ARMORED WARFARE | Quick Look | Object 640 – Way Too Much Fun To Be Legal

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  1. ×10 on Heroics for credits galore

  2. 0:22 was my best part of this video

    ”get over here dude oh oh oh get rekt XD”

  3. I’ve been looking forward to this. Such a good looking tank and glad it performs well too

  4. My favorite Tier 10 Tank.

    It can nothing extremely well, but it can many things good. This is why i love this machine and the Credit bonus makes farming pretty easy and fun

  5. how can you change the garage interior?

  6. if a great/op tank is in a hands of a great player (not just a kill stealing last hitting) it’s a joy to watch/play with but in the hands of a wallet warrior who doesn’t know the machine or what a specific machine do it’s just too unbearable to someone who is a great player but doesn’t bless with luck in gacha roll

  7. Rajorsi Roy Chowdhury

    Please make a video on the Object 490 since its one of the most annoying tanks in the game.

  8. I was hoping for this or Type 10 on the last battlepath shop but they do not appeared in my shop but instead I have got an Altay

  9. Whitest thug 🤣 great video thank u sir for your content.

  10. There is still an active community? Last time I played I waited 10 minutes to even get into a match

  11. so is the game alive again ?

  12. Never heard you so excited, that was funny

  13. This is how imagine the people who play WoT sound like

  14. олень из будущего

    Бля как-то странно. Такой хороший канал и такая небольшая активность. Вроде все составляющие популярного канала есть. Наверно дело в частоте выпуска видео

  15. MacedoniaGamingNetwork - MGN

    Is there decent amount of players playing this game?

  16. The only thig i don’t like in this game are

    No secondary use button like war thunder

  17. Two words for the obj 640. POWER SLIDE. does it at high and low speed. With a little practice turning it around quickly becomes a joy.

  18. will you do a review on the AS21?

  19. Another Great review of an ABSOLUTELY Fun tank! This is my “Go To” tanks for just having a BLAST! 😁😊 Keep up the great work. Godspeed!😊

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