Armored Warfare – Seconds out, Round Two!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The Armored Warfare second Focus Test has just ended and this time around we saw not only the straight pvp side of the game, but also a basic look at the Arms Dealer and Commander and Crew systems. Also, two new maps and a sample of progression from tier 1 to 5 with 22 vehicles available to test.

So. What was it like? Glad you asked, allow me to elaborate…

Armored Warfare


  1. This is a game manufactured by Obsidian Entertainment, an American company.
    So YOU spelled armored wrong.

  2. It’s true. That’s they way it works.

  3. +spinax22 But, The Mighty Jingles who did this video are English.

  4. Well that sounds simple enough (didn’t understand a word of it).

  5. +Bloodstainer Well, it be considered as an investment in a virtual world,
    with no relation to anything in the real world. It’s not, in a purely
    monetary sense, an investment, but it is an investment if you like to think
    about other things besides money, like, say, fun and free time.

  6. post 60s = one shot,one dead enemy.

  7. +John London True.

  8. sergenticus_wafflicus

    My god the Chieftain is a beast of a machine, perhaps didn’t work too often
    but when it was working, there was no tank in the world at the time that
    could stand up to that monster!
    I want one….

  9. A question to you guys who played AW: is it me or its more difficult to aim
    and shoot at somebody? In WoT its as easy as to play arty, but here –
    somewhat different….

  10. Love the video Jingles! Keep the Warfare coming!! Do we have any idea on
    the release date into closed beta?

  11. Hey jingles, you should do a war thunder video on the b-29 super fortress,
    they just added it

  12. My jaw hit the floor when i saw that beautiful Chieftan, Oh lord!

  13. Hey Jingles. I noticed one thing. I rarely saw any bounces in AW videos…
    That M60 was hitting you for what? 100hp? What is that? Does he have really
    that bad gun and was he penetrating each hit? Or was he shooting HE and
    doing just little bit of dmg? How is that HE dmg calculated? I don’t think
    that HE shells like that would have much impact on the tank in real life.

    I am just a bit concerned since I didn’t see how the mechanics of different
    armor types and ammo types work in AW.

  14. holy FUCK I’m excited for this game. More like WoT than WT but with a few
    nice little RPG features. Sounds good to me.

  15. It also feels… *like an alpha build*.

  16. +judiccc The point is you are nitpicking about things that are always fixed
    *much* later during development, not in pre-alpha test builds.

  17. +judiccc I leave the stupid remarks for you, but I’m fine with smartass.
    Rather than post on a Jingles video about it you might want to try the AW
    forums if you want the “right people to hear about it”.

  18. Is the PVE going to be as horrible as War Thunders? Because that pve is a

  19. dat skybox though , really ?

  20. Despite the claim that this game is only emulating WoT for placeholder
    reasons, they’ve gone to great lengths downgrading CryEngine to make it
    look as similar to WoT as possible. 

  21. you are one of the better WoT haters. You at least say ”I think” and the
    other dumb nitwits just say this *is* better, which I think it isn’t.

  22. +CrazyDutchguy hey construct your sentence properly dude . nice grammar

  23. poor game

  24. This looks so boring compared to world of tanks 

  25. really jingles….capturing the base in a test environment……..

  26. Cant wait for a 1 hour review of that chieftain :)

  27. Jingles thats a shit ton of credits

  28. :O the Chieftan……well, time to fap! :P

  29. TheGamingNinja NL-US

    I like you so match

  30. This channel is dead! Go away!

    “Why would you cap during a test”

  31. “WoT and Armored Warfare look the same”
    “Armored Warfare copied WoT”

    The developers who work for Armored Warfare QUIT war gaming to make their
    own game, so DUH their going to look alike. Did you really think they would
    leave their creations behind and build a brand new platform, NO. It’s
    easier to take what works and modify it accordingly.

  32. Maybe cause it runs on the Unreal Engine? It didn’t look cartoony to me but
    it does look a bit off or something.

  33. Jingles! A question that is completely unrelated to the video that
    nonetheless popped into my mind. I use an ad-blocker that blocks all ads on
    youtube. Does this hurt your revenue? If so, does it hurt it directly (i.e.
    do you get paid directly for the number of ads played through your videos /
    would disabling the blocker just for your videos remove any reduction you
    might get), or more indirectly (due to less ads being played in general,
    there’s less money from the total pot from which you ultimately receive
    money)? I very much like your videos, and am a little bit concerned that,
    due to my wishing to save a few seconds all the time, you are not getting
    the full (monetary) recognition I feel you should be.

  34. Ahoy there Admiral Jingles – pester WG and make them release world of
    warships please.

  35. +lolpl0000 what is there to be serious about?!? Wot is a tank game, so is
    WT and so is this fucking game. I was bloody serious when I wrote that
    stupid comment trying to show you something, but apparently you are just
    too fucking stupid to understand

  36. +lolpl0000 okay, so are you saying WT is not a tank game then?
    wow………… so fucking smart

  37. +lolpl0000 WT engine> WoT
    WT RNG > WoT RNG
    WT full real battles w/o markers > WoT’s arcade battles

  38. M1A2 abrahms please or the isreali tank the merkhva or how ever you say it
    ill take those

  39. All russkies must die

  40. why does PT-76 reminds me of some tank in WoT,you know the one that comes
    after VK2801 and before RU251?

  41. the xp unlock system stops botting :D

  42. Chieftain best looking tank ever

  43. its a clone of World of tanks just with better graphics 

  44. 1:No need to be rude,I’m now aware it’s free to play

    2:I still think it won’t be a very good game,I’m for one not interested in
    this game,and won’t be playing it.

  45. Small? World of tanks has 77 million players, that’s far from a small market

  46. Well, if you would actually listen to the video, you might learn something,
    but if you are too busy comparing it to other games and formulating
    arguments, well, sorry for your loss.

    I like WT Ground Forces, but a modern version would be crap. There would be
    very little “tiering”, and it would be a very hard game to make. Not to
    mention, any AT-Guided Missile would blow you away, and most of the HE
    would as well. Remember the ISU-152, or, its Tier II predecessor, the
    Su-122? That thing can destroy a Tiger I, a Tier III heavy tank… using HE

  47. Wot ForEver <3

  48. this makes war thunders matchmaking system look balanced

  49. So I threw a jellyfish into a fan.

  50. oh, Jingles. you say you’re name is what’s presented in the Wikipedia. lol
    Sorry, I don’t believe it. Aside from that, you said it yourself as to why
    you didn’t want any one knowing your real name, etc. Until we meet in
    person, which we never will, I won’t and shant believe it.


