Armored Warfare – PvE Changes Trailer

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We are happy to introduce new AI vehicle mechanics!

Wheeled AI opponents, more AI vehicle diversity, boss AI vehicles deploying smoke… we have updated many aspect the PvE opponents.

What is Armored Warfare?

We are proud to present Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military that puts you in control of tanks, armored vehicles more! Armored Warfare features stunning visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of vehicles in a free-to-compete experience!


  1. You guys mind develop more PvE maps or expand them? Typical PvE battle kinda small and quick and we kinda sick of playing same thing over and over


    • No kidding. Same damn maps for years now. Last maps i can remember being added were the island map, and they are horrible. But guess it’s hard to release new xontent for a game that every time they patch it they screw up the servers so bad that for the next couple weeks they are down more than they are up.

  2. Awesome hope some tiered matchmaking is also going to happen in pve. Sometimes your breeze through the hardest pve missions other times you get decimated.or i gotta carry, sidenote is it possible to replenish ammo in pve? wish we could call for a small supply truck.

  3. Great, time to get more PTSD from smoll car beside Swingfire ATGM

  4. -as often said, add new maps instead of this and bring this “rebalance” you wanted to bring with 0.33…

  5. Why did you abandon console?

  6. we dont need more bots we need new maps .

  7. You guys need to go on the Epic Game Store and get a lot of new players, that’s what the game need

  8. That’s good but we need larger PVE maps with longer play time.

  9. Well, that told us nothing

  10. Whats the point of this when its the same maps year after year. People have been asking for new pve maps for a long time and still nothing. But hey, when you do release a patch you screw the servers up so bad that for the next few weeks that the servers spend about as much time down as they do up.

  11. They add more fully OP AI units, shooting all the time at weak points with aimbot precision. Please, check the lousy firing system of the AI ​​units, more than a challenge it is disgusting and often creates frustration. Vehicles that penetrate you in full motion and at maximum speed, please …

    • Yep right.
      They are super frustrating 😤

    • Added more AI variation, less ATGM spam and made improvements to how the AI plays – uses smoke, can be more aggressive, counter attack almost – because people wanted them.

      AI has always been accused of laser accuracy, never miss, instant death dealing machines – so how can they have been made even more so?

      I tend to see the same people, doing the same things, dying quick and failing to learn, then blame everything except themselves.

      They will be in an XM1A3 and come bottom of the team blaming the tank while ignoring the XM1A3 that came top with blue star (because that player must be a cheat or hacker)

      Some will take longer to adapt to the new AI than others – does not mean the AI are OP though.

      The game needs more new maps though not just old maps rehashed with a new or changed mission.

  12. Do you guys plan on working on the console version as well?

  13. Players, who pay premium and who don’t, are asking for more maps for PVE mode. Rebalancing the OP of AI units. Improvements in the loading of the game, to this day it is still terrible (at least for me), in relation to previous versions. Find a way to reduce server latency and its constant downtime. Improve the fact that when the server takes you out of the game, a loading screen is generated, so that then you exit the game, reload everything again, this process being extremely tedious, long and a waste of time. Sorry but this is my opinion as an experienced player. PS: lower the cost of the items in the store, they are galactic, and would sell more at a lower price.

  14. The bots are super OP and ruin the fun.
    You hawe a super tier 9 or tier 10 MBT and the HP disapear super fast.
    I had enjoy the dings and the shoots exchange but now…. i do not hawe patience.
    Improve graphics, improve vehicles response , lower the xp needed for grind tier 8, 9 and 10, in premium shoop make more diversity and with a lower price.
    Hawe a nice day all

    • The grind is not bad and quicker than other games – plus you get free premium, boosts, insignias easily and bonus in game very often which can really boost your progression.

      Bots are not super OP (some players have been saying for years they never miss weak spots, deal maximum damage every shot, instant shoot without you even being seen – so how could they have got more OP).

      Most players still win the vast majority of games they play – some will never learn nor adapt – just do the same thing over and over while blaming everything else.

      Sit side on to massed enemy
      Pop smoke and sit still
      Rush forward always
      Fail to be aware of what’s around
      Ignore caps, rolling caps, timers
      Never try to flank
      Believe a vehicle can and must only be played on way
      Has set spots and routes on every map and can not adapt to having to change
      List can go on

  15. First *Make New PvE Maps!*
    Second if you’re gonna mess with the AI how about:
    a. fix for AI Magic spawning in an area you’ve already cleared and in particular from behind you in areas where there is no actual road to provide AI or Player access from?
    b. Fix AI LT spotting mechanic (are you gonna block their Spotting ability if they Pop *Smoke as you are now giving them in this change).* They can have a greater Health pool & be more challenging/accurate but their ability for lighting up 90% of the map & keeping you spotted is an option to much.
    c. the number of High Pen Missile firers being used on every map is too much there needs to be a more balanced spread of opponents based on the Player Balance in each particular Mission. More gun firing Light vehicles & MBTs with less High Pen & super accurate, track through or past obstacle with no loss of accuracy missile firers.

    On the plus side I like the aggression by the AI it makes you think tactically.

  16. I cant find this game on playstore can anyone help

  17. This game is wayyy too underrated.

  18. Put updates on consoles..

  19. Dear Armored Warfare developers,
    how about to bring another machine guns like the 50cal and Dushka for heavy Tanks.
    should be make more damage on light armored vehicles .
    i am looking forward and would be very nice if it would find the way into the game

    greetings from germany

  20. C’mon, give us more large PvE maps. deserts map as I want to do sniping and flanking maneuver. And stop spamming RTGM rushers at us or flank us out of nowhere. Is annoying as hell to hide or take cover, only to be shot by opponent suddenly appeared in front of me.

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