ARMORED WARFARE | Russia’s Brute Force Solution – T-14 Armata Gameplay

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  1. I don’t know of i Like this game

    • It’s not for everyone honestly. It’s more or less a casual alternative to the bigger titles out there but it’s fun to just deep around and in a platoon, have some beers and relax.

    • @WillfulTangent Agree but why PVE in 2021? It’s a strange decision

    • @fq eagles I agree but I think they feel it will be what distinguishes the game from the others. 🤷🏼‍♂️

      Many people seem to enjoy the PVE aspect as their primary game mode. That’s from what I was seeing in the comments of the last Armored Warfare video. So there is a niche.

    • @fq eagles Why not PVE in 2021? Didn’t know it had an expiration date. I personally have had more fun in PVE than PVP.

    • @fq eagles Honestly? Because PvP in AW just isn’t any fun. You have all the usual PvP complaints that you have in any other tank game, but also the miserably low population unless you only want to play in the tiny window that PvP is really active.

  2. You seem to have a real good time there, mate! I hope that means things are on the rise again after last year.

    • Oh yeah. Captain life is significantly improving finally. The industry is still crazy and pretty turbulent but it’s getting better. Hitting November and December hard for content. More to come!

  3. T14 might had solid frontal armor againts AP, but the turret ring can be pen by HEAT with at least 920mm+ of penetration

    But still when fully upgraded this thing is a beast if you’re like aggresive playstyle

  4. Recently just got the t90 myself and love it to bits can’t wait to get the t14 as I got time to grind now that I’ve stopped playing wot for while

  5. Good games and review.

  6. Yeah…seeing this…blitz is gonna die..


  7. 0:34 “the 2AX” _silence_ “the Leclerc T4”

  8. In the beginning I wondered who this aggressive idiot was in the T 14. Then I noticed it worked, and then I saw your name 😛

    At 8:10 I wasnt sure I’d get the kill, so I shot at something else. Also, senpai noticed me! Yaay!

    On a different note, you keeping up with your exercise?

    • It was nice playing with you! Sorry for rejecting the Platoon invite. I don’t normally accept them when I’m on because I’m usually recording.

      I have failed to exercise at all in about a week and a half. Been super busy but I need to get back at it. I’ll get some in tonight though!

    • @WillfulTangent It was a friends invite 😀 I didn’t think you’d accept a platoon invite

  9. great video as always i just came back to the game a few weeks ago and been having a blast great to see reviews of tanks still coming out also question, No idea mods were a thing where did you get yours if you dont mind me asking?

  10. Karnajit Chakraborty

    its a shit tank for pvp anyway

  11. 11:55 was the tank equivalent to the chad handshake from Predator and it was perfect

  12. The way I see it it’s not what’s best it’s what more fun to play… for mbt I like big 1 shot damage.. I’ll say this I’m loving the t14 152

  13. I won the T14-152 somehow or other.. love it. Tanky, punchy, you can take a lot of damage for the team.

  14. Aldair Sebastian Jimenez Baena

    I want to buy leopard revolution, is it a good tank? Or are better options on premium’s mbt?

  15. Im probably gonna skip the next battlepath, not one of the vehicles interests me

  16. Meh I like & play them all including the 2AX the 130mm main gun rocks. The issue is folks have listened to the AW it’s a support tank however you just need to play it like any MBT not a sit back snipe.

  17. can you do an XM1A3 vid plz?

  18. I got in a game today of 3 regular T-14s and me in my T-14-152 on Desert Fox and it was just an absolute stomp. All 3 lieutenants died within a minute of being spotted. The Armata is so much fun whichever form you use with the great mix of armor, mobility and firepower. Glad I managed to snag one last year.

  19. This is the best game ever… please go play it 😭😭😭

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