    • +Antonov Gaming
      well, I respect his privacy and anonymity. If I want him to see a replay
      by me, I’ll send him a PM on NA/EU WoT.

  51. This is an important question for me: Can you lock your turret on a target
    similar to WoT’s right click? This is important in the superfast dogfights
    that light vehicles can get into.

  52. Kind of a disappointment to see how much this copies WoT. Give me War
    Thunder like module type damage over this stupid health bar system. If I
    put a shot into someone’s engine block I expect to see that engine die and
    if I over-penetrate a section with no vital components I expect to see zero
    damage and an angry enemy vehicle.

    Might still play it for the PvE, but the PvP looks like the same old crap
    that got me out of WoT.

  53. Thumbs up for the female crew!

  54. +dargamar I’m aware. I am from Russia,

  55. Well, calling someone ****skin would be as offensive as calling you
    “Poolina”, or someone named Eric McFael as Epic McFail. Unfortunately, in
    my youth, I actually did call someone that, because he was late on the
    first day to a rifle course.

  56. I know. It’s funny, but I still feel bad about it.

  57. +Daniel Rocha let me say this really slowly so your fucking mind can
    process this: *IT… IS… JUST… ALPHA..! ANYTHING… CAN… CHANGE..!*

  58. +Daniel Rocha very original… and it is alpha, learn something about gaming

  59. +Daniel Rocha no no no, not open beta. full release is the time when you
    can start laughing at me, *if* nothing changed.
    and so what if 15 games you played didnt change anything? that does not
    mean *this* game can’t change…

  60. looks real interesting does that ….thanx for posting the vids

  61. Can’t Wargaming take them to court for this shameless copy/paste?

  62. it is just alpha, they will improve all of the performance issues.

  63. well Jingles… you DID noticed the camo bar feature in the first alpha…
    you actually talked about that!!! oh Jingles.. you’re so silly! :P

  64. Reinventing the good old alt+f4 joke in 2015? Really?

  65. People complaining that it’s too similar to WoT… So what? What’s the
    problem with using a frankly brilliant formula.
    If this was the case, then Shadow of Mordor wouldn’t have been able to use
    Batmans Arkhams combat mechanics.
    Games borrow concepts from other games. Deal with it.

  66. I was really hoping they would change the interface and all the “WoT
    things” in AW. But nope! They are really determined to copy WoT until its
    last screws, which is kinda sad if you think about it.

  67. World Of Tanks The Best Replays

    Lol true

  68. i really wish i knew how they chose the beta testers

  69. i wonder if the eland will be in game the 90 model prefered :D

    • +Tiaan De Swardt im not but i am a big history buff especially on
      rhodesia’s r.a.c.r plus i like south africa’s military vehicles like the
      olifant and the gv6

    • well i think the g5 is a cool concept but i like the G6 better the ratel is
      a very good ifv imo

  70. 9:37 A pretty useless “guided missile” that one that only goes in a
    straight line and misses if you drive 2 meters forward :)

  71. Screw world of tanks! when this game is released i’m deleting my account
    with my hard earned tiger 2 and jumping into this game!

    • +budmeister Haha yeah I have too many tanks to count too ! Not 80, but
      probably… 50 ? I don’t even know…

    • Considering you consider your Tiger II “hard earned” …(edited out)…

      Actually, if you’re done with every single tank in every nation up to tier
      8 I will give you credit. That *is* hard earned. That should be around
      12-15k matches or more.

  72. So, MBTs are like the heavy tanks in this game right?

  73. Ju-87 D-5 is so OP now.

  74. yeah british tanks in a tank game are finally good/better than russians

  75. I wish Planetside 2 had tank combat like this.

  76. The Chieftain? (Can’t wait for that is WoT), Artillery removed for rework,
    Female crew members (wonder if they’ll have voice overs), very nice
    I’m actually getting a little excited for this game… :)

  77. looks hella more interesting than WoT, just because when you aim, at least
    you’re sure you will hit.

    i am way more likely to play this rather than world of hitpoints – random
    number generator.

    i still pefer WT ground forces, but this might be interesting!

  78. How do u get a ping of 0 Jingles? Or is that a alfa bug?

  79. *A*3, not E3.

  80. well jungles what i noticed when i got to play it was that Fictor got to
    drive not all the tanks from one dealer but all the MBTs
    maybe he would also be in artilery and TDs but Arty wasnt in test and i
    didnt get to unlock the TD

  81. But can it go trough 15.4 inches of steel? I really doubt it…

  82. oh jingles, you have no fucking clue what a fucking war is going on in the
    comment section of this video…

    ”wot 2.0”
    ”wot clone”
    ”warthunder is better”
    ”this game should use the gameplay features from WT”

    GUYS, seriously. why dafuq are you still comparing games?!? **sigh**

  83. If this game had gone war thunder style game play as opposed to world of
    tanks it would have been awesome 

  84. Looks very nice. I like how they already have the stuff WoT is massively
    advertising right now -personal missions and female crew. I also really
    like the camo-bar and the wheeled vehicles, as well as the armor-type and
    amminition mechanics. It is great that AW wont have premium repair kits or
    gold amminition. However, as far as i know your tank stays in battle when
    you die, i dont like that, its pointless. And i also have a question: Does
    anyone know if amphibious vehicles (like the pt76 (as far as i know…))
    can move through water, or if it is planned to make them able to? I would
    really like that….

  85. 〈--- Literally FAST food ™ (mɐin chɐnnǝl)

    DoN’t read the comments unless you want to cry. People calling a simple
    round crosshair a WORLD OF TANKS MOD and the “you are spotted” marker “UWWW

    Unless you want to cry, don’t proceed.


  87. The hud looks a lot like world of tanks

  88. I’m very happy to see the system of blocks and reputation. Gaijin used to
    use this setup on War Thunder and Star Conflict, but pulled it out. I hate
    the progression system of WoT they used forcing you to play tanks you
    detest and hate just to get to ones you like.

    With this reputation system you can easily skip tanks you hate, and play
    the ones you love and always have a refreshing and fun experience in tanks
    you want to actually drive.

