Armored Warfare PS4 First Look

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Source: Cpt Beardface

My and impressions on Armored Warfare on PS4.

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Play World of Tanks for free at (for PC users) or download it for free from the PlayStation or store.


  1. So I bought one of the packs and it won’t let me download the game I don’t know what to do

    • – WoTomega18 have a check in your library on your PS4 to see if it’s there, everything you’ve purchased should be in there, otherwise you’d have to contact Sony customer services I’m afraid

  2. Talyn Ó Dochartaigh

    AW only downfall on pc was you couldnt run it with a potato computer so alot of people didnt bother. It was actually better than Wot.

  3. Omg the HUD looks so bad. The HUD of the PC version is probably one of the best things about the game in my opinion.

    • Actually the ps4 version now is the early version of AW PC so we have to get a bounch of updates with many great stuff! the pc version is Amasing, in console the developers who are differend team can make even more cus the console has bigger possibilities for further development!

  4. I love how Xbox gets nothing good

  5. I like how Xbox has been not gotten either War Thunder or Armored Warfare but PS4 is

  6. Honestly I would say don’t waste your time playing this game it’s fucking garbage due to the fact that na servers on PC have no player base whatsoever and it’s going to be like that for na servers for the PS4

    • CHRONIS-GR at least wot could keep people playing this game did a shit job

    • And their solution was to add bots and the bot artillery pieces would fire at you all game long as soon as you were spotted terrible game on pc

    • read what i write and stop been a sheep

    • CHRONIS-GR its a shit game

    • Why crying? people love it day by day and want something new differend and alternative with Modern tanks,why all must be addicted & prisoners of WG??….i dont understand the reason that some people to attack anything that is not WoT i really dont understad that!! maybe is the addiction or the company trolls who afraid the downfall?? we have anought games with old tanks too many of them,Me and many others dont like old tanks and simple gameplay of using only 3 shells to play or die from artillery! or pay to win with gold ammo! and i talk as an old player of wot pc-console-tablet witch i have all the premium tanks!

  7. Founders packs go up to $99. Wow.

    • Derek C. This is a head scratcher. I played the tutorial, after that I leveled my Buldog and then I leveled my LAV -150. I played pve with these. When I got the Leopard I played pve on medium difficulty and PVP (global operations). But I was able to do the daily challenges (the pve ones) on the LAV if I remember correctly.
      Have completed the “garage tutorial” as well. Thats the part when the game showes you how you can upgrade your vehicle. It gives you the option to skip it. I didn’t skip it. Maybe there is a small bug in the garage client that prevents you from advancing to further garage unlocks if you skipped it. I am just guessing here.

      Have you activated your premium yet? I did that as well the third day because it didn’t realise I needed to do that manually.

    • davy heijlands – I edited my reply above. ?

    • Derek C. Glad to help. See you on the battlefield

    • davy heijlands – I’m Devildog_627

    • Derek C. I’ll send you an invite

  8. Can’t wait to try it when it comes to Xbox, maybe Wargaming will finally get some competition

    • think you maybe waiting a long time, get a ps4 and set yourself free from the xbox WoT potatoes

    • steven phillips warthunder is coming to xbox this year and world of war ships will come to xbox eventually its still a work in progress

    • steven phillips sorry I got to much invested in xbox one x, two many games I would have to rebuy and start over on I like it better anyway I still have a ps3 that I never use

  9. Hey Captain! Could you look into something for me? I want to switch my WoT account over from Xbox One to PS4 so I can play this, WoT, and War Thunder on the same platform. Is that something WG would let me do?Thanks in advance Captain!

    • Austin Feather Yeah what these guys said, you can’t swap from Xbox to PS4 unfortunately

    • Austin Feather xbox is getting warthunder this year all you have to do is wait

    • Austin Feather this game on pc sucks it lost alot of players and alot of the matches had bots so it felt more populated

    • I see, that’s unfortunate. I was a beta tester when Tanks first launched on Xbox 360, so I’ve always had my account with Microsoft long before Tanks launched on PS4. Now I’m just stuck with Xbox though I play a hell of a lot more games on my PS4. Thanks for getting back with me!

