Armored Warfare – Ready Player One

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The third Early Access Test for Warfare is up it’s running until July 14th. This time, they’re offering something very, very new.

Armored Warfare

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System Specs: Core i7 20-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. SliceyRuneScapeSStudioS


  2. jingles! new intro! it looks cool

  3. 21st

  4. nice intro jingles

  5. victoriouspancake

    under 310, hell yes :D

  6. Jepur Jepurovic

    That intro is epic

  7. 7tb or 8th… I think.

  8. CaptainCrabapple

    This makes me happy in my pants :D

  9. Jingles you need to hire a gfx designer for intros and thumbnails (or a new
    one) it ould make your channel a lot more professional looking. the current
    intros are kind cheasy and old lookin

    • +Ethan Knight How about no.

    • +Ethan Knight What? Don’t exaggerate your arguments, his sub rates are
      skyrocketing, when I subbed 2 and a half years ago Jingles had less than a
      fifth of that number

    • ultimaterandombanana

      +Ethan Knight I like the intro

    • +Tom Francis jingles has had 400k subs for like 2 years now, he hasnt gone
      anywhere because his content is the exact same thing every video, making a
      corny joke, listing facts, saying why brits are better then americans, and
      saying howdy

    • +Ileko1 Think of it like this, if a cereal company labled on their ads in
      giant words and went into depths of what is in it and all the chemicals
      nobody would buy it, but if they put a happy rabbit on it people will, same
      thing with thumbnails and channel art, another one is if you went to apply
      for a job and you portfolio is made of a old beat up 5th grade binder, the
      person hiring you wont really think you got your shit together

  10. James “Jamo1611” king

    U trolls

  11. nice :D

  12. new intro. me likey :D

  13. Armando Varrica (Virus95)

    Omg ze PzH2000 yeeeeees

  14. CaptainCrabapple

    Oh and congrats on hitting 400k subs paul!

  15. That looked like a 2A6, based on the barrel.

  16. Whateverth!

  17. pve will be good to take our tank to top(upgrate all) and after play pvp

  18. Canal MP Gamers

    After experiencing WoWS gameplay, I can attest to one thing.
    St. Louis has many fucking guns.

    • +BSODeath The Tenryu is also a formidable ship. Great speed, insanely
      maneuverable and has lethal torps. I’ve taken down battleships in that

    • +Max Gairing Let’s say I manage to hit one torp of each clip -10k dmg (max
      dmg, every 50seconds, 3 or 4 km less range than guns)… and there are 9
      guns firing and hitting most of shots every 7/8 seconds. It’s not really
      fun to meet louis…

    • +Max Gairing Doesn’t help if you have no idea how to use them!

    • +BSODeath But you have fucking strong torps 😉

    • +Canal MP Gamers I’m sailing with my 4 guns jap cruiser and meet st
      louis… more guns, better accuracy and rate of fire… GG

  19. this game just looks amazingly jizz tastic O.o i wants it

  20. “the oil refinery in eastern europe” – I didnt know there were such deserts
    and palms and stuff between Berlin and Moscow…

  21. Wish I could play it without crashing every 5 seconds 🙁
    At 27:08, That orange warning is Artillery warning by the way

  22. Tiaan De Swardt

    Grats on 400k Jingles!

  23. PvE was fun for me until the second battle on medium difficulty, where me
    and my team mates suffered from horrible stuttering. And of course we got
    rekt because of it.

  24. Kevin Blackburn


  25. Please when you hit 500k subscribers do a day in the life of jingles or a
    draw my life thanks

  26. wargaming will copy a lot of things from this game.

  27. This game is such a rip off WoT, they did not even try ….

    • +TheTervaskanto WoT in turn is “such a rip off of (yes – you need a second
      of there) of earlier battlefield games”

  28. metalshadow1101

    nice, looking forward to this one!

  29. If you fail a coop battle, its back to the garage for you :D

  30. Happy 400k subs!!! ;)

  31. Ludvig Eriksson

    If they add merkava (israel) and tank S (sweden) i Will be hyped!

  32. Some singleplayer mission in war thunder can be played with more people and
    stuff :P

  33. Alvor Riverwood

    20:23 – 20:44. Jingles WTF are you doing with your tank? I mean we all do
    weird things when no one is looking. But keep it in the bedroom pal!
    (actually dont. its pretty funny.)

