Armored Warfare Ps4 : Early Access Gameplay

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Source: Eraprism

early access gameplay from armored ps4 enjoy (:
gameplay 9:24

founders pack’s:


  1. The tank graphics aren’t high mostly because of the fact that they look brand new unlike WoT, but I’ll like this more.

  2. This game looks great! As a World of Tanks player and War Thunder player, I’m willing to spend hours, months or even Years into this game, see you on the front lines on the 20th!

  3. Actually the ps4 version now is the early version of AW PC so we have to get a bounch of updates until the final version! the pc version is Amassing but in console the developers who are differend team can make even more cus the console has bigger possibilities for further development! I download it in console and i love it,i play this game in pc too is my favorite!the mechanics the models the psychics the effects the sounds the equipment works like in real in this game nothing fake all exist!

  4. great video hope all the best in the future and would be awesome to hopefully make a video with you.

  5. 700 views good on ya cuz

  6. Is this a F2P game or do you have to buy on of the packs?

  7. Best part is no PVP artillery!

  8. Wow, coming from someone that has played the pc version of AW. This has to be a very early build, it’s missing a ton of the polish of the pc version. Tank models look very rudimentary, no tank tread or particle physics, and no muzzle blast. I would love for AW to take off and possibly make it to Xbox but they have a lot to do to catch this up to the pc version.

  9. This game is run off a server right. So if I understand install it and download again everything will be okay right?

  10. Thats it im downloading it now

  11. This is little bit different compared to the PC ver… Visual-wise.

  12. Just want more cross platform games , like war thunder

  13. Is this game out now to play ?

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