  89. Theres alot more to this game to be introduced than either wargaming or
    gaijin has ever thought about and trying to compare the games is pointless
    for instance this is still in early developement WoT isnt and its had
    several yrs to sort out its basic flaws which it still hasnt done WTGF is
    still getting things in place buts still has major flaws in it at least
    these guys are listening to feedback from the players it hopes to entice to
    the game.

  90. Panzerselbstfahrlafette V L/61 Sturer Emil

    80% of World of Tanks + 20% of War Thunder + Modern stuff + Strange crew
    and purchasing vehicles system and violá, you got Armored Warfare.

  91. russians are gonna be all over this game

  92. Brits always had a rifled gun fetish. Since the very beginning. They were
    the first to incorporate rifles as standard issue guns in 1800. A fine lad
    named Thomas Plunkett managed to kill a French general at over 500m with
    the famous Baker Rifle in the Peninsular War (part of the Napoleonic Wars).
    They still stick to their rifled roots! Tea, pints, pounds, cavalry sabers
    and rifled guns.

  93. Also, hope the crew member portraits are moddable. I want to bring my All
    Female Anime Crew Mod from WoT into this :D

  94. +spinax22 doesn’t look like it

  95. +spinax22 go take your pills mentally chalenged kid

  96. +John London lol moron. u and that spinax idiot…go blow each other retards

  97. Personally, I had a lot of fun with this second focus test. Jingles, after
    seeing your game names on this video, I know you killed me at least a few
    times. To the point, I didn’t get a lot of time to be able to play, but I
    do really like the setup of this game so far. I was only able to make it
    to one tier 3 tank, the M60 Patton, but I had fun doing it. I love the
    progressive unlock setup and the dealer setup. Also, did you have any
    issues with getting a black screen when you loaded in to a match? And by
    black screen, I mean being able to see everything on the HUD and vehicle
    markers, but no terrain.

    • +The Mighty Jingles You killed me a few times Jingles, and I you in return.
      I was one of the few lunatics driving the Swingfire on the EU servers.

  98. You never did explain what was specifically good about HESH after you went
    on about how different ammo types defeat specific varieties of armor.

  99. Jingles, how difficult is it to bounce shots? I saw that most shots you
    took, and most shots the enemies took penetrated the other. Bouncing shots
    seemed pretty rare in the footage you showed, would you say the rate of
    bounced shots is less or more than world of tanks?

  100. we all so hate you right now

  101. where is the super like button

  102. jingles commander skill title: RNG
    skill: when a tank with commander jingles fires a arty he has a 20% chance
    it bounces back at the tank with commander jingles into the ammo rack and
    destroys your own tank

  103. Thank you so much for sharing this. So far I really like what I am seeing.
    Not sure if this will pull me all the way out of World of tanks but I will
    for sure be playing both of them.

  104. World of tanks modern warfare

  105. 7:32 isn’t that tank able to float itself across a river?

  106. Can somebody tell me why the female tank crews pose like some catalogue
    models and wear make up?!

  107. Is there the faggot ammunition…. ohh sorry i meant the gold ammo from

  108. To be honest I don’t think I’m even going to download this game when it’s
    released.. With the amount of time effort and money I have in World of
    Tanks with buying golds premium account and premium vehicles I just don’t
    want to like this game better and abandon everything I put in to World of

  109. I really feel like I’m watching WoT with the UI being so ‘in your face’.

  110. No way in hell my Laptop can run this. XD

  111. I don’t have nothing with you players of armored warfare but I find this
    game more stupid than world of tanks but hey noone thinking what I am
    thinking also good luck and have all fun in the world ;)

  112. Someone needs to enlighten the makers of this game of this fact: Will they
    get more money by having artillery? No. The exact same amount of people who
    like tanks will play the game, there’s no “I’ll only play if there’s
    artillery” players. Therefore putting resources into artillery aspect of
    the game is just waste of money, better to put it into the rest of the game
    features, where it’ll pay off, or just save that bit of cash adding
    artillery would cost for a rainy day. I think artillery subtracts from the
    gameplay value of games, irrespective of how realistic it is, or how many
    more vehicle classes it adds, its just terrible gameplay wise. Its like
    having a couple F16 fighters on both teams, who don’t shoot each other
    down, only shoot the ground targets, with no AA capable of shooting them
    down until the end of the game. Lets say they do average 3k damage per
    game, then a game with 1 artillery a side takes 3k health from both teams
    on average. And the artillery has no health, so instead of a 1900hp medium
    its a 500hp artillery, so there’s in total over 4k less damage to take for
    the rest of the players, and they can’t even fight against these parasites
    in artillery, they just get hit again and again depending on RNG. Doesn’t
    matter if artillery lets the players know they’re being targeted, its still
    terrible gameplay wise. Tank V tank is good, that’s good gameplay. 

  113. Sounds you had as much of a blast as I did Jingles. I don’t think I saw
    you, now that I know what your name was at least :). Hopefully we meet on
    the battlefield of future test sessions!

  114. Armored Health Points Warfare!

  115. Okay, even if it is a kindof spinoff of World of Tanks, its looks much more
    fun and better than world of tanks

  116. Can anyone help me with the new War Thunder update? It keep “downloading
    launcher files” and then restarting

  117. @ Jingles: The LAV-150 only has a 20mm gun not 25mm like you said in the
    video. Anyways, nice preview. Unfortunately I didn’t met you once. Your
    (chosen) name would have made a great trophy for my forum sig.^^

  118. YAY I made it into one of Jingle’s vids, Silveroak2 @ 10:37

  119. I know this is going to be a great game. I trust in the developers. 

  120. to ppl who come here and write “same like WOT” FU FGTS !
    WOT had at least 50 patches by now and this game its not even at alpha and
    still looking better lol !
    btw WE DONT GIVE A SINGLE FUCK if u wont play this, u can stay at WOT and
    enjoy in your game with bots 

  121. the fact that british leyland made the engine is probably the biggest
    factor in its unreliability :P

  122. These comments are literally cancer, Don’t read them if you are a
    reasonable normal person.

  123. Awesome game, awesome video Mr.Jingles, as usual. Can’t wait to play it.
    Keep up the good work good Sir ;)

  124. are the Skill points and their effects server sided? If not… tsk tsk in
    b4 haxors

  125. +Dennis Gilje You’ll probably get a confirmation e-mail WHEN THEY ACTUALLY
    PUT IT INTO CLOSED BETA!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, it’s still in limited alpha
    testing. I think that Jingles payed some money to get access to the focus
    tests, or he just has that good of a reputation.

