Armored Warfare PVP Great Games | AFV Fox Feat Rydekk & Sir Havoc

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Armored Warfare PVP Great Games | AFV Feat & Check out this Great example of how to own in your Fox.
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●Build Your Private Military – Establish relationships with other corporations, contractors and non-government suppliers to build your private military’s arsenal. As you gain more combat experience and fight through more battles and scenarios you’ll meet new characters and suppliers who will give you access to newer and even more powerful destructive machines, improved ammunition and other resources.
●Command and Control – Armored Warfare isn’t just about putting you in charge of operating, you’ll also be responsible for upgrading and maintaining these vehicles. As you work your way through the fields of battle you will encounter, you’ll gain knowledge and experience that will help you make intelligent choices before each battle and decide what strategies to implement in order to capture victory.
●Seek and Destroy – True-to-life visuals and destructible environments add a new layer of strategy and complexity across every map and scenario where the face of a battlefield could change at a moments notice. Peek over a ridgeline and snipe your enemies from afar, or rush around a hill and surprise enemies behind them when they are distracted. The terrain all-important for combat strategy, and it’s up to you to use it to its fullest potential. But beware, not all cover is permanent. Destructible environments mean you can’t hide behind a building forever.
●Battle for Supremacy – The way to victory isn’t always just to destroy all your enemies. Through a variety of team-based cooperative and competitive game modes, you’ll never run out of exciting battles that you and your friends can participate in. These game modes will also affect your strategies and vehicles choices but most of all will test the mettle of players where group strategies must be employed to take on and overcome unique player-versus-environment (PvE) scenarios and other player teams.

●Looking for Clan? Go to teamspeak: and seek out a recruitment officer

●Send Replays too:-
Please put as much info in about the battle as possible to increase your chance of getting it viewed and do not forget to include both replays files 🙂

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  1. armoured farting is some serious shizzle

  2. 0 ping?

  3. Havoc, two things you might not know about the missiles! 1: you only need
    to stop to FIRE, after that you can move and guide and it’s fine. 2: you
    can switch and use your autocannon the moment the missile leaves the barrel
    and it’ll guide itself in since your mouse is on the target anyway –
    obviously doesn’t work if you’re having to lead, but on stationary things,
    it’s free damage 🙂 Great gameplays from you and Rydekk too, always good to
    see AW from you :)

  4. 22,000 dpm, dang

  5. Oh I would love there tobbe something like this to be in WOT… I love
    playing lights and to have a light with the rate ov fier and the speed and
    maneuverability ov this…. Oh it would be my wet dream lol ????

  6. For all the peeps wondering how I don’t spin out that much… Here’s the
    trick, don’t accelerate in turns. More chances you’ll spin out. Also, as
    shown in this video. Stay away from rocks :D

  7. Awesome Video, good job Rydekk & good commentary Sir Havok :)

  8. Drunk driving by meeeee! :D

  9. lxljessicalxl77 lynn


  10. Wargaming with Urban

    That replay from Rydekk is amazing! Now I see what that thing can do. I
    thing I should watch out next time in my Chieftain. You played the Fox very
    well as well, at least better than I would do. I have the BMD-2 and I can
    barely handle that thing :). Another amazing video. Keep up the amazing
    work! Armored fating vehicle XD

  11. Armored Farting Vehicles: Taking battle beyond sight and sound

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