146. Lord Morgan The Gaming Squid

    wolfpack is a way to say a lot of voiceless close toghether

  147. where do we send our replays?

  148. Can’t you revive yourself in PVE now?

  149. jingles, you’re killing me with your dad jokes

  150. I have a friend who’s telling me that the latest patch has literally BROKEN
    the game in terms of balance or something like that. I guess you can’t
    really mention that when it’s only PvE

  151. maybe they should separate the three classes into two game types.
    light/medium battles and medium/heavy battles.

  152. I SAW WHAT YOU DID THERE!!! *whispers: ‘Notice me sanpai’ :3 *

  153. Those sadistic cleaner bastards… What I like to do everytime I have to
    deal with the flamethrowers is aim for the tank and watch them panic… And
    blow up like a nice firework display c:
    Even better, if they are bunched up, I clip the tank of one and aim to the
    legs of the others.
    Sadistic? Eh, you sow what you seed or whatever is the saying

  154. Looks like this replay system will be used to make some fun military


  156. Those wolf pack jokes are almost bad enough to make me want to thumbs down

  157. Jingles: “how to avoide or kill a cold”

    First, take a warm rum toddy, second eat some bacon… This is vital since
    you will get both liquid and salt for balance.
    Next take another rum toddy, we can’t have that you are thirsty or cold…
    Take some vitamins, drink a Gin and tonic to make the vitamins go down more
    lay on couch for support, while taking another Gin and Tonic, we cant have
    that you get to warm…
    If you are capable to still stand or even sit up, drink a beer… You will
    now have a nice easy sleep, and we all know that sleep is the best medicine
    for a cold… Get well ;)

  158. M-8 Thunderbolt at T9 has a 120mm gun, and it is a very nice gun indeed :)

  159. I hated swingfire and now there is another one of those buggers?? Oh god,

  160. actually jingles, they added the m1134

  161. Biggest news though was. Quote the AW website

    Field Rebuild Kit
    Starting in 0.14, players who have been killed in PvE matches will
    have the opportunity to revive in the match by using a new Field Rebuild
    Kit consumable purchased in the garage. If a player is destroyed in a
    match and has a Field Rebuild Kit equipped, they will be presented with a
    30 second window to revive. Upon reviving, they are restored to 60%
    health and ammo at a pre-determined revive point of their choosing.
    After reviving, the player will be invulnerable to damage for 15 seconds
    or until they fire their weapon. If the kit is activated while the
    player is still alive, it will restore 100% of the player’s health and a
    portion of their ammunition.

  162. Tank Driving Brony

    2 videos…yesh!!

  163. Dear Jingles,
    are your hormones synchronizing with Rita?

  164. Jingles, there IS a light tank with a gun bigger than 105mm – the M8 gets a
    120mm and it has the 2nd best AP pen in the game, just 3mm less than the
    T-90MS best AP ammo.

    Also yeah, the light tanks are pretty derpy. The XM8/M8 are both REALLY FUN
    though – just wish they had some kind of camo and more than 385m view
    range. The XM8 DID have its pen buffed in .14 – the M8 did not since it was
    buffed last patch.

  165. hi The Mighty Jingle’s thanks for video for AW but are you makin for wows
    like soviet cruiser preview video etc hehe well im Finn and have 31
    birthday today hehe well last time you make that video from KV2 have was
    honored u was speak marshal mannerheim and thanks for that :)

  166. I didn’t got that joke with ‘big’. Can some explain me it? That would be

  167. Jingles did you here about Microsoft fail to make artificial intelligence
    and had been take down after a day because it learnt things about Hitler,
    Donald trump, racist things that it talked about to other people and also
    laughing at them for not having friend in their profile picture. And more
    than that…

  168. Grammar Nazi Chief

    Jingles reply to my comment God dammit.

  169. The M1134 is already in the game.

  170. @Jingles are you sick dude. You sound like you have bad case of cold

  171. Vixez R. (VixezProductions)

    where do i send an AW replay?

  172. You can also fit the VBL with a missile turret. Although there you have the
    choice of turrets, you can’t have both guns and missiles on the VBL.

  173. ActaNonVerbaUnrated

    Best patch yet!

  174. If only I wasn’t broke!!!!! ;,( I’ve got some pretty sick replays I’m
    sending Jingles.

  175. Did they finally give the Leo 1A5 the tread skirt it needs?

  176. A cold Jingles!!!!!!I recommend 1,2 or more whiskeys. Always helps.

  177. 3:16 you know saying this means we just have to do exactly what you said
    not to do right?

  178. go home jingles youre drunkxD

  179. Two videos in a day!!!! My dreams are coming true!

  180. 7:35 Jingles. M8 Thunderbolt.

  181. I despise the fact that individual tanks for sale, whose sale price, does
    not match the available selection for gold purchase. Either you have to buy
    a shit ton of gold (to which you’d be left with a sizable amount of
    unwanted gold) or purchase several smaller packets of gold to attempt to
    reach the 7,000 needed for the Challenger.