  126. Yeah, there is definitely IAP, but the overall game is free.

  127. +A sloth
    As jingles pointed out, this is after the alpha. They are in a limited
    testing period. It’s not beta yet, it’s in-between, so it might as well be
    alpha testing with early access.

  128. Hey Jingles I know that this not WOT but in fact it seems very similar in
    gameplay and in graphics. I like the fact that it is more modern tanks but
    do you think that they will introduce as many or more tanks than are in

  129. cant wait for open beta and test the glorious Leopard 2A6

  130. Lots of the APCs and IFVs have so little armor. HE ammo will be more
    useful than in WoT. In WoT I mostly on use HE for artillery, and
    waffentractors. But it seems HE will be effective against many types in
    this game.

  131. I’m so looking forward to this, I really can’t wait, it looks brilliant.
    However I’m also worried, worried that this is going to be really popular
    (not a bad thing in itself), so popular that what ever servers are put in
    place won’t be able to handle it. It must be hard to balance possible
    demand and not tie up too much capital in infrastructure when you start a
    game like this, I really hope they get that balance right. 

  132. That’s a nice WoT Graphics mod you got there, Jingles..

  133. interesting video, this game is everything i wanted world of tanks to be,
    modern city, works with good graphics, has tanks that arent just track
    based, missiles,

    I think i should switch over, for atleast landing me a good pre-alpha tank
    that i can show off when the game goes live and noone else has it

  134. Isnt a joke or a mod, its actually alot better then WoT and this is in
    alpha stages.

  135. +Theis Rosendahl
    Its made by obsidian entertainment and plays not that much like world of
    tanks, its a game made by the guys who did fallout new vegas iirc using

    For alpha, its got a distance to go, but its a damn good looking alpha.

  136. Idiots thinking this is just like WoT… don’t they even know how the games

  137. Ok so it’s basically just like World of Tanks I can get behind this game no
    problem it looks really cool

  138. To complicated for most wot players- im dead serious – some of them are
    dumb as bricks.

    “can my tank fig gun without new tracks?” A: DO MATH
    “does bc155 58 have a clip? and how much shots?” A: TECHTREE!
    “how do i play kv1… sniper?” “A: ………….omg”

  139. The game seems sufficiently different from World of Tanks to be well worth
    a look… but the UI feels a tad too familiar.

  140. More Armored Warfare glorious!

  141. I’d like to see this game ported over to ps4 like WT was with shared

  142. Nope, but then he’s on my friends list and we were doing a “count down” to
    try to get on the same team. Most of the time though, we wound up on
    opposite teams XD
    If you watch, you’ll see me in a battle as well, nommocnU.

  143. Have the mentioned how they plan on making money with this yet? I did not
    see premium ammo and vehicles like World of Tanks. I know there is some
    kind of paid for commander. I doubt that will be enough though.

  144. Bo Danville (BountyHunter01)

    This will put the pressure on wot which is not a bad thing.And the graphics
    in this look way better.

  145. Jingles, I command that the foolish war gaming people be told to let u show
    us more world of warships, armoured warfare looks go though

  146. Can you modify your commanders images/names?

    More importantly, I may be being dense but I didn’t see where you could
    tell how much influence you had in a vehicle, or what the money was that
    you used to buy new tanks and modules.

    ALSO: HOLY SHIT REVERSING LIGHTS! That shouldn’t excite me so much.

  147. what will a t72 t90 ever do to the worlds top powerfulest tanks like
    challenger2 m1 abrams and leopard2…they dont stand a chance…well when
    those tanks get put in obv

  148. That Chieftan profile! It is a classic.

  149. Sounds like your guys in this game are more or less mercenaries and not a
    real army. I kinda like that.

  150. Awesome video!
    Cant wait to see the Leopard2A7

  151. I like how the comments are just full of guys that 1 hate this game 2 have
    not played this game 3 claim to be real tankers 4 never even started
    english class and 5 fanboys of wot and wt

  152. Olliver “Teambit” Stensbøl

    One thing i’d like to see Obsidian fix, is the barrel of the gun clipping
    through everything. Try ramming another tank without remembering to turn
    your turret away from harm… Just saying, it would be a nice feature.

  153. has obsidean confirmed a public release date?

  154. Just got into beta. SO EXCITED.

  155. well, they do seem to be improving it somewhat. looking forward tohearing
    of more progress

  156. “You’re probably thinking how I get my hands on that tank?”
    Hell no.
    I’m thinking how am I gonna get my hands on the Leopard 2. Who would want a
    bloody Chieftain when I can have the Ace of all tanks?

  157. Jingles I don’t think uve told us what the prise is going to be in this
    game will it be free?
    Plz could u mention it in the next mingles with jingles/armored warfare vid

  158. Well, based on the NDA I’m bound by, I’m not allowed to mention shit, or
    put up a video or screenshots on my gaming channel. If Obsidian is barring
    content creators that aren’t Jingles from publicizing the game, then fuck
    them and their game.

  159. We want more!

  160. Shouldn’t these tanks be more accurate on the move? I was under the
    impression that gun-stabilization technology advanced very rapidly during
    the cold war. Certainly the high tier tanks should be able to fire with
    pinpoint accuracy on the move. In this video it seems like you have to stop
    and aim even against close targets. Looks like another feature they copied
    from WOT, and it seems really out of place

  161. I was in that same team with Jingles in his Chieftain in the gameplay video
    (not the highlights) in a T64. Sadly enemy team was so bad I didn’t get to
    do much damage. That M60A3 kept running away from me until he got owned by
    Jingles from the rear.

  162. I really wonder why they would spend all this time to make a game that’s
    all but a copy of WoT? WQant to play a tank game, go to the leader in
    tank games. Have room and time for 2 games? Why bother with 2 tank
    games, when Worldof Warships promises an new adventure. I was excited
    about this game at the start, now, I don’t even bother looking at their
    forums as it’s just way too familiar and pointless to change just to end up
    playing tanks again. Sorry AW, you can cancel my account as I’m just
    tired of the same thing.

