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  1. Nice video

  2. I like this tank, it’s a good assault tank/brawler and I use it to get a long-distance shot, close in while using the co-ax cannon, and ram them (it’s *very* heavy) and then finish them off with the main cannon.

  3. I’m a new sub but it’s really nice to see content for this game still. I remember the launch of the game back when Obsidian was still in charge but I mainly played around Caribbean Crisis until just before the Type 74 Battle Pass.

    Iirc the IS7 used to be Tier 3 back in the day and was really beastly but even at Tier 4 it’s not bad, held up better with the Tier increase than some like the Type 59 Legend or Object 430 that’s for sure.

    • My Type 59 and Obj 430 make blue stars at tier 4 and can easily hold their own at tier 5

    • @Fraser Henderson I’m unsure if they’ve been buffed since I last played but I remember them being usable but disappointing in their performance (compared to other same tier tanks)

      I’ll check them out again when I get back ingame and see how they feel now.

    • It felt incredibly slow (but I already had tanks like a Terminator and AMX RCR-10). Also, aiming was incredibly slow, with relatively bad accuracy. It was a “one trick pony”, and even at tier 3 your health could evaporate quickly.

  4. The line from the Overlord tank from C&C Generals comes to mind:
    *I will crush*

    • I havent thought about C&C in ages lol. Tiberium Sun was the last game i played within that franchise if that ages me at all.

  5. I recall when this tank came out. It was tier 3 and was a beast. Everyone called it a tier 3 Chally. They moved it to tier 4 and it faced Swingfires and lost all it OP-ness. AW put this out as a slap in the face to WoT, by placing it at tier 3, meanwhile in WoT is was the best tier 10 at the time. Currently, you have to drive carefully, missiles still eat this thing up from any angle. Use the machine gun while loading, it will eat up weaker targets real fast. Pack some HE, not much. It feels real good, when you find a weaker target and punch an HE through the armor.

    EDIT – Just watched your vid, GJ you nailed it. Although having played this at tier 3, I disagree with you “take it out and feel safe” comment. Its so slow, if you make a little mistake, 2/3s of your HP is gone before you can correct.

    Next tank to cover should be the Hunter, get this one all day every day if you can. I would only recommend the IS-7 to the collector. Its tricky to play it well most times.

    • Every tier WoT X that’s in the game is about tier 3-4 in AW, isn’t it? But yeah, it was all gun and armor and nothing else. Can’t remember whether it was on 3 or 4 when I got it, it did brutal damage. 😄

  6. lutenantsweedpertasa

    M50 Ontos?

    • He said it’s coming soon, no exact release date but expect a couple days depending how busy he is

    • It just needs to be edited and uploaded at this point. Expect it t Monday

    • The “Thing” is a fun meme vehicle, really good scout in PvE (I have not played it in PvP), good to drag out and throw around for a bit despite several changes to its gameplay.

  7. Looking forwards to more videos in this series!

  8. Hey Wilfultangent! I am new to Armored Warfare on console. I know that you are obviously playing on computer, but I am wondering if the game is worth it? Loading screens are long, with little to no ” player support”, a statement made by the discord moderators themselves.

    What are your thoughts, looking at it from console? Appreciate any awnser!

    • Console has not been supported for a few years. PC is the only platform that is receiving updates/support.

    • @WillfulTangent Unfortunate. I was really hoping for a game that could work within the limits of my xbox, while still not having annoying elements present in World of Tanks. But thanks for the awnser, ill think it through.

  9. I have 2 of these (one is a premium given out many years ago, has a fancy paint job). The only thing is does that is somewhat fast is go straight ahead, It turns slowly and reloads slowly. I like to keep distance from enemy to get gun on target easier. Maybe the one you can get with battle pass is better.

  10. I’m guessing by your accent, or lack of, you are located in the USA. How do you get your ping into the 90s? I’m in Wisconsin and hover around 130.

  11. i like your content

  12. Only drag mine out for the odd match now and then for something different. I play it up close, ramming and pushing vehicles around.

    Like all my vehicles its set up for view range and reload speed.

    Gun hits hard but has a long reload and not good accuracy (hence get up close and personal in this)

    You got a pretty big hitpoint pool so can take some punishment,

    Trying more HE at the moment as the usual round at the moment when I take it out as most vehicles you face in PvE are pretty weak armoured and you can even damage MBT frontally with it.

  13. A great quick look at the IS-7 in AW. I did have this in WOT and enjoyed it. I have to be mindful that it isn’t the same tank per se in AW.I have the Obj195 and do enjoy it. Question-should I even bother with the T-15 (152)? I saw it on the BattlePath shop and was just wondering if it is worth it? As always, keep up the great videos content coming! Godspeed! 😊😁

  14. I used this tank for the MBT BP mission “absorb damage.” Mission accomplished quickly

  15. I cannot find any [or at least any English] review of the two new tier 5 & tier 7 MBTs in the BP on YouTube at this time. I’ve seen a handful (at most) of gameplay on the t5, but nothing on the t7 at all. The t5 has a 2 shot mag at higher levels and the t7 is supposed to have a faster reload based on teammate proximity

  16. Would you mind covering Hunter next?

  17. Algorithm Boost +1

    PD: good vid (:

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