  182. This game is so damn giant room keeps being filled up when i reach 94% of
    the instalation lol

  183. I got one of the new missions, it was on the train crash map from Operation
    Onyx but you start at the opposite end. Primary objective is to kill the
    four mini-bosses that appear at intervals. Secondary objective is to
    destroy weapon shipments on the train.

  184. No word about the ridicuouls pricing on the wolf pack? Also no word on the
    Wolf pack coming realy close to “Pay to win”?

    If Wargaming would have done this you would be talking about these

  185. Hey jingles!. I would like you to do a shout out for a friend of mine. He
    just wrote a book and I want to help him be known to the public. It’s a 952
    page sci-Fi fantasy book about a family and what they do after a war. It
    came out last Wednesday and is on kindle for 7.00$ and Amazon for 7.00$ and
    33.00$ depending on of you get the hard or soft cover. My friends name is
    Jarod Tomiyama. I hope you will help

  186. Cajun_Retribution

    Iv’e heard a few complain about bugs in the new patch, but as for me I
    haven’t seen any and the new PVP map is the best yet, best map in AW as
    well as WOT. Love the new map.

  187. Did you record this video with blocked nose? :P

  188. Cerberus hard is brisk with lots of bosses but ends early and abruptly.

  189. And you still haven’t made a video about War Thunder 1.57…

  190. Premium Challenger you say?

    Well..Time to crack out the bank card!

  191. Dont know if any1 has noticed this, but those shots flying at 9:38, dont
    they sound similar to laser fire in Star Wars? hehe, Jingles u sneaky
    bastard, u even put Star Wars in this video ;)

  192. Get well soon Jingles

  193. You forgot the Merkava IIB is also coming. :)

  194. Jingles do you have a cold? I can hear it quite well ;p

  195. As I am watching this, a commercial comes on the television advertising
    some show called “wolfpack.” Illuminati confermed!!

  196. the canadian gamer

    Ether he has a new mic or has a cold, I think he has a cold.

  197. 6:03 Actually, Jingles, “privily” IS a word. Look it up.

  198. Boys will be boys^^ Jingles, the 40+ year old, looking and sounding like a
    70+ year old man, giggles like a schoolboy about saying “a big one”

  199. Are you a dad jingles?
    Your dadjoke/video ratio is unacceptable otherwise :P

  200. kostas davazoglou

    Jingles, why do i think you were drunk while recording this vid

  201. Left this game when the queues got way too long, at least on the NA server.
    Too bad everyone has left the game, it might have been good.

  202. Jingles thanks for tell me how to turn the things off and on, sometimes
    when I play I press a button and the stats and everything disappears and I
    couldn’t figure out how to fix it

  203. rattlesnake man66

    jingles theirs a new update for world of warships and war thunder

  204. I’m at six minutes now jungles are you 100% on getting a cold or are you
    just in “high spirits”

  205. Was jingles drunk and got a cold at the time of recording?

  206. Please tell obsidian to do an ASIA server. We get no love here in
    Australia. (Excluding the ‘dick’ tank :P)

  207. Hey Jingles, I was wondering why you said 0.14 the way you do. It sounds
    like your saying “not point one four.” Not making fun of you just
    wondering! :)

  208. Light tanks got speed? My ass! Compared to what? Even in a fekin Wiesel I
    cant overtake a reversing Leopard2. And it takes like 30s to catch up to it
    if I met him around the corners. Same crap with T80s etc

  209. Jingles, have you by chance seen “Panzermadel,” the tank dating simulator?

  210. Did <5 MBT's get any buffs?

  211. so did you have to pay your own money for these expensive wolf tanks or is
    it yet another case of YouTuber perks like all the multipliers you guys get
    that we don’t.

  212. Jingles, war thunder has the Chieftain…if you play RB, no one can see
    your name

  213. I had a big laugh!

  214. Can’t be the real Jingles… Didn’t say ‘howdy folks!’ at the beginning…

  215. The only one of the three new ones that I’ve gotten is Albatross. It’s
    pretty fun, with 3 primary objectives of different types, and what appears
    to be two different secondary conditions.

  216. Niko Pizza (deathcorelover)

    did you get the cold at 3:50 ?
    haha, you sounded normal before that.

  217. Jingles can you try Project Reality standalone I think you will find it fun

  218. don’t forget rewind

    also I like how they changed up the objectives for the new PvE mission,
    though it seems a bit empty

  219. Question, is the M113 “The Brave Little Toaster” in this game???

  220. There are a couple of honestly completely shit side effects of the patch:

    1. Guns no longer deflect shots. They achieved this by reducing the armor
    value to almost nothing…which means literally everything, including
    autocannon AP rounds, now damage guns….fun….
    2. They screwed up the armor on the drive wheels, and people are now able
    to overmatch for full damage through them because the armor behind isn’t
    there anymore.
    3. Commander cupola’s on some vehicles are now taking full damage from
    hits, which they weren’t before, and have been explicitly intended not to.