  34. You pronounced the Panzerhaubitze quite well, so no need to apologize.

  35. Aim I seeing this right? Even Machine cannons are doing damge if they hit
    the frontal armor of an MBT? This seems a bit unrealistic to me.

  36. If PVE gives you more and makes it easier to get your tanks sooner, they
    will change it so only get as much as you would get from PVP.

    They still want to screw you with Premium accounts and buying gold, no
    one would play PVP untill they go all the tanks though PVE which is easier
    and quicker.

    gameplay and the lane creeps are infantry soldiers. FUUUUUUUCKKK!!!! This
    needs to happen. GOD DAMMIT WHY CAN’T I MAKE GAMES!

    • +Mattias Berg I was actually working on an idea like that with an island
      surrounded by water, uses 3 different lanes, and teams with 4-6 players –
      each commanding sea, air, armored vehicles (mainly tanks), and
      infantry+other vehicles & SPG support. I know that it becomes a bit more of
      an RTS rather than MOBA due to lack of creeps/minions. Unfortunately, I put
      the idea on the shelf, cause of my limited skills in game development.

    • +Mattias Berg There is no such thing as “I can’t make games”. There is only
      “I haven’t learned to make games yet”. Pick up an engine like Unity, a book
      on C#, Photoshop (or gimp), and a modeling program like Blender or Sketchup
      – or if you’re rich enough, 3ds max – and start learning.

      To quote the greatest philosopher of our times, Shia LeBeauf: “JUST DO IT!”

  38. No Leclerc? JGSDF Type 90? PLA Type 99? RoK K2 Black Panther?

  39. Ouriate

  40. sick opening. love it!

  41. Congrats to 400k subscribers!

  42. M Lord Kimu (Kimu)

    Armored Warfare looks awesome… Cant wait till open Beta!!!

  43. New intro!! My ass guys, its offical AW intro/trailer.

  44. fml, got a key for AW, download button appears, and then sys req… and at
    the bottom 32bit systems not supported… well crap

  45. Gilian Rüsterholz

    lol, refreshing the giveaway page every 2 secs… 1 entry per 4-6 secs

  46. Eastern Europe? Map No. 2 sure doesn’t look like that :P

  47. 400,000+ subscribers? congratulation jingles

  48. HEAT does not go throw objects

  49. Found shot @23:20 hilarious considering the presently discussed subject.

  50. +The Mighty Jingles The sudden spawn/reinforcement, is triggered by going
    into the primary objectiv (Cap circle).
    And yeah, PvE does have its fair share of D-bags and retards too I’m
    Players who wont share kills, and teamkills anyone who try to kill the
    Standard WoT verbal abuse and so on… Its all there.
    Find 4 friends, platoon up, get on teamspeak, and even Hard missions wont
    seem all that hard with good teamwork.

  51. GalaWOTs Galavits

    e coop is fun, but if you like that you will love the new domination
    gamemodes that wargaming is coming out with too jingles, Steel Hunt and
    Supply Swarm those are fun to

  52. Ask for a press account

  53. 301 views… this is some of the earliest ive beed

  54. Now I want a game like war thunder but they have more avanced aircraft and
    it would be on PC and ps4 like war thunder is

  55. mightymasochist

    Jingles the penetration overmatch mechanic in world of tanks: that wouldn´t
    stop the spam of HEAT ammo because (as far as I know) HEAT can be used
    against soft targets effectively. correct me if I´m wrong but HEAT wouldn´t
    go straight through the tank so no overmatch=T-54 drivers would still spam
    that stuff

    • Sure, but APCR rounds with over 300 penetration would be affected. Premium
      ammo is not all just HEAT. For example, if I am driving an Object 704 with
      APCR loaded (just so I can penetrate everything), if I shoot a BatChat, it
      shouldn’t do full damage because that shell could penetrate 5 batchats back
      to back. I’m not saying that you are wrong. Many players would still use
      HEAT, but some might think twice about using APCR on every target.

    • mightymasochist

      +MrSam1er the problem then is in tier 10 medium tanks that have APCR as
      standard ammo, and it would not change the fact that HEAT spam would remain
      so it wouldn´t solve the problem. most gold spam that I get afterall is
      HEAT ammo

    • +mightymasochist Yes, heat works against soft targets in real life. But it
      would stop APCR spam, and maybe make people think more

  56. Having fun killing bots Jingles? :P

  57. Self-replicating whatnot

    I wounder if there is any reason to take anything but main battle tanks and
    maybe tank hunters into pve. It looks like enemy don’t flank or kite or do
    anything else that may require you to have agility rather than brute

  58. PVE sounds like my cup of TEA…old bugger like me likes zen gameplay.

  59. Holy crap do want

  60. I wonder if my atari i play on can even run this game :O

  61. Hm.@TMG
    Any idea how it goes with naval warefare? I have not heard much of any
    update from them in a long time and find the “patchnotes”/progress info
    really hard to find.
    Hope they didn’t stagnate.

