ARMORED WARFARE | Quick Play | Challenger 2 SF2 – 1 PVP & 1 PVE Demo

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  1. Lmao imagine this tank with Dorchester 2F kit on. Bye bye acceleration and suspension life.

  2. I so want to like it, just because it has the Chall 2 look with some added decorations, but damn, it will be a hard machine to sell as T10 MBT.

    Also it will be in lootboxes, so crazy expensive to get.

  3. Also that pixel hunt on TTB in PvE mission :O

  4. Do you think they will just sell it outright on the market or is it going to be a loot crate ripoff?

    • @F B Not really, trust me, I were where you are, I went for it, spent $100+ on it and while it is good, it is not 3 AAA games good.

      Also not long after I got it, BP with Obj. 195 came, which gave me 152mm canon and 30mm autocannon on a very simillar tank (and it does not have a fixed skin on it, although the Armata one is fairly neutral).

    • @David Jones You are right, I went on a tangent there. I am not fan of loot crates, as they obscure the real price, at leat AW limits the number of how many you have to buy by putting shards in them, so there is a finite number, unlike WoT, where you theoreticaly can spent all your money and get nothiung. But still. It sucks.

    • @F B So do I, sad thing is I had it, earned it and it was taken away to be made a premium tank. It was my first tier 10. mydotcom, if you are seeing this, give these back to those that earned them and had them stripped away.

    • @F B it seems like a gamble to me. Buying crates with parts to make a tank. How many do you have to buy. They’d do better if they had realistic prices and let you pay outright. More people would bite.

    • @Václav Tomala Maybe if they gave better rewards for their ads, more people would watch them, and they could make more money off that and won’t have to rely on scummy loot crates/microtransactions.

  5. After watching this and last night’s review, I think it should be tier 9. It is a variant of Chall 2, a sidegrade at best.

  6. I have a street fighter-type motorcycle, weird to see that name in AW ngl 😀

  7. Well, I can see now why in the preview you were underwhelmed. 😲 I don’t think that even with the missiles this would he a good purchase. Average Joe MBT should be its nickname. 😲☹ Godspeed.🙂

  8. This thing litterally is just not worth your money in any way. The techtree tier 9 is better than this tier 10 prem. Probably better off paying for BP access and buying BP coins so you can get another tier 10 prem through the BP shop

  9. For a so-called “Street Fighter”, it doesn’t seem to be that good at close-range urban warfare. One would expect better side armour, and maybe an extra autocannon/RWS to deal with infantry. Not a slow, long-range Brimstone launcher.

  10. That game still looks great.

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