    • I hope they optimize it better for Xbox than it was on PS4. The UI still had mouse and keyboard configurations. The control were a bit frustrating for me.

  10. Doesn’t look good on console.

    • Actually the ps4 version now is the early version of AW PC so we have to get a bounch of updates with many great stuff! the pc version is Amassing, in console the developers who are differend team can make even more cus the console has bigger possibilities for further development! but the gameplay battle stuff is BY FAR BEST IN ANY CATEGORY,EFFECTS SOUNDS REALISATION ALL,DONT JUDJE BY THE GARAGE THE GAME PLAY TAKE A TIER 6 TANK AND THEN WILL SEE

    • hey I have the PC version and all I can say is that the graphics look top notch

    • YeOldVisigoth battlefield 3 remastered

  11. Lol
    13 comment

  12. I bought a founders pack as well. I don’t know yet. It baffles me that they didn’t just copy the control layout from WoT…..the rest seems copy pasted almost verbatim…I struggle more with the controls than I should.

    I must have played WoT for too long. I hope they will implement a customisable control setup soon.

    • No need to shout, I can read you know. Yes this game is in a better state than WoT was on release. But the simple fact is that the majority of players who are going to play AW will have played WoT and I can tell you most of them will be put of by the controls the way they are now. Even BF4 has the same controller layout WoT has…this tells you that these controlls are kinda standard now.
      Imagine if a fps came out and the devs decided to let the player aim with the left analogue stick and walk with the right and there was no way a player could change that….I can tell you what will happen. Players will leave immediately. People don’t like changes like that. Controlling your character or vehicle should feel intuitive. If you would need to learn this separate for every game this wouldn’t make any sense.

      AW has population issues as long as it is out on pc. If the devs are not going to address this (or at least allow custom button mapping) this game will bleed dry pretty soon.
      Which I don’t hope but I am realistic. After three days it still annoys the sh** out of me and I am a tank enthusiast. How long will the average millennial “struggle” with a free game if it doesn’t feel right?

    • my rest of comments are for the video not for yours,you reply in wrong comment )

    • I dont think the controls out of the box are that bad. It is very intuitive to me. There is not that much to control, other than remembering the handbrake. I have played WoT and WT extensively.

    • Byron Bailey. I am happy for you. But I play with the driver control layout (the one that uses R2 to drive forward) and with this layout the R1, L1 and the R3 button are switched around. I find this super annoying to have to shoot with R1 while I also aim with the right stick

  13. I’m hoping this game will take hold, if for no other reason than that WoT’s needs competition to motivate them to make a better game…not only Better tanks.
    WoT needs to stop unbalancing gameplay to sell the latest greatest, then nerf it after sales drop, so they can unbalance the next latest greatest.

    • Joseph Peterson It still won’t be real competition, as wot offers arcade ww2, and immediate (mostly) post war tanks. Armored warfare offers the modern tanks. So unfortunately if you want to drive a Tiger around it’s still wot, or war thunder which never was competition either because it’s just completely different. Wot needs direct competition to be forced to change, of course then they’ll probably just shut the servers down and finally release world of warships for console. Wish more companies would realize that ps4 at least has full M&KB support though, so we wouldn’t have to deal with pretty screwed up control schemes

    • Joseph Peterson you are soooo! Right!!!

  14. I think wut they have tried to do is implement a tank style call of duty basis for this game which most people will either love or hate it.

  15. I’ll definitively will be checking the game out.

  16. For me tank controlling is shit in this game WOT control system is the best

    • CHRONIS-GR this is your opinion but for me controlling system in WOT wins

    • +CHRONIS-GR nope, he’s right. Default control scheme is fine, but the movement is completely broken, as Beardface said tanks feel sluggish, because you either go forward or turn, combinations of those just make everything slow. And no, it’s not the tank: changing to the alternate scheme (after getting used to it) fixes everything. Also no cruise control even with 2-3 unused buttons, wtf.