  62. When is this game out!?

  63. Well done on the 400k subscriber Jingles! Look forward to more great videos
    from you

  64. They need to fix the jagged edges and add bullet holes and bounces.

  65. The problem on AI is not to make an AI that can beat you, thats easy.
    Making an AI you can beat is far more complicated (just like english for

  66. so this is a dlc for world of tanks ?

  67. Stern Von Afrika

    Jingles, try to get a press account for AW. ive seen tons of them on RU

  68. So that player saying you were band from this game is false?

  69. looking forward to more pve. the few missions we have right now are rather

  70. Leo2 AND the PzH 2000. nice. I like armored warfare more and more.

  71. The PvE mode in this game is buggy and half-finished, like everything else,
    but it’s also really really fun. Armored Warfare now has a draw that’ll get
    people come to it from World of Tanks, and now Wargaming is going to have
    to play catch up.

  72. Dear jingles,
    Have you ever thought of expanding your operations, either by having some
    kind of background staff (someone to do the edits while you are shooting
    footage from another game for example) or by pairing up with another
    broadcaster to share the workload with? I thought about this question
    because you said how every patch came out in the same time period, and you
    couldn’t give attention to all of them at once.

  73. Hey jingles. In world of warships, what tier will the tog II be? I’m
    thinking tier 11.

  74. I really like the idea of PVE in this game and wish War thunder did it too.

  75. Fabian Buchheit

    hey Jingles I really enjoy your german!!!!
    Ps: I am a German.

  76. I’ve really been enjoying this game (waaay more than Wot) but one thing is
    bothering me…why is the chieftain so much worse than other tier 5’s!? xD

  77. Even on low i seem to get realy bad FPS o^o

  78. I really like the idea of a PvE mode – especially with multiple difficulty
    settings. In a game like this, it allows people to practice the mechanics
    and learn the game to a certain degree without being a huge hindrance to
    their team (especially if easy is really as easy as you said).

    Rewards-wise it has me a bit worried though. If the rewards are good,
    people might abandon PvP in favor of the consistency. If they’re bad then
    this would probably devolve into a “casual” game mode played rarely “just
    to have fun”, as it’s not worth the time (which increases queue times,
    makes people want to play even less because they have to wait long, and so
    on). If you don’t get anything (or just very little) for losing then that
    could make some people become angry at people who make mistakes and it
    wouldn’t be enjoyable for practicing.

    There are a huge amount of traps they could fall into with the design,
    let’s hope they manage to avoid them.

  79. Some tips for playing PvE

    – Easy is still challenging, depending on what map you end up playing and
    what tanks spawn
    – You play three missions, not just one. Don’t quit after the first one
    because your tank will still be locked and you can’t rejoin.
    -AMX PAC 90s will fuck you up. Shoot them first.

  80. This game needs an S-Tank, mostly because it has modern tanks and
    because… well, IT’S AN S-TANK!!

  81. Jingles, the respawning is a bug and is caused by a player entering the cap

  82. FunnyVideosShowPL

    There’s PvE content on Xbox 360 btw. It’s called Tank Practice, where you
    play against bots, and even while it’s not entirely what you would expect
    from PvE, there’s also co-op battles mode coming to WoT on Xbox 360/Xbox
    One. Just a heads up :)

  83. Jingles, could you please cover the rewards you receive in the PVE battles
    compared to the PVP rewards? I’ve watched yours and Dez’s videos of it but
    neither of you have covered the rewards for it.

  84. It’s not overmatching jingles, at least not in the way World of Warships
    does it. The damage enemy tanks do, their penetration, and the health they
    have depends on their tier and quality. Their tier doesn’t have any
    relation to the tech tree either, you came across quite a few tier 1 M60s.
    Selecting higher difficulty missions or having higher tier players on your
    team increases the damage tanks do by a lot. High tier/quality PT-76s are
    frustrating because of their rate of fire and how stupid it feels to be
    constantly penetrated from the front by one.

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