Armored Warfare: Patch 0.17 First Impressions

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How do I feel about the latest patch, well I have some thoughts on it and I’m willing to share them.


  1. ladies and gentlemen light tanks are dead, when having a afv vs light tank
    fight you could utilize your cannon proof Armour to press hard on them, but
    now with agtms on the move why ever try.

    So the Challenger series of tanks how do you feel about them now in a atgm
    rich environment i haven’t tried testing their era effectiveness against
    missiles but I assume they hold up reasonably assuming they don’t blow off
    the era tiles.

  2. Fair points
    😉 LGBT FTW

  3. Wasteland Wanderer 1216

    I like the idea of these patches but 27 gig per patch?!

  4. “wink” what a sparkli, rainbowy flag that i dont know what is;)

  5. comparing AFVs and TDs is interessting – hadn’t thought of that. I had
    thought that LT and TDs essentially played the same – except that LT for
    some reason seem to have greater accuracy…

  6. I’m upset… Nah, not really.

  7. I agree with what you are saying, just that i feel the players don’t see
    the rewards for their actions while the play the battle (I know the badges
    are meant to show that). Lik if i run across the field and spot 3 tanks and
    2 of them get hit because of it, i want lik a real time counter to show
    that happening. So this counter should be specific to each class and the
    activities they are meant to be doin..

    And on a lighter note, hey i featured in the first battle, against Fiaura’s
    Team. And i remember saying to my team ‘Oh no Fiaura’ lol.

  8. I agree with fi. Everyone should just relax and let the developers do the
    patches, get used to it, and then decide if it was good or not. One thing
    the developers should do is ride in those tanks at a tank drivers school.
    After that make badges for when they do something in what tank is being
    used that its meant for. Also some form of “You done fucked up” should be
    awarded if they mess up, like when an infantry tank goes in front of a
    heavy tank and tries to have a gun fight without out maneuvering it, or
    somehow mounts another tank and you get shot in the under side.

    Also the flag is a LGBT flag, also known as a gay pride flag. ;)

  9. If this patch (which I’ll call 0.17 Part 1, because that’s basically what
    it seems to be) did one thing, it was to break the Tier 6 Terminator to an
    amazing degree.

    But it did more, even though I, now being a mostly PvE Player, don’t notice
    much of it.

  10. ;D That is of Best Flag (Rainbow Flag).

    Thank you and take care Fi

  11. Update seems fine so far on the graveyard that is NA servers… VBR seems
    like a way more fun VBL with some better guns and viewrange.

