Armored Warfare PS4 – Vehicle Classes

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Source: Cpt Beardface

A quick, basic rundown the available vehicle classes in Armored .

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  1. How much fps does it run on PS4?

  2. I had a hell of a good time playing the game im gonna be playing it alot

  3. Talyn Ó Dochartaigh

    Does it have the Terminator forsale I loved that vehicle on pc.

    • Talyn Ó Dochartaigh There’s the Terminator 2 in the tech tree if that’s the one?

    • Talyn Ó Dochartaigh

      It was founder’s exclusive and the Expeditionary Tank both tier 6 premiums and I also recieved the Mbt70 I think in beta.

    • Talyn Ó Dochartaigh I saw it in global operations as an A.I., but I don’t know where it would be purchased.

    • Talyn Ó Dochartaigh I’m pretty sure the MBT70 is in the tech tree as a premium, but I’m not sure about the others

    • Talyn Ó Dochartaigh I’ve found it in the tech tree, it’s called the Ramka-99, if you go to it and press triangle a couple of times to get to its history, it says it’s nicknamed the Terminator there. The one you had would have been a premium version, they’ve done a few premium versions of tech tree tanks for the founders packs, I’ve got an OF-40 one

  4. I’m really liking this game so far

  5. Doesnt look as good as wot. But I guess I’ll give it ago eventually.

  6. Free to play right now they are giving you exclusive tier three td and loaning you 4 premiums for ps plus accounts. You have nothing to loose try it out we need more players.

    • I like it.

      _I play as Lasting__Damage on WOT as well as armored warfare. I do not like that there is no cruiser control on AW._

      But I LOVE that I can pull out my FOV. I started pixel tanking on PC and loved flicking the scroll wheel and getting a quick birds eye wide view of the battlefield in my area. I wish wot had this option.

      I am please you are promoting the game. I have been playing Fortnite as well and it feels good that there may be options other then WOT._

      What boggles my mind is this: why doesn’t some developer make a 10v10 or 15 v 15 mech game again. There is War Robots on Mobile but imagine how fun it would be to have a full on mech game on console…….or even a game where your mechanics can be ground and based then change to a flying mech or hunker down and be less mobile (like siege mode).

  7. Field Marshal Rommel Vonporsh

    Will this ever be on Xbox I hope so it looks great on ps4

  8. Maybe it’s me but the tank graphics themselves looks like garbage!

  9. Really been enjoying AW far more than WoT.

    • Lew Wheelz – Why would I need a “more clever argument” for something that is – by definition – wholly subjective and thus doesn’t necessitate an argument?

      Our opinions and experiences differ. No big deal.

      I do appreciate your replies and insight.

    • Derek C. I don’t give a damn what you appreciate get a life, some of us actually work for a living instead of play video games.

    • Lew Wheelz – Oh, okay. This after you preach about the game differences – in detail – and mention the years you’ve played WoT?

      GG, bro.

    • Derek C. I’m not your bro and if you don’t like what I said go fuck yourself. Can’t make a comment on YouTube without some fucking idiot troll using a picture of a male model who has nothing better to do than critique someone’s opinion on a video game. I’m aware they’ll release a patch but a console constantly crashing isn’t good for it duh that’s common fucking sense, something you apparently lack. Go ahead troll reply I don’t care

    • Lew Wheelz – *yawn*

  10. Really enjoying this game so far, great video and I like the new intro.

  11. dawnbreaker29 gameing

    I think the afv are fun but my favorite is mbt such as m1 abrams and the chel 2

    • dawnbreaker29 gameing I don’t mind the AFV’s too much, but I prefer using them in PvE at the moment, I thinks it’s basically because I’m crap in them in PvP lol, I’ll probably change my mind once I’ve practised in them a bit more. With MBT’s, I’m loving the Type 85-IIM

    • dawnbreaker29 gameing

      i just got that today lol time to check it out

  12. A medium tank player could still go down the Soviet tank line, especially the T-80U.

  13. As others have said here, I am enjoying this game also, far more than WOT. The best part, as the captain said, is no artillery in PVP games. If you hate arty as much as I do I would strongly encourage you to give Armored Warfare a try.

  14. The only thing i cannot stand about this game is the fucking pillboxes but i love the fact that you can test drive any vehicle in the tech tree

  15. This game has a few bugs and glitches and I’ve had 2 crashes so far, but I’m hooked.

  16. played this a fair bit on PC, it really died a death on there very difficult to get a pvp game as the player population is too low, its enjoyable though however I am doubtful this will develop a healthy (for the developer) player base to allow them to fully develop the game on Ps4 only. I would be very wary of sinking any real money into this had my fingers burned on PC.

  17. This game could be one of the best If it wasn’t for that stupid region lock, might have to pass on this now.

  18. I remember when arties were in PVP matches when it was first released on PC. Players were being warned when arty were aiming and shooting at them.

  19. I heard there’s a cockpit view now. Is that true?

  20. Game is trash constantly crashes, shuts down my console multiple times avoid it if you value your ps4

  21. For my I like the game, need more maps and vehicles but remember the game only have a few days in ps4, need time for updates, more contents

  22. I go for T90A but it is very difficult to get it

  23. They need to release new maps asap. It’s picking up some new players but high tier isnt there yet.

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