  163. +The Warlord of the Rising Sun Lol The T49 is a prototype basis for

  164. U wot m9 u wnt 2 git rekt??? i swer on me mum il shank ya ootsid tesco

    Is this free to play?

  165. Thomas James (Weir417)

    Tank for me…..m1a1 Abrams. Depleted uranium so it has a effective armor
    of 600*mm of armor which is like 6 feet of armor I believe. But huge fan
    jingles. Love your video. Keep up the work:)

  166. Yay in world of tanks i got the Otto Carius (r.i.p 24.1.2015) badge in my
    fully upgraded (+fully upgraded crew) Tiger 1 (h).

  167. Man…I wished something like War Thunder. But what I am seeing is again a
    game where certainly Russin tanks are always lower tier, even when they
    should be a much higher tier(like the KV1S being now tier 5 but 1940 German
    protos being tier 6, and also being the worst german tanks compared to
    their tier)

  168. Yay my daily dose of jingleeeesss

  169. This looks shit.

  170. Explosions still look little bit tooo like Winter Mod on WoT, i think more
    shockwave and dust after tank explode completely, would add points.

    Physics is no go, especially when you fire gun in that heavy tank and in
    80% no recoil stres at all.

    Sound: geting shot sounds like laser sound in some poor space game.

    And i don’t think that shine marker on tanks you aim should be so shiny and
    so red it is just stupid, grass shining in front of them and you don’t see
    tank(that is his beauty) from all that stoke going on aroun it. Maybe on
    close range they should just remove “stroke” and on longer range where eye
    doesn’t see well just keep outer line.

  171. All I can say is I’m excitedly waiting for AW to open to to the general
    public. In my opinion Obsidian has taken the tired old pieces of WOT added
    a lot of great ideals of their own and is creating a monster of a new game,
    one that I look forward to playing. WOT is fun but with their unwillingness
    to march on the front line of expansion, new content, such as new maps and
    game play, well….really, painting a city map white? take an old map and
    raise a few ridges? 8 bit tanks? really? Ok they were better than nothing
    but in this market of outstanding graphics, game play, sound and story
    content, if you think that will satisfy the hungry masses of today then I
    say WoT is and will be a slow dying shell of a game. You know one of those
    you play every blue moon when feeling nostalgic. Its good they’re bringing
    World of Warships because lets get real WoT is a tired game with little
    hope of being anything else. See you at the funeral.P.S. Great job Jingles.

  172. I do like how they have a Mercenary style to it. Makes me think of Ace

  173. I really have a hard time watching this. It looks so much like WoT and I
    dislike EA so much, I don’t think I can watch these Armored Warfare videos
    even if it is Jingles playing them. These videos just prove to me that EA
    is just flat out stealing WoT gameplay/business model, because wargaming
    proved it was the better way to conduct business.

    Too little too late. EA can just suck my sweaty balls for all the times
    they have screwed me over as a player. I won’t play their games even if
    they are free!

  174. How does the ATGM system work, and how well does it work?

  175. AWESOME Her Jingles! Can’t wait for this game to come out. Love your
    channel dude!

  176. Wheres the abrams I want abrams now

  177. Kam Kam (Kameghaya)

    OK its Armored Warfare not WOT or WT

  178. Hey guys remember when they were given time to not make this World of Tanks
    V2: Electric Boogaloo?
    *Looks the exact same to me. I don’t expect alphas to change certain things
    and neither should you.*
    *Don’t* get hyped for this, wait until 1.0 comes out before you go “TOTS

  179. aaaaaaand another game that does not bother making the guns a solid
    object… ruining imersion and game play.

  180. Whoooooooooo this game might be really good! Thank you for removing
    artillery to fix it! I love this game already.

  181. RT’s accuracy should improve with Scouting assistance…. no scout = less

  182. Could u show us so of the other tanks that were in the focus test I would
    like to see what some of the other mainly main battle tanks but also the
    other tanks as well if you have some videos of that could u show us or just
    send them to me 

  183. So is Wargaming only one that can create rational way to make teching
    understadable, this is looks like war thunder, no clue what i have to do
    while trying to research vehicles.

  184. What i need to do to be able to play test server or it is pure luck to be

  185. Mostly looks like Warthunder sort of 

  186. can i play us tanks only or do i half to play other Country tanks to get
    an m1/m1a2

  187. I don’t think it’s there yet in this test it’s only tier 1-5 so I guess
    Abrams will be added later.

  188. The Chieftain is beasting! Can’t wait to get my hands on that tank along
    with an M1 Abrams! 

  189. I have to say that this game is going to be awesome, also I’ve recently
    bought a Tamyia Chieftain Mk5 tank model, which is great!

  190. I’m getting the feeling that this game is being developed by ex WoT
    employees. WoT would be nothing if there was more competition, WG has
    proved time and time again to be incompetent

  191. This game can be great fun. But it is what it is. And that is: World of
    tanks Modern warfare. (At this moment)

  192. Yeah, being a big fan of armored fighting vehicles, yes this includes
    tanks, Im liking this title already. So my most played games in the many
    months too come will be, WOT, WOWs and AW once its released. WT ground
    forces not so much.
    Well not until WTGF is turned into a proper sim and not the hodge podge
    of the 3 different modes we see today.

  193. What tanks will be in the game? I hope they add Swedish tanks the Swedes
    have some strange designs especially Strv 103.

  194. In the american 2.5 ton military trucks they used multi fuel engines until
    around 1990 when most of them were refitted with a caterpillar Diesel

  195. Everyone is complaining about arty. Now I know just as well as all of you
    people that arty is annoying. It’s always there to screw up your game. Now,
    being an arty player myself, I know how incredibly satisfying it is to
    connect a 1000m shot and one-shot a Waffle on the move, and how pissed I
    get when that happens to me. But things like that only happen one in a
    hundred (or more) shots. In Armored Warfare there is a lot more problems
    arty has to deal with. Like the Explosive Reactive Armor plating. A shot
    will do little to no damage if it hits a tank with that equipped. Combined
    with the lower alpha damage and early warning players get when they are
    targeted by artillery, it seems like it’s perfectly balanced. Sure, it will
    always kill you when you think you’re safe, but TDs, MBTs, LTs, and even
    AFVs can do that just as often. So I’m not really seeing a big problem with
    the arty. Perhaps people are just being too close-minded about the entire
    thing, knowing arty from WoT. But give it a chance. Give the devs a chance
    to work it out, take feedback from the not-quite-as-whiny people in the
    community, and implement it to the best of their ability.

