ARMORED WARFARE | Quick Study Break with the Leclerc – PVP Gameplay

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Source: WillfulTangent

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Username and Settings:
Armored Warfare [HD Client – High]: WillfulTangent
of Tanks [NA/EU HD Client – Ultra]: WillfulTangent
War Thunder [High Preset]: WillfulTangent
Xbox Live: WillfulTangent


  1. I was going to delay publishing this until mid-week next week while I was actually in sim training. The Scheduling system in the YouTube Studio dropped the ball on me here. We’ll see what we can drum up for the next few weeks as we go.

  2. Nice summary & a fine game 😎👍👍👍

  3. Was looking thru my desk and found my stack of game names and passwords. I saw some of the Jingles AW vides that were published in 2015 and I played for about 2 years after those. Thinking harder about getting back in but I did delete the game when I got out. How likely could I restart old acct?

    • @WillfulTangent Thank you.

    • Mindur Ownbusiness

      They merged NA and EU sometime back, so stuff was lost some reset.

    • I just started playing again yesterday. I also quit not long after the betas, but it looks like all my stuff is there. I am also rich for some reason with 28k gold and 26 million credits. I assume it’s because I preordered the Lord of War pack back in the day. I also had a huge number of loot boxes and premium time in my inventory.

    • @JookySeaCpt Was able to have my old password work and downloaded game again (20 hr to do it). Looks like I have all my stuff with some changes due to rework since I last played. Had to go to practice map to relearn the controls. Did a few pve matches with Bulldog and M50 (which were added after I quit).

    • @WarNock07 Glad to hear you still had all your old stuff. They’ve shuffled around the tech trees a bit since the betas, but it didn’t take that long to figure out. One thing I found out the hard way – Don’t queue for Standard difficulty Pve. You’ll wait forever for a match. Everyone plays the Hard mode PvE missions from what I can tell. Queue times are much shorter for that.

  4. Love the videos could you do a review on the K2

  5. That’s actually a good match tbh, able to hold them back for precious time before back up arrives then flanking and mopping up the rest. Real GG right there 💯

  6. Good job. PvP>PvE.

  7. Hello! Just arrived after watching your “is AW wurf playing?” video, think I’m gonna get back into this. Started playing during beta (can thank the Mighty Jingles for that) and now I’ve gotten tired of Wargaming’s WoT and WoWs, i’m gonna give AW another go.

    • Do so, I did the exact same after “completing wot” and I have not regretted it since. Prepare for slightly longer queuetimes, but much less RNG and much more balance

  8. Good luck on your studying and sim training. Thanks for the content!

  9. I have a question maybe someone can answer please? :

    • I play on ps4 so idk how much is the same as pc, but on ps4 we have the reputation and each machine has its own xp pool. There is also an overall xp income(silver in color and flanked with leaves).. What to do with this xp? I have accrued 1mil and dont know how or where to spend it unless i buy gold, Which i dont

    • @Prime Choice You have 3 different kinds of XP. Normal XP, which you earn on the tank you play. Reputation, which you can use on any tank you want. And lastly, there is “locked reputation”, which you can only convert to reputation through gold. This “locked reputation” consists of XP earned on premium tanks or fully grinded tanks.

    • Ty my friend. I was just wondering if theres was any other way to spend the locked xp without gold bcuz i only get the rare tiny bit from crates once in a while.. Its not enough

  10. Неплохо играешь в пвп! пве режим только для прокачки техники в топ, а так пве режим отупляет, так что играй лучше в пвп.

  11. The Leclerc has such great potential, both the t9 and the t10. Especially with the top ap and Heat-mp it can do a lot of damage fast.

  12. Nathan of the Franks

    i stopped playing this game 4 years ago because there was nobody on the game at anytime to play pvp with but seems like there is now so may give it another try

  13. Nice game, recently picked AW back up again after stopping at tier 5 a year or so ago. Now I’m up to the Leclerc Proto and am thoroughly enjoying it! Look forward to future videos

  14. Im grinding the k2 rn….is there a video on it? I know is not as good as the t4 but it was a quicker grind 😂 anyway if there isn’t video id love one man when you come back from the flight chambers.

    • That’s on the list of tanks do do but I don’t have it unlocked yet. Still grinding. A lot of people are wanting that one and the T4 so hopefully I can get those out relatively soon.

  15. волжанин 763

    Do you need more than anyone else? Why did you climb down the hill on your cardboard? Then your place is in the hangar)).

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