  221. A regular thing on my clans fun night in WoT, aptly named Saturday Night
    Shenanigans, Is a “hardcore match” in which we all turn off the UI, and go
    kill the enemy team. It usually ends with a lot of team kills and
    bullshittery, but its always a really fun night. We tried making it nation
    vs nation, but that made it too easy to see whos an enemy, and its no where
    near as fun as killing a friendly without knowing who it was or who killed
    you. So far, one members record is 12 teamkills out of 15. Hell of a lot of
    laughs and good times.

  222. Finally some TD love!

  223. jingles are you sick? you’re voice sound diffrent…
    nvm i just played it further and hear you having a cold xD

    please jingles take care more about you’re self and throw some sheet over
    you’re self and keep you’re self warm. especialy play video games while
    you’re next to your warm pc & throw sheet around you while playing. its how
    i doing to be better and chances that you would sweat you’re self which is
    good because you killing the cold:)

    hope this advice will help you well:)

  224. OMG, Stop now Jingles….

  225. G’Day Jingles,

    First, get well soon!

    Second – “Privily” – adverb – 1. in a privy manner; secretly.

    Later, Matt

  226. Jingles what are you doing up and about? Go to bed until either you get
    over this cold or Billy screws something up again in XCOM. Whichever comes

  227. Jingles Xbox and ps4 are getting a special battle mode, a lot of people
    think it is going to be the tog on water look up wot North America. Hurry
    jingles it is April 1-3

  228. We may get some rest in the Salt Mines while Jingles has a cold! Yes!

  229. When are more British ships being added to WoWs?

  230. Wolfgang Ottinger

    I’m a noob when it comes to AW but are there any “tier X” tanks in AW? If
    not, what will they be?
    I already know the T-14 Armata is probably going to be one but the rest I
    don’t know.

  231. Oh god I knew it was only a matter of time before even Jingles started
    pronouncing garage like a american 🙁 Here, ladies and gentleman we are
    seeing the English changing the way they speak to appeal to a nation
    oversea’s. Maybe it’s just me but I find that bloody sad :/ Only change
    spellings and pronunciation when there’s actually a good reason

  232. It’s amazing, how much younger I am than Jingles, yet when he says, “big
    one” he laughs and I don’t. That fact alone had me laughing though.

  233. F2 gets rid of the UI? Finally, I can rid myself of that annoying little
    map in the bottom of my screen. Takes up so much space!!


  234. I dont understand how anyone can enjoy the Swingfire. I loathe using it.

  235. Hey , is this game better than world of tanks or war thunder?

  236. (didn’t watch the whole video yet) didn’t say Howdy folks!?!?! what have
    you done to the real Jingles???????

  237. hey jingles i uploaded a reply for world of tanks called a Funny Game in M4

  238. hey jingles i uploaded a reply for world of tanks called a Funny Game in M4

  239. Are you drunk?

  240. nice work jingles

  241. “I said big one” heh heh “all right, I’ll stop” no you won’t…….

  242. I should had left because of those puns.

  243. wondering how many people are buying this “fancy” chally 1 … if u buy him
    und still got the normal chally 1 u have 2 tanks which are burning faster
    than their shadows :P

  244. Nothing about every MBT (except the Russian T series, of course) getting an
    effective /frontal/ armor nerf by way of their hatches getting full damage
    and now made of wet cardboard? The whole MBT class just got bent over a
    barrel and railed with a 30mm cannon shell to appease the magical assault
    go-cart drivers.

  245. I’m the first one to say good patch AW! :D

  246. 17 minutes of main content, 10 minutes of bonus video.

    jingles logic at its finest :3

  247. Turning the UI off in battle, was that quicky? Hmm, I’m pretty sure I saw
    the beard do it as well (Circonflexes)… hmm maybe my memory is going bad.

  248. Jingles and tanks as the first thing in the morning. Yes, please!

  249. Now I need to Download Armored Warfare Again

  250. They up the bonus to x5 🙂 . TDS :)

  251. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    what i see with the replay with those different camera views is poorly
    edited gameplay video. maybe it’s just me

  252. First off i don’t have a problem with premium tanks. But it’s nice to see
    that i was right not to jump on the “OMG AW is priced so much fairly than
    WoT hurr durr” bandwagon. As expected the tier 7s cost just as much as WoT
    tier 7s. And i bet the tier 8 are gonna cost the same as WoT ones aswell.

  253. Garrett McMakin (SilentGun0211)

    Jingles, uploads an armored warfare video…..puts world of tanks in
    description… FAIL!!!

  254. 0:14 the turret looks like an aliens head

  255. “Due to the popularity of the Swingfire”
    Ahahah no. God this tank is a PoS since they removed the possibility to do
    indirect fire – not to mention the numerous issues of missiles getting
    blown up as soon as they are launched by stray leaves.

  256. Maybe Rita can make Jingles feel better….if you know what I mean….she
    could cook chicken soup.

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