ARMORED WARFARE | Quick Look | Griffin 120mm

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  1. What if the US army actually used this and put it into mass production.Also I love the videos keep them rolling.(pls pin)

  2. It’s definitely an interesting Vehicle especially with its ammo types but sadly I don’t see much reason to use this over some of the AFV’s like the Griffin 50mm or even the Dragun 125 for a LT.

    Although I guess that makes it a good premium because it offers some stand-out features in the form of ammo and appearance but isn’t broken or OP in anyway while still being relatively competitive.

    Thanks for the video Tangent because this especially has been a tank I’ve been eyeing for a while but I’ve yet to see a reason to prioritise purchasing it 🙂

    Also on an unrelated note it kinda reminds me of the CV90 120 but designed by someone who had only seen it in some 144p images.

  3. 13:17 well u have a dead/injured gunner so… XD
    13:45 there is a chance that hes not trolling you tho, on my case spec ops are not playable anymore because of so many asset/effect that AW added to it, i always get logged into the match 2-5 minutes after the mission starts and even then its lagging a lot most of the times…

  4. Good video. Maybe you can make a video about the BWP 2000 from the battle pass. I buyed it this week from the BP and find it very nice. Greetings from Germany.

  5. I hope they change the android engine ! Its looks like mobile games low crap quality

  6. The CATTB has been buffed you know
    Now when you fire it conserves it’s current loading, it’s sooo enjoyable now for real. I sometime take it out in globs and double AP tap T-15s rushers

  7. Good vid m8, I’ll have to pick this up if it drops in my battle pass

    Do you have the M-95 Degman by any chance?

  8. I’d like to see a review of the Czech ZUBR. That thing has beautiful APFSDS penetration and really useful HESH.

  9. Do Sho’t Kal Dalet

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