ARMORED WARFARE | Quick Look | Abrams AGDS

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  1. @WillfulTangent, pls do video on the T90MS and M1A2 abrams/

  2. One of the better Premiums ingame imo. For Tier 9 the Kuraganets or whatever it’s called is also a really good option or just battle hardening the Terminator also works.

    Nice vid Tangent and whenever I see these SPAA AFV’s ingame (XM247, AGDS, ADATs, Shilka, AMX13 DCA etc) I wonder if and when we’ll see anymore of them at some point. I’d love to see what a Tunguska, Gepard or Otomatic can do ingame although I expect the Oto to be worse than the B1 Draco if it’s also Tier 9.

    Edit: Also Operation Cavalry seems really popular lol, Type 10 video was also here.

  3. Could you fit in your schedule a presentation of the TR-85M ? At level 20 of this Battle Path it’s reachable by mostly any player.
    Thank you for your content

  4. Another great review. I don’t know if you saw my comment on the last video, but would you be willing to do a review on the the K1A1 if given the opportunity?

  5. Another great and FUN video! Well done, sir! o7 Fun fact – I picked up this TD because of one of your videos. 😁Absolutely correct in your assessment of this TD – “odd duck” 🤓. One of the lessons I had to learn quickly, when using your ATGMs DO NOT be too close to your target .😉😮 Hope things are well on your end. Godspeed!😊

  6. Last Battle Path I got the:
    -T14-150 Armata
    from the shop and ALMOST for free. Had to buy 25000Coins but I got the rest from the random packages from the shop too. I got so fucking lucky. Could’ve spent 100€ more for another T10 I got from the rotation but that was a bit too much for me😂

  7. therapist : anti-air abram doesnt exist and it cant hurt u
    AA abram :

  8. Was it built irl

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