Armored Warfare: PL-01 Review / Guide, PVP Gameplay

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Source: Taugrim


We review the PL-01, the new tier 10 Polish LT in Warfare (AW), with gameplay of a Coastal Threat battle.

Stat line: 6.2k damage, 4 kills

The PL-01 is the most fun tank I’ve played in AW. It possesses amazing gun handling, solid frontal armor (with one large weak in the lower plate), great camo, good agility.

up-to-date recommendations on commander, crew, retrofits, see the guide on my blog:

Similar to my “Road to Unicum” video World of Tanks (WoT), the objective of these AW videos is to meaningfully help players improve their PVP gameplay.

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  1. M1A1.

  2. M1 A1 or BMD 4 would be great.

  3. In order, M1A1, BMD-4, Typhoon.

  4. i want to see them all Taugrim!! 😉 i think i’m a pretty good player as i
    have a 62% winrate, yet when i see how flawlessly u carry matches, i begin
    to question just how good of a player i really am :P

  5. i’m having a lot of fun with AW, i think the first tier 10 i’ll get is the

    AW is more fun than wot because you get all the crew perks by default,
    especially sixth sense. also, no prem ammo.

  6. I saw you in a game a few days ago in my Draco. I didn’t even realize it
    was you until the after battle results where you just dominated. It was in
    PvE though, I’m guessing you were grinding through your T-90MS.

    Anyway, I’m working my way through the BMD-4 right now. I’m not sure how to
    go about building it out. In fact, my entire time through the BMD-2 I
    didn’t put any rets on it except view range because I didn’t know where to
    really go with it. Was such a good all-rounder, it was really capable of
    doing anything but tanking, obviously.

  7. Great video as always. I was wondering if you could make a primer video
    specifically for WoT players who are considering to, or who have switched
    but feel out of their depth.

  8. Thanks for the video! bmd-4 sounds great to me!

    How many people play PvP on the NA server and how do you see the current
    population status?

  9. What is going on with this game??…The NA server population is so low even
    in mid tiers–can’t get full teams. I switched over to the EU server, and
    even with 140+ players in queue it still takes over 2 mins to get into a

  10. I’d like to see the Taifun and how you handle a non-turreted tank.

  11. Nice to see another review Taugrim. Hope all is well with you!

  12. bmd 4

  13. As always awesome work! o7 0-armedbushido

  14. Not sure if you know this Taugrim, but during an 8thCH training night we
    tested the weakspots on the tier 10 vehicles and it turns out that the
    PL_01 can be 1-2 shot by HE through the frontal engine vent weakspot. This
    can even be accomplished by a tier 8 vehicle.

  15. Both are interesting to me! :-)

  16. Many people said 0.15 would be an important patch for the futur of the game.

    What is your general taught for the game in post 0.15 state? Do you think
    it is going in the right direction?

  17. Good review, the PL-01 certainly is an interesting machine and it’s one of
    the vehicles I’m working towards.

    Could you review the Taifun next?

  18. still can’t decide this chally or t14 had token from day one on chally
    line. think I’d take sphinx if I could for a laugh

  19. infinitelyExplosive

    What do you think about the general high-tier balance?

  20. Thank you for the nice video!

    Keep them comming :)

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