    And for the people saying the whole game is a WoT clone: what exactly is
    wrong with that? WoT is fantastic! And if you don’t think WoT is fantastic,
    you will probably dislike this game regardless of the similarities between
    itself and WoT, so arguing that they’re the same shouldn’t really matter to

    I’ll get off my soapbox now. Thanks for taking the time to read this, if
    you did. Good hunting! o7

  196. is this in CBS or OCBS?

  197. I really hope that while they have no arty (class), they see how much a
    gimmick it is to put it into the game. We play a tank game for tank
    battles. Let War thunder try and figure out a way that makes bringing in so
    many different aspects of battle into a game that’s played for fun….. to
    be balanced and fun to play.

  198. Ray and Arc The Dangerous Dou

    EEEW… cheiftan… >.> Leopards man… so fucking sexy…. I mean… its
    not that the cheiftan isn’t sexy because all tanks are sexy its just… the
    Leopards german XD

  199. +The Mighty Jingles Game looks awsome,but,can you upload a little video of
    one battle with low or off details,just for us with weak PCs…im realy
    looking forward to this game,but my PC isn’t that good and i dont know am i
    gonna play this game…(im playing WoT on full resolution with lowest
    details to get 50 fps)…tnx for great videos and keep up good
    work…cheers mate

  200. redwagon wester fronter

    jingles you are right about that cheften that is a dam good tank and its
    name suits it will and for native amricans it will be our revenge for all
    thous who lost there lives in war from the past to the present

  201. How come I always sign up for new games’ betas, but WTF i never get invited

  202. No jingles I’m not much of a tank nerd and I still knew that there was
    something wrong with that Lepord (I forgot how to spell DERP) 

  203. To all those people making opinions that weren’t in any of the tests: fuck

    If you want a real opinion, I’d say the game should be on your watch list
    for a little while. From what I have played it seems very like WoT, but
    features may still be subject to change. However, if the game continues
    with such alike component, I think it would have better off been called WoT
    Game play is very nice. I did enjoy the time I had with it :).
    If it’s going to be free, I will definitely be playing it.

  204. I’m sorta annoyed at all the arty haters. I occasionally play arty but
    mostly russian heavys and im kinda upset at all the hate WoT gets from WT
    Dont get me wrong theyre bot great games but if you hate it then think
    about other people before you insult they’re game :/
    Personally im happy that AW looks like WoT.
    That way it feels more familiar so i won’t have to relearn a new play

  205. This is the first game which uses non-tank vehicles for scouting, rather
    than light tanks.


  206. Can’t wait until Jingles shows the Leopard 2A5 gameplay, when that tank
    becomes available in the test. Armored Warfare is gonna be a sick tank
    game! Really looking forward to playing it when it hits beta.

  207. Another Armored Warfare video, another comments section full of people
    complaining because the basic mechanics of an early alpha are similar to
    World of Tanks.

    If you cry “World of Tanks copy!” and want a different kind of gameplay,
    then go ahead and give me at least 2 or 3 paragraphs on how YOU would
    design the core gameplay mechanics, and in a way that wouldn’t have people
    crying “War Thunder copy!”

  208. Everyone needs to get off their fucking high horse and stop saying “its
    just like WoT” Jesus Christ just try the damn game first at least. I
    welcome a new tank game, it means more diverse and available tank games I
    can play. Now im not stuck to 1 or 2 games, I have another 😀 welcome this
    new family member into the tank world, dont exclude him.

  209. It appears to me, looking at the scenery and vehicle’s a lot like
    battlefield 4 without the men running around! Or is this made by the same
    company?! Looks like a fun game. Graphics aren’t terribly realistic, that
    could be because it’s still being ironed out? Anyway it looks like a game I
    would play. Hope it shows up on the ps4! Thanks jingles. Btw I bought
    sniper 3 on the ps4 net after watching your play. Awesome game.

  210. I’m not sure what I want more, Armored Warfare, or World of Warships.

  211. hmm I wonder when people are gonna start bitching “jingles you put up soo
    many armored warfare video’s but im only here for world of

  212. You killed Vervun’s Wiesel in an LAV-150.
    And even almighty Perma turned tail and ran when The Mighty Jingles
    approached, although he didn’t know it yet.
    This is why you’re a Youtube celebrity and we Alpha testers are just….
    wee little alpha testers.

    Well, see you in the next iteration of the alpha, Jingles.

  213. Can u try out the t72 😀 plz

    Btw the bmp2 is kinda op right now 

  214. Do tanks ever bounce? Doesn’t look it?

  215. this game will suffer from the same defect as WT, complicated game
    mechanics, WoT got it right, relatively simple game mechanic which most
    people understand after a brief overview, 

  216. Looks really cool cant wait very informative as usual Jingles

  217. Every single vehicle is an “Armoured Fighting Vehicle” or AFV this plus
    “upgrades” just writes it off as been developed by morons.

  218. some people say its World of Tanks 2 or something, but i have much better
    experience with Obsidian products than Wargaming products in terms of

  219. i think they dont leave the same performance in final release, on Jingles
    mighty PC i see ~30fps…..if this stay as it is or will not much better
    then gl and i dont think community will be big in this game.

  220. Seeing as people are whining about how much like world of tanks this is,
    I’m gonna slam my two cents on the table:

    This is NOTHING like WoT.

  221. How to download it? I have registered and all that

  222. This is such a World of Warplanes rip-off. Jingles go back to playing FIFA

  223. Other than being 100% different yeah, it’s exactly the same. First video,
    no arms dealers, no upgrades, no progression, only five tanks available, no
    commander skills, no crew skills.

  224. God, I miss world of tanks already 

  225. Im sitting here thinking “How do i get my hands on Armored Warfare ???”.

  226. how accurately is ERA modelled? it should only be good for one shot per ERA
    box. in the game does it stay persistent even if you hit the same spot?

    • +The Mighty Jingles +oldfrend
      I hear there might be a few explanations on the interweb about tanks,
      tactics, weapons, mechanisms of defence and even something including
      UK-Based Youtoob personalities as well 🙂

  227. Not that it is bad but it just looks really like World of Tanks

  228. Good news Jingles, wargaming is planning to replace the FV215b with
    the Chieftain Mk2 as the British top tier heavy. The FV215b will be nerved
    and become a tier 8 premium tank.

