Armored Warfare – Riders on the Storm Trailer

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Source: Armored

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Learn more about the month-long Vietnam War-themed event that is now available.

In October, Armored will turn six and to celebrate the occasion properly, we’ve prepared a brand-new event for you. This year, the anniversary event is Vietnam War-themed and features several valuable prizes, including a Premium reward vehicle.

What is Armored Warfare?

We are proud to present Armored Warfare. Armored is a free-to-play massively online tactical military video game that puts you in control of modern tanks, armored vehicles and more! Armored features stunning visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team- gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience!


  1. This game still has potential to beat wot and warthunder or at least to bring this game back alive. But I think the developers doesn’t want that at all.

  2. 2 month playing this game, just reached Tier 9 and first trying extreme mode in apocalypse. Its a lot of fun!

    I have no regret playing this game xD

  3. To be honest compared to War Thunder and World of Tanks this game is much more calming and won’t break your mental state due to rage like War Thunder and WoT. I am glad this game was recommended to me

  4. I remember when I use to play this and the forums were still attached to the main page. I did manage to recommend the M60-2000 and this M60 by raytheon.

    I’m damn glad both got added to the game although there was a third I suggested and I don’t know if it is in the game since I been gone from PC gaming in general duo to life events.

    The third one is the a M48 chassis with a Leopard 2 turret via turret adapter. Strangely despite having all the capabilities of a MBT they label it as a Tank Destroyer.

  5. Are “The Doors” aware that you stole their song name for your shitty trailer video….? Lol

  6. Hello. I`ve been playing this game for 2 years already and I`m loving it. But recently I discovered a problem in the Leclerc tech tree.
    So, when u hit tier 6 you come across the C-13 TUA, which has no connection or reason to be in that line. Then, at tier 8, you get the VCAC Mephisto, which is fun to play, after you fully unlock it, meaning around 130 battles. But what I`m trying to say is that, despite tech tree lines like the american Abrams, the soviet T-70/T-90 series or the chinese Type line – which do not get any Missile-Only TD`s or AFV`s in their line, this one gets not one, but two. I really do not see the logic or reasoning behind this, being different vehicles, with different play styles altogether. Can you please focus on the tech tree lines in genera( for the future updates maybe) and adress issues like having un-realistic connections? For example, I got tricked into thinking that playing the C1 Ariete ( which is an amazing tank) will get me a tier 9 unlock token, which didn`t. This means I lost a lot of time when instead, the actual progression vehicle was the “rocket thrower”, and that, again, makes no sene. It`s the same to like going from the NM142 to the Sput-SD, tho not with as big differences. And this is only some examples that came into my mind on the spot.
    Also, can you please fix the bug with the cannons that keep firing in the background in the Hydra PvE( i think that`s the name of the map) and with the secondary objectives where you have to shoot down some helicopters/UAV`s but they are immune to any kind of direct or indirect shots? I think it was in the game where you have to open those hangars and destroy 8 jet planes( forgot the name of the map, I`m not that good at these names.

  7. did they bring the start up engine sounds back? and what stage do you get the free premium? might get back into it

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