Armored Warfare || PTS First Look At: Type 99A2

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Source: Kage

Very nice tank, can’t wait to use it on the live

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  1. Armored Warfare RePlays

    Great video Devient! Thank you for video 🙂

  2. Slap on Japanese flag, pretend its high quality Japanese high tech tank instead of cheap Chinese potmetal armor. Enjoy 😀

  3. So Chinese line finally is not just a military grade plastic with a nice gun? WOW! (too bad it starts from tier 9 tho lol)

  4. I havent been able to get on, some authentication issues, even though I tried at different times during the day 🙁
    No one was able to help me, but I would geess it should come out soon, cause surely they wont do the steam launch before 0.22…

  5. can it’s front armor be easily caused a significant damage by HE? in CN server it does can (they pre release this as a test vehicle)

  6. however, the 3d model is still not a correct one

  7. jesus christ it deflected ALL of the ATGM’s that were sent at you, thats good af armor

  8. btw doesn’t this tank have the 140mm cannon upgrade?

  9. if you like the abrams armor, what do you mean? its armor is dogshit in PVM as they always ATGM your turret ring and penetrate even angled.

    • the turret ring seeking atgm may be to move players from pve to pvp. The armor/defenses certainly held up well in this example. The move in pve is to move more players at tiers 3-6 to play easy instead of medium to avoid the aimbot, not to pvp though.

    • well PVP is kind of permanently dead on NA and a lot of people on NA like myself don’t want to switch to EU and be forced to work for something we already unlocked

    • I started on NA 2 years ago and have been on EU for 6 months. Play only pve on both and have seen easy mode expand from T1-3 easy up to T5-6 easy on both servers. I agree pvp on NA is dead. I have brought the aimbot issue to the forum. I suggest that if the devs played pve against aimbot it would probably be at least toned down if not done away with. It makes it unfun to play!

    • yeah, i wish how they aimed was a bit more realistic or something so that all vehicles get a chance and you don’t have this thing where certain nations vehicles are so superior to others cause of weak spot locations, like the Abrams should be this mobile well armored beast, but instead its this fragile MBT that doesn’t have the speed to make up for the AI’s aim so it basically means that the Leopards and challenger line completely outclass the Abrams.

  10. Александр Кардаков

    у тебя пинг чуть не 300 ,как можно вообще играть при таком пинге ,одни торможения .

  11. Александр Кардаков

    you have a ping of almost 300, as you can generally play with such ping, some braking.

  12. lol it launched nov 16 and it was a mess,,so many bugs,, and the commander skill are meh at best,,

  13. wish they would add the Type-90 and Type10 which would make me want to download this game in a heartbeat but i will still give it a try.

  14. During 1980s there was a period where NATO and China become allies ~sort of, When China in conflict with USSR, China was first intent to purchase Leo 2 from German but cant afford then there was a tank project that China import a lot of western tank concept and technology mainly on Firing control and composite armor to modify Chinese mad t54-T59 which failed due to that T59 was so out dated. So a new project start at 1988 called WZ123. Later years after USSR collapsed Chinese has smuggled few T72 for study and developed a new chassis was giving to the project base on all the research and past experience. WZ123 was then build on this chassis where a more western approach turret design which mount a 125mm gun that design base on Russian 2A46M-1combined with western inspired firing control, I think thats why this tank feel like hybrid of east and west. Ironically when this tank went to mass production, it imaginary enemy USSR mechanize army group was no longer a threats and army is more favorite ZTZ 96 which developed on T88 so only little being mad and mainly deployed in northern part of china facing Russia lol. I hope you find this interesting~

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