  12. Hi Fiaura

    >wink< ahhh, the Rainbow flag. Well, they've already added the UN and EU flags, so you know, it would be fun if (or Obsidian, whoever actually does this sort of stuff...) added the Rainbow flag as a decal, and while we're at it, there are all sorts of horses already, so let's tweak one a bit to make a.... Unicorn. It could be fun to plop these on your vehicles. I could imagine a merc company of LGBT in this game environment, sort of. I know a couple of transmen who had some REAL aggression issues until they got their testosterone levels right. And I could fill a platoon with prior-service transwomen whom I've met personally (not that we are interested in forming a merc company, but in theory it could be done). As far as patch 0.17. In my considered opinion, I think that 15 smoke charges are too many. You should be able to pop two charges within 10 seconds, but increase the reload time to 60 seconds after that, based on my on experience with the smoke grenade launchers on the M60A3 and M113. I could see a total of 10 charges per match being reasonable, but 15? Currently, you could pop one charge every 45 seconds for the entire match; if everyone on a team did this, the map would be mostly a smoke cloud. If you really want to turn the game into a knife fight, OK. In that case, arty and tanks like the Sheridan and M60A2 would be really useful, because now you've shortened engagement ranges down to under 300 meters (probably under 100 meters) and you need a huge punch once you finally find someone in the cloud, or just fling large-caliber HE in blind and watch for the secondary explosions. Yeah, thermal sights negate low-tier smoke in real life, but it's easy enough to get smoke grenades with metalized particles in them to degrade thermal sight efficiency; they've been available since the early 90s, Bottom line - 5 suggested changes to smoke: 1. Reduce the number of charges available; 2. Make the duration of each smoke cloud about 30 seconds; 3. Allow different vehicles a varying number of rapid smoke launches, say 1, 2, or 3 (like the ammo clips on some vehicles) that are unlocked as upgrades; 4. Decrease the reload time for single charge launchers to about 40 seconds and increase the reload time for 2 and 3 smoke clips to 60 or 75 seonds. Less time for partial reloads, though - keep that at 40 seconds; 5. Introduce the thermal sight vs metalized smoke "arms race" at higher tiers (6 and up) again as upgrades. Other than that, my main complaint is the load screens. Since the patch hit, I routinely hear the countdown noises and the match starting while the stupid load screen just sits there, and you can hear people slam into each other. I usually wind up with the match popping into existence 3-10 seconds after it starts. I don't think it just me, because I see other people just sitting there in the middle of the road with people crashed into them, then jerk into movement as well. It is very rare that I get the full countdown, usually it's a max of 10 seconds if I get any countdown at all. In earlier patches, it was rare to get less than a 15 second countdown before the match started. Beyond patch 0.17: You are right that the awards need to be tuned a bit to reward knowledgeable play. Light tanks, AFV, and TD all should get bonuses for flank and rear shots. Lights and AFV should get bonuses for spotting. TD should get bonuses for sniping. Arty, well, I'm just getting to the point where I'm unlocking illumination rounds, but I feel they should get bonuses for lighting up areas (aiding spotting), smoking areas (denying spotting), and blocking choke points like bridges, passes, and cap circles with HE. MBT? Well, just my opinion, but MBT are paid to get in there and punch; I am actually proposing a penalty (a negative bonus, if you will) for an MBT that spends more than 60 seconds in a single 100 meter circle. This would discourage camping and just wiggling to avoid the timer, and would encourage MBT to move to different firing positions periodically. Put an exception into the code that this penalty doesn't apply to the cap circle. People who rush the cap circle early are usually punished by either the game or the opposing players already. Finally, and this is just something I'd like to see in the future, but how about being able to trade all the Commander insignia for Crew experience insignia or something... even on a two for one basis. I've accumulated a ton of these things, but all of my commanders are all at level 5, so the insignia are totally useless. Or am I missing something. Is there any benefit to getting a commander up to 999,000 points? You raise some interesting points about the game balance. Thanks for an illuminating video.

  13. I could not agree with you more.

  14. sorry, i see much more ” no effect ” issues now..and which changes are u in
    fact talking about ? 🙂 ans dev.blogs ? oh come on, the last fairytales i
    was reading 40 years ago … my idea of dynamic mapping, creating a ”
    Story” ( interesting, they took my idea of creating bridges to the Lord of
    war Play 🙂 ) adding a Promotion System, stop this stupid vertical
    grinding ( taugrim made a very nice comment bout it ) but in fact they
    nearly managed to kill the playerbase , they never had a MASTER PLAN but
    learning by doing is a bad idea of creating a game…and again, they have
    to understand, that EU , USA and other regions than russia have another
    Tradition of Service and Marketing… and to be honest : they should stop
    this shit lie of ” free to Play”… everybody knows that it is nonsense,
    the do it only for making bucks, and it is not Kind of social aid… so,
    the prem Players who pay monthly should have realy better benefits than
    those small grind help… depending how Long they stay, some Special tanks
    as a gift for example…only new tanks, overpriced packages, nerfing
    premius, making People angry… no patch will help, if there is not a
    Change in attitude

  15. 15 smoke grenades is to much really
    3-5 sounds ( mayby could be different on different vehicles ) more
    but yeah the new missiles, missiles are now usefull, and most inportian fun

  16. tried PvP with a friend one time ( tier 4 or 3 i think )
    i died within 3 min and barely did anything ( i think 2 hits and 3 spots )
    my friend laseted 5 min ( 3 hits and 0 spots )

    after that never played PvP again

  17. *Wink* The Mighty Faggot Flag! Mwahahahaha!
    Don’t worry, I’m not a homophobe; just a Milophile. >:3

  18. 😉 Rainbow flag, obviously. No trans flag though? :P

  19. How is WOT not a shit ?the game is several years old and the lazy devs
    never bothered to really improve it in any way other than adding new tanks
    it took introduction of AW that made them do something about the product
    and even then AW is 1 years old and it is better more complex and more
    complete game than WOT

  20. Last I seen int he Dev Blog, the removal of arty was aimed at yanking AI
    arty in .18 from and then having it fixed and re-implemented in PvE by .19.
    It did not read, to me, like they intended on yanking player-controlled

    Absolutely adoring the missile changes to the VBL, able to actually take it
    into PvE and not be dead weight is fantastic. It feels a bit like a hybrid
    of a Scout and a TD… you still need to be in a position to spot, but you
    can be more flexible on what facing you can attack targets and from how far
    away, with the tradeoff of needing to be really careful in close. Whenever
    anyone asks about it I just keep emphasizing that, like the autocannon
    version your main source of XP will still be scouting and it’s still your
    job to spot… and to build for that before missile performance.

