ARMORED WARFARE | Quick Look | Expeditionary Tank

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  1. Awesome content, thanks for uploading!

    • Funnily enough it isn’t actually the AGS, as both the AGS and The expeditionary tank are 2 separate tanks, with the AGS being the evolution of the expeditionary tank. The main reason for this was that both tanks were for separate American light tank competitions, with the Exp tank being for the XM4 project (which was canceled and never got a winner), and the XM8 project in which the exp tank was revised into the AGS, but still lost to the tank we now know as the M8 Buford/Thunderbolt or in war thunder just known as the XM8

    • @GeneralSoren ok ty alot

  2. Newly playing this game, and i cant get the understanding of paper armored WW2 tank having higher armor value than MAUS…

    • For most tanks ingame the technology behind composite armour and ERA Bricks is absurd when compared to just plain steel (like WW2 vehicles) in terms of effective protection against projectiles comparitive to their mass and size.

      Some of the armour figures are made up due to some vehicles and technology still being classified but it’s still way than you’d expect from just looking at it.

    • @Aaron Foster tbh, it actually made the game even more fun and diverse, its a bit of fresh air after playing the game next door for the past 6 years

    • I also glad that AMX 50 got his retaliation in this game from being a turd cardboard with a cannon, into a chad tank shattering DM63 ammunition like its noting

  3. Expeditionary Tank has been my favourite since I first bought it years ago. Its my tank of all time. Thank you for covering it and sharing your knowledge – things I didn’t know I learned from you.

  4. One of my favourite premiums I own. It’s super useful for the Tier 4-6 Light Tank missions and is probably the best T6 Light ingame imo.

    Really nice burst damage thanks to the Autoloader and good pen makes it great in PvE. The Mobility and Unmanned Turret make it fantastic in PvP too and one of my favourite things to do is play the middle ridge on the Chemical Plant map, there’s some places where you can shoot with only your turret visible.

    Armour is super trolly at times but it is unfortunately pretty flammable at times (feels better now though).

    For the 13,000 Battle Coins or the 3500 Gold in the Web Shop (for the Reaper) I definitely think it’s worth it if you like mobile tanks.

  5. Rajorsi Roy Chowdhury

    For all these time, I used to read it as experimental tank instead. lol

  6. Just picked up Hunter AFV in last night’s BP shop reset. Also got STRV2000, BWP-2000, and CV90 MkIV through BP shop. Interested in your views on these

  7. Bro Nice Gameplay! Keep it up 😎

  8. Hello! which tier 10 researchable vehicles would you recommend from each class? I’m an old time WoT player, very new to AW… Still learning the ropes, but would like to grind for the better tanks for now. My favourites are MBTs and ATs (fairly conservative, I know…)

  9. Hey Will, I have a humble request from gamer to gamer. And that is if you’re in contact with the Armored Warfare devs, can you ask them to bring console edition up to participate with PC? We’re feeling rather abandoned. I’ve tried communicating with them and had no results. But it’s been so long since console received an update I don’t even remember the last one. Anyway love the content, and keep up the good work.

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