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Source: Duncan

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  1. Me – Two videos in one day!
    Duncan – Hello, this is a sponsored video
    Me – Ah ha

  2. Why do you have so much HE loaded? That’s not a very good decision to do with a MBT

    • Because he probably doesn’t actually play the game on his own time. That’s the standard ammo load.
      As far as that not being good, it depends on if you actually know how to use HE or not.

  3. Now we only need Whore Thunder and officially all “mainstream” tank games will be covered (in viewers cringe)

  4. I mean this is basically World of Tanks with a few more features and a new Interface.

  5. Played a bit of this game and it was kinda fun. The combat felt a bit lacking though.

  6. Says tanks is really cool and can take down many gets killed three times in a row doesnt even scratch the enemy

  7. Playing tier 10 when you dont know the game might not be the best idea

    • I cry whenever there’s a sponsored video, if I like the game I end up screaming because they don’t play it ‘right’ ???

    • They did the same thing with World of Warships. It was fun, but they had no idea how to pilot those behemoths.

    • Which is pathetic when Duncan has made the claim that he plays WoT on the regular. Any tactic that applies to that game works in Armored warfare to some extent.

    • I played WoT for over 3 years, and I saw many MANY players with thousands and thousands of games played, and most of them are still just SUCH BAD players.. I mean, we see the yogs play minecraft… I think that says it all 😉

    • Not entirely actually, sidescraping is less a thing with modern main battle tanks.. they’re more designed to be entirely frontally armoured is my impression

      But yeah, he wasn’t particularly great with the WoT vids.. they always just do the same thing, show off with higher tier battles and get completely trounced.. I never understand how it’s supposed to be a good advert

  8. Play war thunder plz, even if ye dont record it and its on your own time, is a fun game

  9. This can’t be AW ….. he got a PVP battle!

  10. Its amazing how many sponsorships the game gets and how few people still play it

    • They’re trying to save a dying game, back when AW and WT hadn’t screwed the pooch World of Tanks was doing the same thing. WoT revamped a ton of stuff and hired tons more staff, WT is still struggling but is pushing forwards with more tanks, AW fired their whole dev company and said screw it we want a WoT clone stop trying to make us unique and interesting.

  11. This game has been ruined, because the only people who actually tried to make it good got sacked, and then they complained when all the players left…

  12. That is a Russian prototype tank trey still use cold war tanks in Russia

  13. Duncan is really bad at games

  14. Oh gee. What a surprise. Another AD that is improperly labeled.
    If we can’t tell it’s an AD BEFORE clicking it, you did it wrong.

    • I agree, I hate people making a living for themselves.

    • Oh no, you wasted an entire 5 seconds of your life. This injustice shall not stand!

    • Oh no, just like you I only watch videos as long as they are not an AD and complain because I was not informed about the video being an AD. because I, a sick sick bastard, don’t want my favorite youtubers to profit from the videos they make because who cares if they can’t feed themselves and buy shit they want as long as they post videos which I fancy and watch for leisure..

    • You can literally tell that it is an ad beforehand. The video does not match the rest of the content Duncan is putting up. Some people are thick as hell.

  15. Perhaps PvE would’ve been a better starting choice.

  16. T-14 is the most badass tank in the world. Sure it is rofl. Wild guess another Russian game dev.. *Edit:* Yup,, who knew… oh.. me. Best way to start your day: masses of Russian propaganda.

    • Martin Nicholls
      Its not propaganda
      Russian tanks have been the best since they worked amazingly against the german panzers

    • That there, is propaganda. They can’t even get this tank built for starters, secondly tanks are useless in war that isn’t asymmetric in nature. They don’t do well against guided missiles, or, y’know, depleted uranium sabots. Modern tanks are all about the fire control system anyway.

    • +fish person- german tanks have almost always been the best tanks out there. Russian tanks during ww2 (which was over 70 years ago so it has nothing to do with modern tanks anyway) have only been able to take on german tanks with the power of numbers and even then they struggled

    • Russian tanks are actually quite bad. If you live in Russia, you’re *required to say* the tanks are great if you have a public position of any influence (streaming, news, radio). Because of that requirement, many people believe they are. It’s a fantasy bubble to be honest.
      It’s part of Putin’s “reliving past glories” propaganda he’s spread across the country.

  17. So, it’s Tank-DOTA

  18. fuckin switch ammo each shot

  19. Nice timing just when World of Tanks got its huge 1.0 overhaul update.
    As much as i like modern tanks, sticking with WoT for a while now =)

  20. CaptainCommandoYT

    how did Duncan even get tier 10’s

  21. CaptainCommandoYT

    it takes forever to just farm from like tier 4 onto the next tiers

  22. CaptainCommandoYT

    and Duncan show your frontal armor all time because if you show your front nothing can penetrate that

  23. CaptainCommandoYT

    6:26 Duncan I have to correct you the leopard 2’s are not heavy tanks they are a mix between light and medium tanks

  24. CaptainCommandoYT

    tier 10 challenger 2 is the best tank in the entire game that’s what I heared about it

  25. pointless stupid ad not even funny

  26. Finally someone who says “this is a sponsored video”. Thanks man.

  27. Duncan should on upload collab videos…

  28. the t14 is like russia’s f35. budget busting, underwhelming performance, they probably won’t use it much. they even have production delays!

  29. looks like mobile game

  30. Oh… a world of tanks clone…. yay…. as if world of tanks wasnt the worst game in the world… seriously i prefer the tank combat in War thunder and having to swich the sticks over and over than fucking bullshit WoT…

  31. This looks like a bad mix between World of Tanks and War Thunder. I much prefer War Thunder honestly.

  32. duncan u should try out world of tanks as its had some big updates since you last played 🙂

  33. This game has been dead for ages now. Last time I checked there isn’t a 3v3 mode. There is just that few playing the game.

  34. Before I even watch, the reason why Duncan is playing this is because they are sponsoring them??

  35. You dare call that shitty tank the best in the world? Get an Abrams or maybe a leopard and then get back to me.

  36. lucas silverbagel

    due it’s literally league of legends tank form did you see the map?

  37. Duncan try war thunder

  38. Armored warfare is like if War Thunder arcade had a baby with WoT

  39. Someone didn’t read in to who’s shit-ware they’re pushing…

  40. ok, so in all honesty how is this not a copy of World of Tanks? LOL

  41. War Thunder has modern tanks, too.

  42. So it’s World Of Tanks/War Thunder..?

  43. 6:11 “AW YES!!!”
    Who was that? XD

  44. This game mode in AW is not good at all…… and the are allmost noone playing this Mode.
    Its mostly only played When the are Event for it..
    Normal PvP have more players together with PvE.

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