Armored Warfare – Release Trailer | PS4

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Warfare FREE-TO-PLAY now!

Good news, commanders! The massive free-to-play battlefields of Armored Warfare are now open to all! Join the ranks of mercenaries all across the world, fight alongside your friends and defeat your enemies in this tank shooter jam-packed with action!

Armored Warfare is now available for everybody:

This free-to-play military MMO allows players to take control of innovative and cutting-edge technology: team up with your friends to tackle difficult co-op missions, take the fight to your rivals and fight out on the battlefield in PvP. Alternatively, navigate across enlarged interactive maps, avoid overhead surveillance drones, airstrikes, AI support and much in an explosive mix of competitive and cooperative gameplay as you take on the revolutionary Global Operations!

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  1. Lol nope

  2. Unable to Find This Page
    It may be unavailable or the address may be incorrect. Select [Home] to continue browsing PlayStation™Store.

  3. Sweet, now we have 2 play to win tank games 😀

  4. World of tanks knock off

  5. Respawning and AI enemys are special now?

  6. For a sec thought it was a black ops 4 teaser and I was hyped

  7. Can’t find it on the PS store?

  8. Looks like a Battlefield 3 dlc.

  9. So some people have a general idea of when, here in CST, the PS store usually updates round 10 AM. So I’d say 8 PST and 11 EST yal should check ya ps stores for updates.

  10. How do i download it doesn’t show for free in store?

  11. It still says $14.99 in PS store

  12. Where is the gameplay ?

  13. Think I’ll stick with world of tanks thank you very much!

  14. Am Not Gonna Lie, It Looks Badass

  15. World Of Tanks MODERN like

  16. Still don’t see it in the ps4 store.

  17. Do this game get updates?

  18. yay. another just get out there and shoot and kill game. Does it have, [No] destructible environments. Its a TANK! TANKS BLOW THINGS UP! *sigh*

  19. Is this the new Call of Duty?

  20. We need Black Squad for free!!

  21. Another world of tanks game

  22. Free game?

  23. Too late war thunder is coming with modern tanks and much better gameplay ))))

  24. 0:02 – 0:17
    Things women will never understand.

  25. Looking forward to diving into this

  26. Next Euro Truck Simulator 2 ?

  27. Supernatural Swamp AIDS

    Narrator sounds like a psychopath…probably killed small animals as a kid too

  28. They hired the honest trailer guy for this

  29. World of Tanks = free and awesome

  30. Free-to-play!!! ???

  31. Song please? ._.


  33. why do you guys never put the song’s name used in the trailers in the description ?


  35. This kinda reminds me of battle tanks for n64. Man brings back memories

  36. Girls und Panzer is better XD

  37. This game is DEAD on PC. And will be dead on PS4 now too.

  38. I can’t play the game my ps4 starts to over heat when I try to load a match

  39. more free racing games, Shooter, action and play in the same console

  40. it looks amazing but if it’s not PvP too then what’s the point?

  41. Родион Бурдин

    Что? Вы серьёзно?!

  42. warface for ps4 pls!!!

  43. Put some head and arms then I will play it! ACORE

  44. World with tanks Gaming

    Xbox one graphics even better..

  45. Rjfromthebay2001 Porter

    Only reason I’m playing this game is my goal is to get all the main battle tanks line such as t14 Amata, challenger 2, Abrams and pl-01

  46. Congratulations All Good Things. Finally recognition you deserve.

  47. gostei bastante desse jogo e jogava ele no PC , uma pena que vive sempre abafado pelo WOT e criticado pelos fans lunáticos do warthunder . tem potencial pra ser um jogo bom , mas o lucro do modo PVE e a falta de jogadores que gostam de PVP acabam tornando o jogo vazio no que ele deveria ter de modo principal de jogo ( PVP ) . Se eles ao menos removesse o modo PVP e tornassem o GLOBAL OPS o modo PVP principal ( O GLOBAL OPS está até cheio , porem só tem 3 mapas e um deles mal aparece ) teriam muito mais jogadores . Infelizmente o armored warfare parece até que foi moldado pela galera que não conseguiu jogar o WOT ( versão console ) , feito pra quem tinha dificuldade até no básico do básico .

  48. WOT is the better game ???

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