Armored Warfare – Ready Player One

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Source: The Jingles

The third Early Access Test for Armored Warfare is up and it's running until July 14th. This , they're offering something very, very new.

Armored Warfare

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. +Ethan Knight How about no.

  2. +Ethan Knight What? Don’t exaggerate your arguments, his sub rates are
    skyrocketing, when I subbed 2 and a half years ago Jingles had less than a
    fifth of that number

  3. ultimaterandombanana

    +Ethan Knight I like the intro

  4. +Tom Francis jingles has had 400k subs for like 2 years now, he hasnt gone
    anywhere because his content is the exact same thing every video, making a
    corny joke, listing facts, saying why brits are better then americans, and
    saying howdy

  5. +Ileko1 Think of it like this, if a cereal company labled on their ads in
    giant words and went into depths of what is in it and all the chemicals
    nobody would buy it, but if they put a happy rabbit on it people will, same
    thing with thumbnails and channel art, another one is if you went to apply
    for a job and you portfolio is made of a old beat up 5th grade binder, the
    person hiring you wont really think you got your shit together

  6. +BSODeath The Tenryu is also a formidable ship. Great speed, insanely
    maneuverable and has lethal torps. I’ve taken down battleships in that

  7. +Max Gairing Let’s say I manage to hit one torp of each clip -10k dmg (max
    dmg, every 50seconds, 3 or 4 km less range than guns)… and there are 9
    guns firing and hitting most of shots every 7/8 seconds. It’s not really
    fun to meet louis…

  8. +Max Gairing Doesn’t help if you have no idea how to use them!

  9. +BSODeath But you have fucking strong torps 😉

  10. +Canal MP Gamers I’m sailing with my 4 guns jap cruiser and meet st
    louis… more guns, better accuracy and rate of fire… GG

  11. +R32639 And so they should.

  12. +TheTervaskanto WoT in turn is “such a rip off of (yes – you need a second
    of there) of earlier battlefield games”

  13. +book5ter He needs to work on his “z”

  14. TheCommunistColin

    +Duncan Cook Autocannons, not Machine Guns.

  15. Free To Play

  16. +Paul Mathews Armored warfare is a free to play game. That’s what the
    fucking definition of a free to play model *is*. You can play for free and
    then they offer bonus stuff and maybe a premium service on top of that.

    Plus PvE is WAY longer than a PvP game and you earn much much less.

  17. +Paul Mathews lol ….

  18. free to play.

  19. Fastwinstondoom

    +Paul Mathews “Screw you with premium accoutns and buying gold” … so how
    do you think AW should make their money?

  20. +Mattias Berg I was actually working on an idea like that with an island
    surrounded by water, uses 3 different lanes, and teams with 4-6 players –
    each commanding sea, air, armored vehicles (mainly tanks), and
    infantry+other vehicles & SPG support. I know that it becomes a bit more of
    an RTS rather than MOBA due to lack of creeps/minions. Unfortunately, I put
    the idea on the shelf, cause of my limited skills in game development.

  21. +Mattias Berg There is no such thing as “I can’t make games”. There is only
    “I haven’t learned to make games yet”. Pick up an engine like Unity, a book
    on C#, Photoshop (or gimp), and a modeling program like Blender or Sketchup
    – or if you’re rich enough, 3ds max – and start learning.

    To quote the greatest philosopher of our times, Shia LeBeauf: “JUST DO IT!”

  22. Sure, but APCR rounds with over 300 penetration would be affected. Premium
    ammo is not all just HEAT. For example, if I am driving an Object 704 with
    APCR loaded (just so I can penetrate everything), if I shoot a BatChat, it
    shouldn’t do full damage because that shell could penetrate 5 batchats back
    to back. I’m not saying that you are wrong. Many players would still use
    HEAT, but some might think twice about using APCR on every target.

  23. +mightymasochist Yes, heat works against soft targets in real life. But it
    would stop APCR spam, and maybe make people think more

  24. The fun thing is, WG are trialling PvE scenarios on Xbone WoT when it’s
    out. Not long!

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