  229. *open beta release date…..

  230. This games progression system looks awesome ^^. I think I’m gonna have a
    look at this game too.

  231. merkava IV?

  232. Looks awesome, did you notice the rear lights when you drove backwards ? 😀
    Those little things make games awesome!

  233. Looks really good! Obviously needs a lot of improvements.
    One of the things i don’t like ATM, is the sound and effects of the guns
    firing, and also the tracer and shell impact are not very good. Almost
    looks like the guns are firing potatoes instead of shells !

  234. Looking good! I’d like a chance to try this out.

  235. The Chieftain look like a great MBT, I heard that MBTs unlock at tier 3 so
    hopefully is won’t take to long too get there. Great firepower and armor
    and speed looks pretty decent too, not like the slow giants like the Maus
    in WOT.

  236. So how accurately have they done the Chieftan??

    Does it require several cans of Easy Start to fire up the engine??

    Does it break down because it feels like it??

    Does it need a platoon of men or two Scimitars to push start it??

    Sorry, I was a tank gunner back in the late 1970’s and the UK’s biggest
    secret was that the Chieftan was horribly unreliable. If 20 were sent into
    battle, 19 would break down on the way and the last one would break down
    when it arrived. The multi-fuel engine was absolutely crap.

  237. Jingles can you play this game on a potato ??

    ( i am not trolling i have a bad pc)

  238. I hope this goes to xbox one because 360 and xbox one have WoT witch i love
    but playstation has War Thunder -_- it would be really awesome!! I also
    love your videos Jingles!!

  239. ClangOfTanks Gaming

    Another thing im noticing is that the complaints of WOT about the tank
    sounds wanting to be more realistic is still going i think, And this game
    thats not even near Closed Beta & Open Beta has a hell more of better
    sounds then a fully made game of this generation. Gg.

  240. Would it be possible for you to explain how they are implementing ATGMs in
    your next video?

  241. I’m sorry but this game kinda seems like a sequel of world of tanks,
    different but very similar ya know?

  242. Love the videos so far, this looks like a great game, just wondering what
    time frame the tanks will cover ?? Like tanks in the 70s to modern , or
    only modern tanks or what, as in World of Tanks are mainly WWII the 40s to
    tanks used in the 50s.
    Also are the tiers going to be 1-10 also??

  243. haw we can play too ?

  244. +MintBIRDIE69 152mm HE will still hurt any modern tank and probably any
    tank for still quite some years.

  245. goodbye WoT, hello AW!

  246. World of Tanks CLONE with a Hit Points and everything. I don’t think I can
    play any World-of-Tanks variant game ever again since War Thunder haves
    modules and crew placement within the tank making it more difficult then
    just shooting tanks in the face to its hit points drop to zero. ~~~~~~~~
    BUT! This game looks more polished and seems to run smoother then WoT and
    have more Information at real time such as camo to other things that
    Jingles have mention that WoT doesn’t do I would definitely give it a try.

  247. As soon as I saw the Scorpion, I thought, “AMX 12t!”

  248. Built in IMs…

  249. Moped “the Troll” Tobias

    nice wot copy with different tanks …. gj

  250. Those are tier 5’s?! Can’t imagine what the the 10’s are gonna be like.

  251. I love the FV101 Scorpion. Our Defence Force uses several of them so
    they’re one of the few tanks I’ve seen up close and in operation. I have a
    friend or two in the armoured cavalry in the Irish Defence Force and they
    say it’s a grand auld thing so I’m actually rather looking forward to this
    game to see how she handles in-game.

  252. Will there be a Linux ported version? I know i can make it work through
    Wine, but usually wine does not use the full potential of the graphics

  253. Mike “Stuntman Mike” McKay

    Looks like WOT with a shitload of mods

    If arty stays out however, I might get it

  254. They copied WoT, however if they fix the mm in AW, I will play it! WG
    doesn’t understand that there is competition to WoT,msuch as War Thunder,
    and that they need to keep their player base.

  255. 23:02 I think the phrase you are looking for is “Consensual Butt Sex” ?

  256. Can’t wait! I,m going to jurk off now… exuse me…

  257. Sorry, dude. Alex bucu blocked me.

  258. The Wiesel from the german paratroopers. Awesome!

  259. Nathan Micheal George Racheal Green

    How the fuck do I download the game? I can’t find it on the website!

  260. Everyone who says this game is a copy of WoT can allign at my house to suck
    my dick ! Don’t worry ,it’s enough cum in my balls for everyone ! Seriously
    ,this game plays out really different from WoT .You would be amazed of how
    differently it plays ,if you actually try it ,and stop bitching without
    knowing what you’re talking about ! This game is paced way faster ,and it
    actually has some logic behind it ,unlike the Russian Bias from WoT … And
    yeah it has some elements from WoT ,but it has them for a reason ,To make
    the game appeal to everyone . People who played WoT would try this game out
    and to them, it wouldn’t be very different, interface and control wise
    .Another big + this game has over WoT = the much better development
    community ….. Seriously …these guys ACTUALLY listen to what the people
    have to say and ACTUALLY respond to suggestions (just watch Jingles’ videos
    to understand …) .I would play this game any day over that piece of shit
    pay2win or grind2win game WoT …..

  261. Looks pretty cool. I can’t wait to for the release!

  262. I don’t care if it looks like WoT or not if you don’t like it there’s WT to
    go to.

  263. why cant there be a game that is similar to wot, but actually doesnt have
    ANY arty in it? I know you will say that deal with it or play arty safe or
    some shit, but i can say my opinion and also if you want a special bonus,
    raise my middle finger to your face and say fuck you.

  264. Maybe artillery should focus on doing module damage,making it really a
    SUPPORT tank.
    Jam turrets,derail tracks and stuff.
    Wouldnt be so bad.
    Stil anoying though.

  265. is this out or what ?

  266. Why you say Lepard and not Leopard?

  267. I don’t know for sure, but I think (subsidiary of
    approached Obsidian. Of course, being Russian is quite familiar
    with WoT, so they probably insisted on making a near clone but with modern
    tanks to avoid having to directly fight WoT (and WT).

