Armored Warfare – Patch 0.16

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

While it’s never going to be possible for Obsidian Entertainment to please all the people all the time, they’ve had a damn good stab at pleasing as many of the people as humanly possible with this latest to Armored Warfare.

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  1. Creepy Productions

    What PvP? Love AW’s gameplay mechanics and wish it could succeed, but the
    NA servers are dead 🙁 Maybe these fixes would mean fewer landslide
    victories/defeats, but I think they’re mostly balance issues.

  2. So many complaints from light tank and tank destroyer players because MBT’s
    weren’t OP enough before.

  3. u have not done enough world of tanks :(

  4. Engines fire up at 10:55 ( it’s a reminder for myself you can use it if you
    want as well however )

  5. PoisoningShadow671

    May as well nickname the T-15 the Russian shovel.

  6. PoisoningShadow671

    May as well nickname the T-15 the Russian shovel.

  7. its been s while since you did a lootcrate video

  8. A heavily armored, mobile, autoloading, rocketlaunching tank.
    I see Obsidian took notes from Wargamings balancing monkeys.

  9. This game isn’t dead yet? I thought they were just adding skins to milk it
    a bit more and forget about it.

  10. That ain’t no engine starting up that’s a fking warp drive from Star Trek

  11. I like most of the patch, but there are two things that have earned a big
    black star from me. One isn’t too big of an issue because it’s optional,
    and that’s the little in-game achievements. It’s not the idea or even the
    graphics, it’s all the extra noises that come with it. I just find it
    annoying. My bigger problem is the new gun sounds. I don’t like them at
    all, they sound cartoony. The old ones had a nice, realistic, visceral
    charm to it. I liked the sharp CRACK of the cannon going off. Now we’ve got
    this ridiculous *kaboom* that makes me think of the demoman from Team
    Fortress 2. Why not give us the option to choose which one we want?

  12. Bill Papadopoulos

    How do you remove the sound of theses bagdes?

  13. This is pc only huh?

  14. The T15 IFV reminds me of the Awful Panther from wot. I miss that tank and
    I also can’t play armoured warfare :-(

  15. Well, that explains it. I’d been using WoT angling and was getting wiped
    out. And was even with things that you wouldn’t really think could

  16. Fucking lootcrates? Really, AW?

  17. still haven’t helped bring the PvP people back. NA is still dead and EU
    isn’t far behind.

  18. Hello mr Jingles!!. It toke me some time to remember why your name sounds
    so familiar, two month a go i was looking at an old movie on tv it was the
    green mile with Tom Hanks and other good actors from the 80s, it was the
    mouse in the prison ho had the name mr Jingles or maybe your balls is so
    big and bold they making some sounds or u was the santa claus for the
    shipmates in your navy days. Keep up your good work on the You Tube, i am
    sorry u stopt the display for the War Thunder its was the only game i play
    in your repertory but i respect and understand your standpoint in that
    matter. I am a simulator player myself so i dont like them sandbox games as
    W.oT. or armored Warfare but i am gladly looking when u and other gamers

  19. too bad i invested money and time for this crap game

  20. So, armoured warfare is like WoT, ut with modern tanks?

  21. I actually got some PVP on NA last night. It was much more fun than a
    couple months ago.

  22. did they change the arty round impact on the ground? don’t recall that
    shockwave which looked pretty neat.

  23. It sounds like arty and jets AWESOME I love it

  24. Mention a patch when AW gets some optimisations…

  25. this game is basically a modern wot

  26. The amount of butthurt twits in the comment section on how bad and broken
    AW is instead of just enjoying the game.
    It’s still in fucking Beta you shitlords.
    Go complain about WoT or WT or something which are way more broken.

  27. Damn those sounds are good. I like that 30 second engine start the most.
    Gets louder until it fires up.

  28. wolf king27 (four)

    is this PC only

  29. “particular challenging mission in my challenger”..pun intended xD

  30. Is it just me or do the gun sounds sound alike from gun to gun. In my
    opinion is the soundupdate a joke.

  31. So sad that PVE killed the PvP especially on the NA server.

  32. do more armored warfare replays pls

  33. Onwards and upwards AW. Great job and well done the Devs. Pats on the back
    all round.

  34. warthunder became history in jingles channel..

  35. 12:44 anyone else her “Sub woofer”

  36. Jingles, one single thing you got slightly wrong, mostly because OE didn’t
    bother explaining anyway. The shot delay was present ONLY in PVP. It did
    not exist in PVE. And since I know you play mostly PVE, I found it a bit
    odd to hear you say that you felt the change. Maybe you played some PVP and
    that’s why. And a bit off-topic, their “fix” of the shot delay now makes it
    almost impossible to hit with autocannons while on the move, even at
    extremely close ranges. Many people complained, OE said they are already
    working on it.
    Awesome video, as always. Been following you since you were slightly over
    100k. And I think this is the first video where you got something wrong
    because the devs weren’t clear ^_^. Never change! <3

  37. Old Blood 'n' Guts

    Damn the T-15 HIFV (which sounds like it has AIDS) looks dumb…

  38. Jingles, you praising the T-15 for having “armor” just shows that you’ve
    never driven the pile of garbage in PvP :P

  39. That normalization fix is correct, since those light outer structures
    really should have no effect at all against a high-velocity dense
    AP/APDS/APCR/APFSDS projectile. In reality, that effect should vary with
    plate thickness, being small against thin armor and more against heavier
    armor, up to a point where the the armor can be simply called “thick” and
    the normalization maxes out. It should also vary with projectile type, as
    currently with HEAT rounds, which have little of this effect (except for
    high obliquity against the old WWII-type base-fuzed HEAT round, which has a
    tiny, but significant, delay between impact and filler detonation and
    should have some problems with high obliquity ricochet): APCR/APDS has less
    of this effect due to their high density inertia and the even denser,
    longer APFSDS has virtually no such effect at all, since the nose of these
    super-high-velocity needle-nosed projectiles MELT as they penetrate, so no
    tilt of the projectile body behind the melting tip ever happens.

  40. Jingles, Get yourself a 1070, that 970 is really struggling on certain
    maps(40FPS on Phalanx, 50 on stormy winter)

  41. Lonk Hero of Memes

    That T-15 HIFV is really long… sound familiar anyone? It’s like the TOG
    II of Armored Warfare 😀 :P

  42. I always appreciate good audio upgrades. Those guns have a good punch and
    roll now!

  43. A reason to dink around with AW again, cool.

  44. Jingles were is the next xcom2 video

  45. The problem with the sound and the changes is actually a funny one. The UI
    is pissing me off now. It’s too intrusive compared to the other elements.

  46. Jingles, what type of PC do you have and how much is it?

  47. They finally fixed the delay?! I’m reinstalling to give AW another go.

  48. Jingles, you really should have marked this as NSFW….that challenger
    firing was just….well it’s tank porn plain and simple.

  49. sub on desktop speaker set? try 9.1 surround set and crank up the volume…
    almost like WOWS. love these games with giant gunns so much :)

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