Armored Warfare – PL-01 and Leopard 2A7-140 Gameplay – Update 0.15 Gameplay

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Source: The Shermanator

Armored Warfare released their 0.15 patch today which includes 10 vehicles a lot of changes.

Official Patch Notes:

~Thanks for watching!


  1. 1st comment

  2. dat boi

  3. Ohhhhhh Poland-01 Awesome video

  4. The Leopard 2 A7 with era looks like a T14 armata.

  5. What kind of magic is this

  6. MLGBananaPealer


  7. those holes on the turret of the PL-01 and the Leo 2A7 140 are smoke

  8. woooo i was so hyped since the showcase vid, and now super duper sci-fi MGS
    stealth tank is here

  9. Dang 19 minutes a 13 comments must be doing something right sherm

  10. its interesting how your commenting on how the leopard is becoming more
    abrams like when supposedly from what ive heard the french and the germans
    are working together to make a t14 armata equivalent although from thats
    not gonna be a thing for quite a few years


    Also, pleb master, did you play Twisted Insurrection mod? :>

  12. FN-2199 The Riot Control Stormtrooper

    The M1A2 uses a licensed version of the L44… I believe. And I also think
    it is Rheinmetall

  13. Donkel Doo The Dapper Dog


  14. Now that I think about it, Renegade might have been an inspiration of Star
    Wars Battlefront.

  15. I’m not sure how about this fake Leo.

  16. Toilet cleaning vehicle.

  17. the PL-01 is so fucking cool, but the Leo is always bae

  18. Abrams is retarded Leopard.

  19. How wa the game did you win or lose

  20. Greatest pl1 gameplay ever. ;)

  21. Jesper O (RaDeus)

    So AW adds a redesigned Strf90-120, which the PL-01 is, before they add any
    of the Strf90 variants… where is the love?

  22. Eftychios Papadopoulos

    What do you think it is better World of Tanks ( wich i am playing) or
    Armored Warfare (wich it is seems to be rather nice)????

  23. There is a game called Renegade X which is a modern version of Renegade :D

  24. German engineering Bias !

  25. The M551 Sheridan does more damage per shot xD

  26. Leopard 2a7 doesn’t use the 140mm it still uses the L55 its been announced
    that Germany and France will co develop the leopard 3 because the lifespan
    of the Leo 2 will expire in 2030 the Leo 3 will mount a 130mm rheinmettal
    is a offering a new high pressure 120mm as a modernization for the Leo 2 it
    has 20% better performance then the l55.

  27. Eftychios Papadopoulos

    Hmm maybe i dont know. Well i dont think so that Armored Warfare is
    dificult as i see it. So maybe i will start playing also that game. Thx for
    the advice ;)

  28. Sherm, you didn’t hear about Renegade X?

  29. its bad tank omg

  30. the 2A7 has no ERA, it is appliqué. the holes in the turret are smoke
    launchers I think

  31. Who knowes that the M1A1 ABRAMS uses a german canon and reloadind

  32. thank you

  33. Yeah, the Abrams uses a German 120mm

  34. Sherman will you maybe play any other CnC like Tiberium sun or wars or
    anything like that?

  35. Kaito “Neaito” Shion of Montreal

    me wanting the Type 10 Japaneese MBT…

  36. This tank is a stealth tank

  37. You saying the Leopards and the Abrams are very similar isn’t wrong. They
    were developed side by side for NATO standardization.

  38. just play renegade x

  39. those holes are the smoke granade launcher

  40. Aw renegade what a game

  41. So do you have some thing planed when you hit 100,000 subs?

  42. I’m doing a report on this tank for school

  43. PL-01 also has an anti missile system and that’s why it looks like that it
    can camouflage it’s self against heat and guided missiles

  44. This game annoys me a lot. You have the side of a turret to shoot at,
    asking for it. And its better to shoot the middle of the front side of the
    angled hull. WHY? OH, WHY?

  45. Phuripat Choktiyakorakul

    Not playing until Pokpung-Ho and North Korean MBTs arrive.

  46. Shockin Awesome

    What the fuck baron just made a stealth tank in cross out and now you are
    talking about it

  47. The PL-01 looks so out of place, it’s so sci-fi looking it’s crazy.

    They could’ve added it on April Fools day and people would’ve thought it
    was a joke tank it looks so out of place.

  48. That one guy down the street in your neighborhood who chokes his chicken on your lawn like a asshole

    Do the XM1A3!

  49. what nation does the pl-01 belong

  50. Tbf sherman you get certain international “trends” in vehicle development.
    Like I’m pretty sure that every western nation apart from the UK uses
    licensed versions of the german 120mm gun. And before that most nations
    used licensed versions of the British L7 105.

    And also with armour, the British shared Chobham armour with the Americans.
    And I’m pretty darn sure there’s a lot more crossovers between western

  51. I wonder if he knows the Abrams and Leopard 2 came from a tank that was
    jointly developed (MBT 70)

    That is where the similarities come from. a disagreement in development
    caused the two countries to split and continue work on their own tanks

  52. I remember playing C&C Renegade all the time. It’s fucking difficult, but
    it’s fun as hell!

  53. the US probably uses the 120 mm since the 105 mm was made my the royal
    ordenance companys.

  54. Eye_Patch_Pirate ?

    the XM1 was a prototype tank which resulted in the original abrams tank. It
    was mounted with a US built gun. The main difference with the Abrams is
    that the Abrams sports a Rheinmetal gun, which generated quite some
    controversy in the 70s and 80s.

  55. Poland power

  56. The upgraded Leo 2a7 looks like the pl-01’s big brother

  57. well AW is set in the year 2030 so we can expect some pretty crazy high
    tier shit.

  58. Level up with Doruta DIY

    Try to play WoT!

  59. Testing new tanks vs bots is pointless…

  60. KMW don’t cooperate with General Dynamics. Leopard 2A7 140 don’t exist,
    it’s concept. And KMW cooperate with Nexter Systems SA (GIAT/Nexter created
    AMX-56 Leclerc) and now those two companies are working on creating Leopard

  61. Worthiestnobody

    Fan peoples have remade Renegade into something called Renegade X, also hi
    Sherman, im a new recruit, RCT. Worth :D

  62. Like for Command and Conquer!

  63. The holes are for the smoke grenades.

  64. The best part about the PL-01 is that it is POLISH LIKE IF YOU

  65. abram and leopard are not alike when one can stupidly put more retrofits
    than the other one for no reason.

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