    Chances are this formula could make more money for Obsidian than anything
    else they’ve ever done. They’ll just try to do it better than WG, which
    shouldn’t be so hard as WG is an unexceptional developer (in terms of
    culture and technical skill) and has grown fat and lethargic off of WoT
    profits. You might say Obsidian ‘sold out’, but that is their position in
    the industry like most big developers.

  268. +Baxter My point is that it isn’t clear that Obsidian had such an
    opportunity. mightn’t have ponied up the money if Obsidian didn’t
    toe the line, and Obsidian can’t make games without funding.

    Who knows whether Obsidian would have been interested enough to try and
    make a tank game through other means (different funding), it’s hardly their

  269. Another hit-point based bullshit game. Can’t game developers take a look at
    Warthunder damage system? 

  270. Just a copy of World Of Hitpoints… Why cant we get a game with the same
    damage-type that WT has?

    Still enjoy your vids tho.

  271. Is the M1A2 Abrams in armored warfare?

  272. The mark 5 Chieftain wasn’t fitted with the extra turret armour was it?
    That’s more like mark 10.

  273. Armored Warfare looks amazing. That is how WOT supposed to look like now
    but developers are too lazy and they havent done shit from 5 or more years
    of existance WOT. They didn’t improve interface much, they havent add many
    new maps or game mods. Nothing. So now with Armored Warfare and war thunder
    WOT have to stop being lazy and they have to do something with their game
    to make it better and work faster. In the end, i am glad that there are
    competitors of WOT. With all that if WOT was a big american company such as
    EA they would easylly sue Armored Warfare because model, map, interface and
    EVERYTHING here looks bloddy same as WOT. They would just sue them and take
    this game out of market. But WOT from Belarus and no one in US going to
    care about WOT opinion. 

  274. Solaire of Astora

    is this going to be in America or is this just a Europe thing 

  275. i can’t help but wonder if WOT will cave and start adding new tiers to
    compete with AW. or at least adding a new variety of vehicles. a lot of the
    stuff they are doing seems to compete directly with WT. there’s actually a
    large amount of vehicles they could add that are from that general time
    period if they could compromise on a few things like wheeled vehicles,
    half-tracks, rockets and multiple functioning guns.

    the brummbar for instance. or katyusha MLRS. or all the different mortar
    and rocket hanomag variants. i like WOT but it think WG is missing a very
    good opportunity. 

  276. at first i didn’t like the idea of having interchangeable commanders but
    now that i think about it, it seems like a pretty big game changer from the
    WoT formula, specifically in two ways:

    no longer will you need to suffer leveling up noob crews, just put in an
    experienced commander to make the grind easier, similarly a noob commander
    with a good crew will probably level up faster. then just switch back.

    secondly i think it allows for more flexibility in gameplay. in WoT you
    have to dedicate to a play style for one tank since getting multiple
    skills/perks that allow the tank to be truly flexible take a long time,
    this way you could maybe have a commander that’s good at sniping, another
    that’s good at brawling, another for flanking etc. 

  277. Kirk Patrick Saycon

    The artillery impact effect is more sexier than WT and WoT thought, imo. 

  278. Well, I’m very glad they removed the arty, I’m very curious what were the
    results of that poll. Bet it felt like an ICE bucket challenge for the
    whole dev team lol.

  279. marc isorena (boomthekid)

    is this a copy of wot?

  280. For the armor part. How do i know which armor it is using? Am i gonna need
    to memories it like in WoT armor values?

  281. Where can I download this Game?Only steam or what?

  282. Looks like WoT with mods….

  283. when i first saw this game, i just thought its just a WoT clone. But after
    watching this video i cant wait to play this.

  284. i cant wait for this to release, or if i get accepted into the closed

  285. upsguydownthestreet

    World of Tanks: Modern Warfare

  286. All I get from this: A player will spend 80% of game time dicking in the
    menu, 20% of game time playing WoT.

  287. what is the intro music?

  288. Well, at least they don’t do “complete 100 missions to get female crews

  289. RubixNoobix The Doge

    can u make a lolz when this game is releashed?

  290. when is the next round? is the next CBT already started or is it in a few
    days/weeks? and how will I be informed on how to download it? (yes I’m
    accepted, they said to follow the news…)

  291. War Thunder is the best game ,what tank in real life have live points or

  292. Wesley Oosterbosch

    Still looks better than World of tanks

  293. I can only pray that they don’t do like other tank games and screw it up
    and piss all the players

  294. Wow, I almost forgot that this was still coming out!

    (*TRANSLATION: This was announced wayyy too early and lost all of its
    original hype.*)

  295. NNNNNNEEEEEERRRRRRDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( no offense )

  296. we need this game.We have enough WoT…

  297. O.m.g w.t.h chieftain mk5 no no its a mk 10 it has stillbrew on it making
    it a mk 10

  298. なに(゚д゚)!

  299. Clockwise Whooves

    I’m guesing that barrel is extended due to the semetrically parts on the
    other barrel

  300. This game looked good but I refuse to play it because it has that stupid
    hitpoints system that made me leave WOT. It’s basically Cod with tanks. War
    thunder has a lot of problems but at least the core mechanics are decent. 

  301. Fatih “Turksta1986” mehmet

    Give us a round 3, 4, 5 and so on and on.

  302. Jingle can u please please please do a review on the M1A2 abram I wanted to
    see it capability in armored warfare

  303. So ever since WoT, everyone is trying to copy War Gaming formula for tanks.

  304. patrick Katalenas

    so…. about the matchmaking…. will it be like tier 1 vs 3? or tier 5 vs
    10? ugh basically will it have the same shitty matchmaking like World of

  305. damn i want a betakey :(

  306. Well that outro!

  307. thats game is in polish language???

  308. is game is already ready for download

  309. When does this game comes out? Anybody an idea?

  310. About turrets flying, the older Russian tanks were famous for that as the
    ammo being stored in a ring circling the turret. How’s about missing
    tanks… logged on three or four days ago and fully upgraded AMX leclerc
    and challenger ll gone.

  311. another shit game with pay to play method, wot v2

  312. 8/8

  313. ziggybass ziggybass

    Really useful learning tool. Thanks Jingles,
    I got a lot more value out of this video 🙂 Cheers!

  314. 14:07 >Grammar Nazi inbound >I believe that is spelled camaraderie, not
    comradery. I hope it was a play on words. 🙂 Great looking game, though.
    Downloading it at this moment, and can’t wait to try it!

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