Armored Warfare: Progression Reset – Here’s What Happens

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Source: WillfulTangent

Taking one for the team today. Here’s what happens when you go through with the Progression Reset Option for Update 0.19’s Balance 2.0 Compensation roll out. I need a beer now.

Ill get the links in video tomorrow.

Find Me In-Game:
– WillfulTangent (NA/EU Server)
World of Tanks – WillfulTangent (NA/EU Server)

System Specs:
CPU – Pentium i7-4790K
CPU Cooler – Corsair H55 Hydro AIO
GPU – EVGA Geforce GTX 750ti FTW Edition
Motherboard – ASrock Z97 Aniversary
HDD – 1Tb WD Blue
RAM – 16Gb Crucial Balistix Sport
PSU – 500w Corsair Modular
CASE – Thermaltake H25

Game Settings:
World of Tanks (HD Client) Maximum
World of Warships (HD Client) High
World of Warplanes (HD Client) Very High
Armored Warfare (HD Client) High


  1. Thanks for the update I’ve been kicking around the idea of giving AW a shot again, I think I will now!

  2. I know it’s just a game, but that was scary af …

    Were you able to get all your tanks back if so desired, and what happened to your gold?

  3. Thank you for the video.

  4. Thank You, very well done !!  I thought my tanks were slow but after seeing your video it seems the norm now.  Regards

  5. José Luis Chirinos Huyhua

    Do you know if your crew stats are kept? I wonder if i reste and bus new vehicles can get The crew stats of other vehicles

  6. funny thing is that AI that has rockets uses ONLY rockets and not autocannons

  7. for auto loaders you can still have single shot by hitting the reload bottom

  8. T10 leo and m1a3 should get 120mm L55 guns

  9. Many thanks for this great performance and the detailed Statement. Now I’m sure I’ll reset. Thank you very much.

  10. I did the reset and then “free-exp’d” unlocked LITERALLY ALL THE vehicles IN THE GAME (expect the arties).
    So now I have no reason to do PVE (is not that good for exp now in any case) and there is no players to do PVP in NA…

  11. From what I have heard the gold refunded is only what was spent on cameo & battle hardened.

    KaSH also said that before anyone resets, they should buy the advanced retrofits for premium vehicles. Those are also supposed to stay in place.

    Scimitar = Simə tär it’s a silent c.

  12. Dragoons are Mounted Infantry who Carry Muskets and swords, and could fight mounted or on foot, and where used as poilce, by most eroupean countries during the 19th centry

  13. pve player … dont wanna be rude but thats worst that cancer ….

  14. it wont let me do it

  15. For some reason nothing happens when I try to do a progression reset. I type in my name correctly and nothing!

  16. M829 (APFSDS) weighs 41-47 pounds, depending on the variant.  M830 (HEAT MPAT) weighs 53lbs.You could not load a 140mm round as a unitary round.  It would have to be in two parts. Once you go to two part rounds, all the advantages which a flexible human has in speed loading (first 3-5 rounds can technically be slammed every 4-5 seconds, until the loader tires or his bustle reach gets too long) go away because he is repeating motions as reach to different parts of the tank.  This is where a carousel loader can come into it’s own, at least as a function of standing on an explosive filled death trap if you are penned, because the carousels can rotate independently, dropping rounds from the top deck into a common feed tray and then ramming both propellant bag and shell into the breach together.  This happens roughly every 6-8 seconds so the speed difference is one of an 8-10 (constant) load rate vs. a 5-6 in the first twenty seconds for a human loader.Games don’t understand that a ‘ready use’ magazine in tanking is a loader with a round IN HIS ARMS as the gun fires.  It is dangerous as hell because if you are penetrated with open ammunition you have essentially killed everyone in the fighting compartment and it can only really be done from a static position because if you are carrying you have to secure that round by cradling it to your chest which means you cannot grab the upper handle the helps keep your butt levered back away from the breach when the vehicle is jumping around, cross country (the breach block will crush your rib cage, instantly, if you are anywhere near it when it slides back, another reason to eliminate the exposed breach with an autoloader).But what it means is that, in a properly represented game ballistics model where each round CAN singleshot an MBT rather than ‘taking off hitpoints’ is you win by killing more tanks immediately than the autoloader does as a steady average.That said, there is a massive difference between an autoloader and an on-mount clip or revolver magazine as well.  An on-mount round carriage system can reload and be ready to fire again as soon as the breach clears the base from the prior round.  This means tenths of a second as the only motion that must happen is the rotation of the cylinder or drop of the rounds into the feed tray.  You don’t have to put the tube into battery to clear the breach and you don’t have to load the gun from separately stored and presented rounds in the carousel.Would it take an autoloader 18 seconds to stuff two rounds into an on-mount magazine from a carousel magazine?  No.On Laser Warning Sensors.  For a tank fire control computer to accurately lead a (moving) target for a conventional round engagement, it has to know where the target is now and where it is just before trigger initiation as a function of range-rate calculation so that the tube can be displaced in traverse and if need be, micro-elevated (trig) to establish correct lead.This laser ranging has nothing whatsoever to do with modern ATGM use as most gunners know better than to illuminate a tank which has the receiver system bugeyes and warn the crew to get under cover, pop smoke or return fire using thermal spotting (max range TOW shots take about 17 seconds) so there _is_ time for a useful defense.At the same time, because you are constantly correcting guidance in the SACLOS mode by moving the targeting cursor around, (sending signals down a guidance wire or RF link which instructs the missile to stay centered in the cross hairs, based on the missile tracker in the firing post detecting deviations from the reticle center of an IR dioded carried on the rear of the missile), you are always adjusting lead in real time.What detects an approaching missile is a doped UV detector which spots the spike in ultraviolet radiation from the missile motor and lights off a set of MMW radars on the corners of the turrets to get very fine range and range rate calculations.Since most APS are in fact designed primarily to defeat RPG and similar anti tank rockets from as little as 10 meters away (a firing distance which will fry the gunner with backblast if he triggers his weapon this close) the notion that you cannot stop an ATGM which is ony about 100-150mph faster at under 300 meters is ludicrous.What most people don’t understand about APS is that there are two types:  The first is based on a dumb interceptor (soon to be seekered) which fires out a frag (HEAT) or blast (APFSDS) warhead to hit the inbound round after it approaches to within 30m (most intercepts are in fact at 10-15m).  Reaction time, inherent to pointing a turret and fine tracking to intercept is about 350 milliseconds.The second active protection system works on a shotgun or DIME (Dense Inert Metal Explosive) which essentially forms a shaped charge with nothing but high density plasma called an ‘energy blade’.  This latter system is triggered when the inbound round is less than 3 meters out with a reaction time measured in microseconds 560 for the AMAP-ADS).When these systems are layered, it becomes all but impossible for 500-700mph missies, coasting after propellant burnout, to break through as the APS system has multiple threshold triggerable events, on the off chance that one (mechanical intercept) is only partially effective or misses outright, the other (directed plasma lance) can immediately take over without jamming or obscurment of the target by the failed warhead detonation.Dual layer MAWS = no jamming or hardkill of the radar ranger.  Dual kill APS = no hit or miss instant decisions, but always a layered defense..

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