  17. I am so glad you did a review on this game. I am sure that I am not alone in being upset with WOT for so long now, it’s good to see this game finally come to console. I always feel ripped off by Wargaming when playing WOT. Ripped off by the shitty matchmaking, premium everything, and most of all the god-like dominance of artillery which completely ruins the fun of it. Also, Wargaming is an arrogant enterprise who do not listen to customers nor do they accept any criticism kindly (kinda like the Kremlin itself.) I waited a long time for Obsidian Entertainment to bring Armored Warfare to console and I hope other disgruntled WOT players jump onboard and support this game like I plan to.

  18. Isn’t this game dead on PC?

  19. What? No Lemming Trains??

  20. Cpt Beardface, are you going togo through a grind for the m1a1 abrams?

    If so please do one!!!

  21. Comhghall Geraghty

    I just want a game where I can play the Ratte

  22. Thanks for the upload. Looking foward to see more content from this game.

  23. I didn’t know this game still had a future after the developer sold it to a Russian company. Do you know if it’s coming to Xbox?

    • PixelPusha I’m not sure to be honest, the only stuff I’ve seen just mentions PS4, whether it’s a full PS4 exclusive or whether they’ve got an exclusivity period, I couldn’t say

  24. So tired of WoT Greed and WT lack of giving a shit about PS4. So far really loving this. If they get HD models in this i will never look back. PVE – PVP mixed is pretty fun and having multiple modes is awesome. Something shitty WoT is too arrogant to try and implement. Another nice thing is that they give you actual loot all the time- not crappy fire extinguishers or crap like that.

    • are coming great things in updates! this game is amasing! i play in pc too! sick of wot pay to win system so many years AW feels like paradise compared to wot and also it has Modern Tanks with real mechanics sounds and effects system! and most importand the gameplay fill me up with gifts and credits and fast grinding tanks!

  25. Time to dust off my pro! My OneX has taken my life!

  26. Actually the ps4 version now is the early version of AW PC so we have to get a bounch of updates with many great stuff! the pc version is Amassing, in console the developers who are differend team can make even more cus the console has bigger possibilities for further development! Generally AW has tanks with realisation in characteristics mechanics and equipment!! This game has much better and realistic sounds,graphics,psychics,mechanics,effects and equipment!even the tires if they damaged them can lose air.the control is ok for now but will be better, here we have more things to control leveling up tank models i already use to it,we have differend equipment to manage and not only 3 shells like in wot!(actually control issues is just wot addiction in some way) in my opinion only the garage is simple in graphics for now but will change and when battle starts is like another game! any bugs and fixes will be in updates ofcource like normally! in any aspect is much better than wot NO PAY TO WIN HERE NO GOLD AMMO! and i talk as a player who was playing only wot for many years in PC-TABLET-PS4 and i had almost all premium tanks! But here you can try and rent any tank before you buy them no slots to buy,you make much better credits and faster grind up tank lines! No artillery in pvp but only in pve…this game is kind of tank players dream!! The game starts from very good point its way to PS4 ! also the eye down left in HUD screen is the camo value inform you when and how much drops!

  27. The cheapest costs €15

  28. Fuck of Sony ya fuckin twats. Let us have War Thunder and Armored Warfare ya cunts

  29. its not like world of tanks is very different

  30. do you need a ps plus subscription to play the game?

    • Trunkz _ I’m not sure to be honest, I’m assuming not but that’s just based on the other free to play games not needing it

  31. 2015 to 2018 and it’s still stuck at square one and with decline of its player base with very long Q times and don’t even try to play late at nite.

  32. The Great British Gamer


  33. jump on to play and waited 10min no game

  34. cant wait to play this! 😀

  35. The explosions are very shity and the tanks have no sound whatsoever

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