    Oh yeah, IDK about other stop-and-fire missiles vehicles, but with the VBL
    as soon as you fire you can move and continue to guide the launched
    missile, you don’t need to sit still to aim them (the actual logistics of
    aiming while driving what amounts to a rocket-propelled jumping bean on ice

    The bit about TD’s and AFV’s… there are several TD’s in real life fill
    the same scout role many of the AFV’s in the game also fill here (AMX-10RCR
    and ERC-90 spring to mind). It looks to me like they’re going to move to a
    much more fluid set of roles for vehicles-

    -and a really strong emphasis on poke and disengage tactics, as well as
    what looks like more emphasis on ambush tactics. I wonder if they intend
    smoke-laying to be the primary way of covering advances in the face of the
    (proposed and upcoming) giving every AFV from T3 on missiles.

    As you’ve said it’s the first part of a triumvirate of patches and changes
    that are going to shake up balance. I mean, you can still see the sawdust
    on the floor, after all. There’s little reason for folks to hand-wring
    until everything’s been slotted into place.

  21. I do like that they changed how spawning works in PVE I don’t have nearly
    the spawn in mob issues that I had in the past though it still does spawn
    ais close to players. I don’t like the fact that most of the big events
    going on recently have been PVP only and that is because I play on the NA
    server not EU where the people play allot of PVP and it just becomes too
    much of a hassle. It wasn’t bad when it was the boot camp where you had to
    play 2 teir 3 matches a day for 15 days to get 30 at least and gave good
    credits and global rep and a chieftain mk 6 which allowed me to buy my
    first teir 10 but the only going on now asking more in the second one with
    2 teir 6 matches as well as teir 3 matches and doubling the number of games
    for the premium vehicle without a increase in credits or global rep per
    game was anything but strange. I hope they go back to the events that do
    not discriminate between PVP or PVE and just allow the player to do what
    makes them enjoy the game I did not enjoy PVP at all but those PVE events
    from way back that awarded gold I played the shit out of the game and got
    the max amount of gold and then used it to buy premium vehicles. I had a
    bit of trouble downloading the update as it would seem to me that when the
    launcher verified the game files it corrupted some making the download
    something like 32GB and my internet sucks in terms of reliability not speed
    but the devs confirmed my suspicions when I filed a ticket about the long
    download as it was indeed a game problem not my PC. I do like that armored
    warfare does allot more events then the other tank games do and that the
    daily bonus system does give some ok rewards and actually gives you gold
    not some challenge thing that you have to do near impossible objectives to
    get premium currency, if anything they should make it when a update is out
    that week from the update release that you can get your daily bonus by
    opening the launcher not launching the game which is updating and not ever
    player has access to good internet speeds where I live we are a 3rd
    world state in a 1st world country.

  22. Have not seen much differ except for shooting on the move with missiles.
    Since i started playing PVP: What i notice is to many tank players go to a
    choke points or look-out points, or camp at base & wait for the dummies to
    come into their area & kill them. Then wait til the enemy numbers get
    thinned-out then go mop up & farm for damage. This is why map knowledge is
    the key. I like it when a platoon goes on an offensive & uses strategy, &
    skill to out perform the enemy

  23. LGBT flag for the win! *winks*

  24. PvE player here (Because NA)
    After playing update 0.17 all I have to say after seeing the faction camos
    for bots is this…

    I will kill every single NPAA Member if it means I get to put their camo on
    my tank.

  25. AW is going to the right way it seems, lets hope they can deliver their
    vision. Really waiting for the changes to MBTs and the promised Terminator
    rework(Ramka so needs more gun depression at least).
    Seen a lot more aggressive plays and it makes far better gameplay IMO.

  26. Official Comment by AW support.
    Dear Player,

    Thank you for patiently waiting for our response to this inquiry.

    All vehicles bought in the dealer section apply to one server as you’ve got
    separate gold and credits balance on each server.

    We’ve never stated officially that vehicles are applied to both servers.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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