Armored Warfare: PvP VFM + Servers Merged! #armoredwarfare #pvp #update

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Source: Capt Canada

Its happened! Hell hasnÙt frozen over, AW finally merged the servers and I can play PvP with my VFM, so here we go! WeÙre back!

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  1. Damn, I have an excuse to play again!

  2. finnaly the game is come back to live

  3. Normally servers merge because games are in trouble.

    • and thats the correct answer.

    • Actually I stopped because of low pop, it was impossible to play pvp. The problem with online games is that they need certain pop or they die completely. Made up example: this games has 10k fans which is enough for decent gameplay. But if you split to 3x3k it is not playable. But 10k people still want to play ant that should be enough.
      Don’t have high expectations from publisher tho, it was the main reason people got **** off. Sadly it wasn’t the gameplay itself but mismanaged events.

  4. NO WAY! Time to get back to playing my lovely Centauro ? Thx for actually making videos for this game, rarely anyone does nowadays

  5. I had two accounts somehow on Steam and global merged them. I got 2000 gold, a boatload of crates, and a Type 59-II

  6. Is it better now? I played on EU a few months ago and I could hardly get a half full games in less then 4 min on most tiers. While tier 6 and 8 were the only fast tiers. Tho only at a few set hours a day.

  7. played AW from the start.. took me 6 months too grind ALL tanks and lines. was a great game, then some other company took over and they reaaaally Fucked up my Fav tanks.. Xm1a3 & Leo2A7.. so im done with AW.


  9. Hi. I’ve been playing AW since 23/3/17 and it never left. It must have been wrong on the way to you. Only a joke. Yes I am from Germany and I know that the NA server was quite dead. Maybe we’ll see each other on the battlefield. Good Day and Good Play

  10. Nice to be able to play 15 vs 15 in both PVP and Glops now.

  11. gonna re download the game but on which system my com or steam?

  12. Major Muckup Gaming

    It took time but it looks like AW are getting their act together, great vid keep up the good work.

  13. It is a prem. VFM. The Stingrays are better with is clips 4 shot.

  14. I started to play armored warfare again bc of you and it’s really good and I’m thinking of buying the mbt 70

  15. I feel sad that they don’t have a Asia server. I play on NA server from Australia, and the ping is unbearable.

  16. PS4 needs to get in this. Cant stand WASD controls

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